Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

Friday afternoon was pretty fantastic because of a little ol’ knock on my door.

I wasn’t expecting anything, but it’s pretty common for me to get random packages. Well, the Fed Ex guy showed up and said, “I have a big one for you.”

Yeah. Yeah you do.pickle delivery Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

Anyways, he handed me the BIGGEST box that contained 7 different flavors of Adonia frozen yogurt and 2 boxes of bars. And just like that, Friday turned fantastic.adonia frozen yogurt thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

You know I cracked it open right away! IMG 4856 800x533 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

I also cooked up a big pasta salad yesterday afternoon for Matt’s party today. Details to come.IMG 4847 800x533 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

Ben and I were very long overdue for a date night and headed out to a sushi place we’ve been meaning to try for months.

Miso to startIMG 4859 800x600 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

And we tried three different “specialty” rolls. I love unagi and this was a CA roll topped with unagi and avocado.IMG 4860 800x600 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

IMG 4864 800x600 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday IMG 4865 800x600 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

We came home for dessert. I’ve been eating a truffle (or two) after dinner every night lately. But we also busted into the fro-yo too!IMG 4868 800x600 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

This morning I set out on a 16 miler. I have to start training for real!

So, even though I wasn’t really feeling it I grabbed some PB toast and iced coffee and got ready to run.

I’m a really salty sweater and I’ve been using Gatorade in my water bottle. It helps.IMG 4871 600x800 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

I ran by strawberries fields that smell ah-mazing! (If you follow me on twitter you saw this already.)running by strawberry fields thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

I ran to Whole Foods for a juice. A long run is hard on your body, but a detox juice makes me feel like all my muscles are slurping up the health!20120616 102007 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

And I grabbed some food from the hot food bar wlEmoticon smile12 Fantastic Fro Yo Friday It had egg whites a little piece of quiche, 2 potatoes, a bite of chilaquiles and french toast casserole. I like to just get a taste of everything…20120616 104332 thumb Fantastic Fro Yo Friday

Now Ben and I are headed to my parents house to help with Matt’s party! I don’t drink often, but I plan on partaking in an adult bev or two…


  1. says

    I’ve never tried sushi, but I know that a lot of people like it. Just haven’t ever been brave enough to try it. I really like seafood, so I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch.

  2. sasha says

    yesterday i saw vegan chilaquiles at whole foods! i was intrigued, but it was 8 in the morning, so i stuck with coffee and grabbed some soba noodles to eat for lunch. the ‘quiles looked a little greasy to have as a main course!

  3. Daphne says

    What an awesome surprise to get the Fro Yo treats… Yay! I want to be a fabulous blogger just so I can get free stuff. I looooove getting free stuff! ha ha But, I’m also lazy so I don’t see blogging in my near future. I have a couple of questions for you…I am in the beginning stages of my first Full Marathon training. The farthest I’ve run is Half Marathons…

    Questions: What do you do to get your mind in gear to set out and do 16 miles on the road by yourself? Is an iPod a mandatory piece of equipment? I run my half marathons “alone” meaning I don’t have anyone that is there to run with me and keep me company but I have the company of thousands of other people so that doesn’t count as running long miles alone. Without my iPod, I’m certain I would simply collapse in the road and mile 5 and DIE! Would love to know if there is a way to knock out 16 miles without it feeling like torture. :)

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