First Day of Triathlon Training Fail

Ben cleaned off my bike and pumped up the tires yesterday so I was very excited to finally start training for my first triathlon this morning!

My plan was to bike for about 9 miles and then drop off my bike back at home and run for 2 or 3 miles. I was super nervous about getting back on my bike because I’m not a good bike rider at all. I’m super wobbly and not confident so I had a lot of anxiety about it. But, I pushed all that out of my head and got back on the bike this morning Smile

Well, that 9 mile ride turned into 9 MINUTES when I tried to change gears before mile 2 and the chain came off. Motherfk.IMG_4876 (800x533)

I tried to fix it but just got grease all over my hands.

So, I had to turn around and walk my bike home 2 miles. I felt like a complete a-hole as people passed me and tried to figure out why I was walking my bike. Bah. IMG_4882 (800x533)

I got home changed my helmet for my visor and went on a 3 mile run. I’m not going to lie, it didn’t make me feel better. I’m glad I did something to cool off after that biking fail, but I’m still frustrated because I was so nervous about getting back on my bike and those nerves are still there.

I guess all that frustration gave me super powers though because I ran 1 mile in 1 second! That, or this MotoActv is jacked up. One of those.IMG_4877 (800x533)IMG_4879 (800x533)

Before I left this morning I stole a bite of Ben’s chili killers. IMG_4871 (800x533)

And when I finally got home from my biking crap out and 1 second mile run I made a lovely breakfast to drown my sorrows Winking smileIMG_4884 (800x533)

Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for listening to me vent. I actually feel a bit better now Smile

In the News:

Nike unveils it’s new Team USA track uniforms. These are like super hero costumes! I love them. nike track uniforms

Found via Shut Up and Run – A female runner is robbed and killed in KY.

Reminder – Are you running in a safe place?

Does someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back?

Are you running in an area with others or is it desolate?

Just because you always run somewhere doesn’t mean it’s safe.


  1. says

    Safety with running has always been a concern for me. Especially since I live alone. Even though I live in a small town (only about 10K people), I know I need to be careful. I run in my neighborhood. Usually in the early evenings. The trail I run is always busy with walkers, bikers and other runners, so I guess that makes me feel safe. I have my phone with me at all times.

    Is there something else I should be doing?

  2. says

    When you fall off your bike, get back on! I have fallen off because the chain jammed and it stinks, but you just need to lube it up (haha, TWSS) and you’ll be back in business. See if you have chain lube/bike grease anywhere, even a little olive oil or WD40 works; turn the whole bike upside down (so the handlebars are flat on the ground, supporting the bike) then turn the pedals (the back wheel will spin!), and apply just a few drops of grease along the length of the exposed chain. Keep running the pedals through; you can try to switch/play with the gears while the pedals run, even apply a little to where the break lines enter the ‘break tubes’ and come out of the handlebars. This should help free up the chain and you can wipe any excess off after you are done; good luck!

  3. says

    This is so sad. I live near a very busy airport and we have a bike trail that goes around it. This is one place that is not safe to go alone. There are lots of families that head out there but there are also several places that go through the woods and people live there or wait to prey on people using the trail. Its very sad becasue I love being outdoors on the trail. It gives me time to think.

  4. Jen says

    I fall off my bike all the time. My cycling friends even named one of the parts of our course “Jen’s Corner” cuz I fall there all the time. But its ok! Just get back on there and try again! The more you do it, the more the fear will subside :)

    And as a side note: I keep rubber gloves in my flat kit for times when I need to mess with the chain so I don’t get grease all over my hands. Works like a charm!

  5. says

    Bummer about your bike ride this morning, but at least you’re a super speedy runner. 😉

    I wouldn’t classify anywhere in San Antonio as super safe, granted I live in a residential neighborhood so it’s safer than other areas of town. I used to not run with a cell phone but I always do now (for my music) and it makes me feel much safer and I always let me boyfriend know which general direction I plan on running and approximately how long I’ll be gone. Safety first!

  6. Ida says

    Too bad about the bike mishap. Maybe you need a real tune up? I’m sure you’ll get more comfortable with practice. Biking is fun b/c you can go fast (but not 1sec mile fast).
    I think the new track uniforms are awful, they look like spiderman suits not track uniforms. plus making a speed suit didn’t work so well with swimming and I feel like this is just asking for trouble in London. I do like the fact that the suits are made of recycled materials though.

  7. says

    Bummer about the bike. I probably would have tossed it in the bushes and ran home crying. Slightly on edge over here….

    I run a lot in the Back Bay and it feels super safe at anytime, always tons of people out there. I also run El Moro a lot and feel pretty safe there. There are a few spots farther back in the canyon where it starts to feel like “kitty land” and I get pretty spooked. I have been thinking about hitting the trails once a week after work from 6-8 but would stick to the ridge line and not go down any isolated single tracks. The setting sun might be motivation for me to actually run at a decent pace.

