Adonia Frozen Yogurt Giveaway


This Monday is less than pleasant. (source) First, I’m still having trouble getting warmed up to the MotoActv. I want to like it (especially because the ol’ Garmin is dying a slow painful death)! But I’m frustrated that when you pause it as a stop light the screen has a big “END WORKOUT” button. Well, I’m no delicate flower and somehow managed to press that TWICE on my long … [Read more...]

Monday Mini-Goals and The Jersey Housewives


Since I stayed over at my mom’s I hung out with her while Ben slept in. Then, we walked the dogs and started the day with eggs, turkey sausage and toast. So good. I helped clean up a little from the party and finally headed home around noon. First we stopped at a local place for some Menudo = the hangover cure. Second stop was Costco for supplies and samples When we got … [Read more...]