Married 3 Years…

Three years ago today I married  the man of my dreams at Eagle Castle in Paso Robles, CA. eagle castle wedding

June wedding in Paso Robles = I ordered fans from Oriental Trading Company. It ended up being pretty chilly, but at least we had fan

The tables were named after places we visited…

I kept some of these and they’re in our living room now.centerpiece pics

Football mums were the main flowerssimple wedding centerpiecetable place cards wedding

wedding tables

The reason I got married…wedding cake

Well, the cake and this  (I married up).pre kiss wedding

I had my dress made by a dress shop in Montebello. I DID NOT want a strapless dress so I had sleeves made that I could remove for dancing. The dress maker and I went back and forth a few times to ensure the sleeves were just right.

Unfortunately, I forgot them (I was super late). Biggest regret and I’m still bummed about it to this day because I was so adamant about not having a strapless wedding dress for the ceremony.

wedding down aisle 2

 back of wedding dresswindy wedding

So, the next time we see a Groupon for a photo session Ben said I should buy it up and at least redo a few pics with sleeves on. Three years later, it’s kinda dumb but the fact that it still bugs me means I really should get over it want to do it. It was either redo some pics or get married all over again, which was vetoed Winking smilewedding dress with sleeves

Back to my anniversary…

I’m very very lucky.pre kiss weddingwedding boogie

wedding dancewedding facing eachother

The only other small snag in our wedding day was that the servers accidently cut into our anniversary cake! I was so devastated about this we started a tradition to get an anniversary cake every year!wedding cakeSo tonight – we will have cake!wedding cake cut

Happy Anniversary Ben. I love cake you.


  1. Bridget says

    You rocked that dress! The sleeves were really just a little strip along your arm so I don’t think you should let it get to you. They only made a slight difference to the look of the dress in my opinion. Gorgeous either way.

  2. says

    Very pretty wedding! I loved your dress! Congratulations on 3 years!
    I just recently found your blog and then the other night I was reading Oxygen and I saw your pic in there. Very cool!

  3. Suzanne says

    Happy Anniversary!!
    We named our tables after places we had been too! I didn’t have pictures of us in each place that worked, so I cut sections out of maps, then on the back of the table card I put the story of our trip. I really should do something with them since it took my sister and I half a day to figure that crap out and glue them together! haha.

  4. says

    Happy anniversary! I told Casey we need to do a second wedding because I was distracted when we signed the marriage cert and signed in my work writing. I am not happy about it and I want a do-over.

    I really love the table decorations.

  5. says

    I love the idea of an anniversary cake! Any reason to eat cake is a good reason! Thanks for sharing this wonderful part of you life with everyone!

  6. Andrea says

    Happy Anniversary, but for chrissakes, were all those cake comments really necessary? You obviously read GOMI. Take a break from being a “healthy” food blogger, stop thinking about food for 5 seconds, and just be decent to your husband.

    • says

      Thanks Andrea, but I don’t read GOMI so I don’t know what you’re referencing (I’m not asking to be filled in either, I’d rather not know just sayin’).

  7. Holly says

    Has it really been three years?!?!? I feel like I was just reading about it on the blog a short time ago. Time flies! Congrats to you two. Hope your anniversary is full of fatty food and frozen yogurt 😉

  8. says

    Happy Anniversary!

    I got married this past weekend and my husband already wants to have our anniversary cake. He says it’s b/c its the flavor he wanted and he didn’t get any at the wedding. Depending on who wins, we may have anniversary cake every year too!

  9. says

    Happy Anniversary! Hubby and I celebrate our fifth anniversary on Saturday :) We didn’t have a pro photographer and didn’t get ANY really good photos from the person we had taking them and to this day, I still am bummed about it, so I get what you mean about the sleeve thing. Kinda similar. But you’re right, we still got our men. Woohoo!! That pretty much rocks. :)

  10. says

    What great pictures! You both look so happy and glowing in those pictures. :) Coming up on my 3rd in October… it’s always the weekend of the last triathlon of the season, so I guess you can say that we celebrate by swim, bike, and running! :)

  11. says

    Aw, happy anniversary! Do you guys celebrate the date when you started dating, too? So you can get two presents a year? My husband and I got married on the anniversary when we started dating, so I only get one :)

  12. Sadie Brown says

    Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I were also married 3 years ago today! Must have been a great day to get married. We will also be celebrating with some cake (molten cake)! Have a wonderful night!

    • says

      It’s important because I would never wear strapless under other circumstances, I don’t like how strapless looks on me. For some reason the dumb little sleeves made me feel a lot better :) But yeah, it’s a girl thing. And your wedding dress is supposed to be the perfect one (just like the guy).

  13. says

    How cute! Your blog keeps inspiring me to a healthy life. One days maybe I also will have what it takes to run a long distance race. Slowly but surely I’m daring to eat as much as I should be. Hugs!


  14. Sarah says

    Happy Anniversary!

    And THANK YOU for reminding me that we do anniversary cake every year too and my 4 year anniversary is next Wednesday! Eek! I’d better get that ordered.

  15. says

    Aw, too sweet–happy anniversary! It’s funny how one little thing that wasn’t quite ‘perfect’ can stick in your mind so much; after 32 years, it still bugs my husband that we walked down the aisle afterward hand in hand instead of arm in arm, LOL! No way to retake those photos, though; we live way too far away from the church where we were married (La Puente), and I will never be skinny enough to fit into my wedding dress again. I’m relatively close, but my, ahem, shape has changed since getting married and I don’t think it’s ever going back to pre-marriage shape. 😀

  16. says

    I had my mother in law make my dress…and she lived in LA and I lived in Miami. And she’s not super responsible. I didn’t want her to make it because I know she’s not responsible, but it was really important to my hubs’ family, so I let her. So…I finally got to see my dress <24hours before the wedding. She had promised she'd send it a few weeks ahead of time, but instead it arrived with her the day before the wedding. She had sewed a huge ugly bow on the ass. (I had NOT asked for this). When your wedding is the next day and you hate the dress that your mother-in-law made, guess what you do? You say "thank you" and wear it. I still sometimes get teary when I see our wedding pics with that stupid ass-bow.

  17. says

    Congrats, you two! Me and my hubs never had a traditional wedding, but we DID have cake! And honestly, that one small detail (and having the cake to freeze for the 1st anniversary) almost made the entire day, so I’m with ya there 😉

  18. says

    1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    2. Totally random : Do you watch The Glee Project? There is a gorgeous girl on there, Shana.. who I keep thinking is a baby blonde version of you!

  19. says

    Aww, love this. I got married a few months after you and you inspired my center peices/tables…we named our tables after races we have done together :-)

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