  8. Sarah says

    LOL that 1-second mile cracked me up! I don’t understand why that didn’t improve your mood. Speed demon!

    I’m super paranoid to run alone outside anywhere unless it’s the middle of the day and I am on a busy street. I feel better if I take my ankle-biter. Try and mess with me and they’ll see what 17 pounds of ferociously over-protective and crazy looks like.

  9. says

    Thanks so much for posting that article. It’s so important to be aware! I always try to stay alert when running and make eye contact with people I pass. And I try not to run along stretches that are wooded or out of public view. if I ever get up early to run in the morning, I like to tell someone.

    Get back on the bike! Practice and miles will make it more fun!

  10. says

    I feel the SAME WAY about a bike! It’s SO intimidating and makes me so nervous!!! I’d react the same way if something like that happened… it’d make me mega grumpy and I’d be SO self conc. while walking it back. BOOO!!! I can’t believe you got back and ran! Good for you!!! I likely would’ve just grumped around for the rest of the day like a grown up. :)

    Sucks about the watch not getting it’s act together… maybe time to go back to the good ol’ Garmin?

  11. Jessica says

    1. If the people passing you were cyclists, and none of them stopped to help you with your chain, they’re the assholes. If they were in cars, they’re still a-holes.
    2. Get a small repair kit to put on your bike. They make ones that have almost anything you’d need, and you’ll be glad when you’re way more than a mile out when you need it.

    I trained for a triathalon and two weeks before it, sprained my knee when I fell on the treadmill. Since then I have been out of shape but I’m trying again, so I feel ya!

  12. says

    I have gone for walks before on a sidewalk that runs along a main road. It still scares me sometimes, but mostly from the possibility of drivers not paying attention.

  13. says

    Suckfest. Maybe get your front derailleur looked at. Mine was being a little punk, I thought it had calmed down and then I dropped my chain THREE TIMES DURING ONE RACE.

    My bike got put on time out in the shop for those antics. NOT OK.

  14. says

    You should take your bike to a bike shop and ask for the little plastic doo-hicky that prevents the chain from doing that. I had a similar experience while biking 55 miles in Reach the Beach a few years ago. My chain fell off while I was shifting then it wrapped around itself into a mess! What a nightmare! I don’t know what the plastic thing is called but it cost me like $8 and I’ve never had an issue again.

    • says

      It’s called a chain catcher. They get super creative with names 😛 Good call, though, you should look into that Monica! I’ve dropped my chain a zillion times and it sucks. If you put the bike in the easiest gear and spin the pedals you can usually get it back on, but sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. Thats why mosty bike shorts are black…..

  15. Marjie says

    Grrrr. I totally relate. Showed up at the 3rd ride w my tri training group last week. Heaved my bike out and greeted by a squishy old flat. Pumped her up so I could head out w the others but it didn’t hold, so I did the Walk of Lame too. Grrr. Let us know what kind of bike u have. I’m shopping for something lighter…

  16. says

    I’m sorry you had such a frustrating workout. I totally know the feeling!

    I must say– I know a lot of you are testing the Moto watch for Verizon or Motorola or whoever, and it seems like a LOT of people are having problems with their watch. I almost feel like they are probably getting exactly the press they DON’T want! Bummer for them, but I am really glad everyone is telling us about the issues y’all are having so I am not tempted to buy one =)

  17. says

    Ahhh bummer about the bike. Don’t fret stuff happens you just gotta get back out there. I remember when my longest rides were 12 miles and I knew nothing about my bike. Now I ride 40-50miles easily and can fix most minor problems when out on the road. You’ll get there.
    I took a few bike clinics to help me learn more about my bike. Maybe look into that at your local bike shop. Hang in there, you can do it!

  18. says

    I had a Nike GPS watch before I bought a Garmin, and it would do crap like that all the time. It would REALLY make me angry! I hated not having the correct information. Now I have a Garmin which has never given me problems. :) BTW, I got the 610 because it does running and biking. But if you are serious about the Tri then you might want the 900 something, if you do decide to replace your broken Garmin

  19. says

    Wow cross training is really great for you- that 2 minutes of cycling turned you into the flash!!! That’s gonna be a pain when you actually do hit mile bests though and they don’t register :(

    I was thinking about running safety today! Because I saw a 48 hour mystery special about a young woman who disappeared running and it turned out that because she had music on someone was able to approach her in a vehicle, abduct and viciously attack her. Her remains were found only 5 years later and her attacker only convicted 10 years after the crime.

    My heart went out to her so much. Its not right that we should be forced to compromise some of the best bits about something we love because others may be a danger to us. I love running by myself, with my music, I love running at dusk and I love running the canals and Clydeside and suburban roads.

