Random Thoughts Thursday…

1. I live in constant fear that I’m going to stub my toe so bad it breaks and I can’t run.

2. I love buying things on clearance more than I dislike coconut.

Evidence – this clearance item coconut flavored La Croix (pronounced La Crotch). It’s gross (probably why it was on clearance).IMG_4794 (600x800)

3. It’s nice to work from home because you can fart all day if you want… do with that what you will

4. I’m glad Ben isn’t a jerk.

5. I wish I was more bendy.

Like Vegas. IMG_4764 (800x533)

6. I think I’m going to be obsessed with Teen Mom this season. Mostly ‘cause of that girl that’s in rehab and seems to be heavily medicated.

7. Wish I wouldn’t have told Ben to take all the chocolate chip cookies to work. This is a sad substitute… IMG_4793 (800x600)

Got any random thoughts to share with the class?


  1. says

    Ha! You mentioned farting in this post. That’s … amazing. Not a lot of chicks like to admit that yes, they do indeed fart. Embrace it!

    If it’s any consolation, I have a horrible big toe stemming from an accident I’ve had as a child. I dropped a glass bowl on the nail and it turned purple, fell off, and was never the same again. Running aggravates the injury and the toe nail ALWAYS falls off after I run a mini. It’s sensitive and annoying, but it has never prevented me from running … even when it’s sore. It’s unsightly and must be covered with nail polish at all times, but it doesn’t slow me down!

  2. says

    That coconut la croix is freaking disgusting I bought a whole case of it and forced myself to drink it because I didn’t want to waste it..
    I totally agree with the farting!

  3. Emily says

    I love Teen Mom. Yes, Amber is a mess, but she was/is suffering from an un-managed mental health condition. That doesn’t excuse her abusive behavior, but it explains much of her other behavior. I am rooting for her.

        • Emily says

          I don’t remember the statistics, but a huge percentage of inmates have mental health disorders and/or have been abused as children. It sounds like she was at least emotionally abused. It is really sad, particularly because these problems can be treated with meds and therapy.

  4. says

    I hate when I take good things to work so I don’t have them at home and then crave them so badly and make something that doesn’t satisfy the craving at all!
    I’m so glad someone else feels that way!

  5. says

    The only thing I can think about right now is the fact tha I JOKINGLY texted my husband to throw out the pan of smores bars I made last night so I wouldn’t eat anymore (I had had 2… that’s it… the rest of the pan was full) and HE DID IT. Texting fail.

  6. says

    Your hilarious with your “make do” chocolate chip cookie. Looks like something I would do! I get desperate when it comes to not having a dessert I want!

  7. Cate says

    Two things – I think I’m the only one who LOVES the coconut seltzer! Two – I was raised to say bunny in place of fart. To this day, I still feel uncomfortable sayin fart (and I’m slightly cringing as I type it). Thanks, Mom!

  8. says

    I’m actually kind of sad this is the last season of Teen Mom. I know it’s mostly scripted and terrible television, but I love it. Leah is such a cute baby, but I’m sure she’ll have issues since she’s old enough to know what’s going on with her mom in rehab and going to jail.

  9. says

    YES to #6 – my roommate and I watched it last night and said the same thing. I think she’s either drugged or hypnotized but either way she is not normal.

  10. says

    What to do with the huge amount of space in my room! Yup, moved to a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom on Monday. Hitting up decorating sites this weekend!

  11. says

    I dropped a paint can on my toe and couldn’t run for a week. It sucked. (And the nail just fell off and it looks dis.gust.ing!) Luckily, it only set me back a week. What I really fear is that I will break a foot/ankle/leg, sit on the couch for 6 weeks eating ice cream, and get really, really fat.

  12. says

    LOL…I made my husband watch Teen Mom and that part where Amber was in rehab because I couldn’t get over how weird she was acting! What a loving husband I have who will put up with my reality tv show addiction.

  13. Angela says

    Oooh, I love La Croix! My favorites at berry & grapefruit. I do not like coconut anything so even at a clearance price of 10 cents I would not give that flavor a try.

  14. says

    I’ve never had La Croix. I have actually never even seen it anywhere other than on your blog. Apparently I am very sheltered!

    And I love Teen Mom more than my old self should, but that’s some good TV!

  15. Cid says

    My mom broke her toe last week. She was WALKING out of Target and hit it on the wheel of the cart. Your fear is valid enough for me! O.o

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