    But I have to remember that these things aren’t safe, and that being safe is worth losing them. So I try and force myself to run in busy areas, at busy times, with no music and with others. I also try to remember that routine is dangerous- the girl in the programme did one of two 4 or 6 mile loops every day. Anyone observing her for as little as 4 days would know her routine.

    But honestly? I largely run the same 5 routes, and although during term I almost always run with the team and I do try and recruit people now I still end up running alone and with music a lot. Ive only felt threatened a few times, mostly in the quieter suburbs. Sometimes I do run late or early but I do try and let people know my times and where I am going. Must try harder!

    • says

      Also one thing I feel the need to add: As a psych, one thing I would say is if someone attacks you and attempts to take you somewhere, fight fight fight all you can. Being compliant will not make them not want to hurt you. Anyone who does so already wants to hurt you so bite, scream, kick, sound off like a dang firework. I don’t want to be horrific and negative but statistically speaking if you are taken somewhere you are unlikely to get back out. So try as best you can to prevent this happening then use your well trained legs and run.

  20. says

    I often run on a treadmill at home and I run outside I’m usually with my sister. I live really close to a bike path that I run on with my sister but I do not feel safe there alone it’s a pretty secluded. A few years back I was on a bike ride with my mom and sister and we found a dead body on the bike path really close to my house it was pretty traumatic and has really scared me away from running alone. If I do run alone I make sure I have my phone and tell someone where I am going to be.

  21. says

    If it makes you feel better, I literally forgot how to ride a bike (apparently it IS possible). Freshman year of college, my friends wanted to bike to a restaurant in the area, and it took us 15 minutes to get off campus (which should take 2 minutes) because I kept falling off the bike/slamming into things/etc. It was quite the sight to see…and I spent the entire ride to the restaurant falling off every time we had to stop to cross a street. So you’re better than I am! 😀

  22. says

    That news story is so sad. When I used to live in Chicago I ran very early in the AM and looking back, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do. Now I have my own security team when I got for early walks/runs–2 Labs.

  23. Alexis says

    I have just started tri training too. My nervous point is the swim. I swam today but I am super nervous everytime i get in the pool since I’m not a great swimmer.
    Also, I just asked a friend where she runs at since I work 7am-7pm and would like to get my runs in before work. I got plenty of gear and usually run near work but I always forget to tell someone where I’ll be running or that I am even going running. Its rough bc I live alone. Thanks for the reminder :)

  24. says

    I know it wasn’t in the question…but I’m training for my first tri as well (same one you’re doing) and have decided that they are undoubtedly complicated. I’m always forgetting something I need for these multi-sport workouts – goggles, shoes, water, etc.

  25. says

    Your first tri? That’s so exciting! I want to finish a triathlon…the only problem is I’m terrible at biking and swimming. And I’m kind of afraid of biking. And I only have a beach cruiser. But, other than that, I’ll be training with you in no time, I’m sure!

  26. Stacey says

    Thanks for the safety questions…. A friend of mine was attacked last week by some random men…. Luckily she get away by the grace of god…. It’s very scary out there! She had no time to get her pepper spray out and just get away somehow….. She was on a trail in a city but had a small area where it’s very grown in w trees and brush….. So please be so careful it can happen anywhere!!!!!

  27. says

    Hey dude! I didn’t know you were getting into biking! Anyways, if you want to take a bike repair / handling class at REI or wherever let me know. I’ve been meaning to do one of those for a year but keep avoiding it.

    Also, I’m trying to learn to swim with hilarious results. Don’t know wher eyou are with that but there’s a couple girls I know that are trying to get into tris as well.

    • says

      Yes, I was looking into the REI class and unfortunately there actually was one last night. Buuut, it looks like they fill up fast and the next one if full too. I’ll keep ya posted.

  28. Margaret says

    Sorry I am a stalker as in ready every day but am to shy to say Hi, until today 😉
    Here is my first TRI story it should make you feel better about the bike incident…
    My first triathlon I was the last out of the water, had not one but TWO flat tires during the bike leg and was very last to finish!!! I have not a clue what to do when the bike has issues; I just jumped off and ran with the bike until the bike crew showed up the first time. Second flat jumped off and ran to the next transition area, which was about 2 miles away. Luckily I am an ok runner!!! Yes, rather embarrassing when your name is announced for EVERYONE to here you are THE VERY LAST to finish. YAY ME!! Right now I am training for my first olympic tri, and still am clueless when it comes to my bike!!!

    Good for you for having the courage to get out there and TRI!!

    • Katie P says

      t takes really grit to stick it out in the face of obstacles, it’s amazing you finished, not matter what the number. Just think most people never attempt it.

  29. says

    Sorry to hear about the chain!! But no worries you will get back out there and get 9 miles in and congrats on th e1 second mile that is awesome!!! haha! Don’t you just love when watches get all jacked up and tell you off the wall numbers?

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