Tierra Mia Coffee

My dad has been raving about Tierra Mia Coffee and Susan mentioned it on our run yesterday too. So, around lunch I took a break and went through the drive through to see what all the fuss is about.IMG_5023 (800x600)

Susan said it was like the Mexican Starbucks and I can see why – a Horchata Latte and Mexican Cocoa! This menu is a little different but still has all the basics.

IMG_5024 (800x600)

Well, all the basics except iced coffee. Boo. They only have iced lattes not coffee so I had to get an iced Mexican Americano. IMG_5026 (800x600)

I enjoyed it after lunch with some cookies.IMG_5030 (800x600)

But for the main event of lunch I threw beans, turkey and tons of guacamole into this container and shook it up. Instant sink salad with no mess!IMG_5027 (800x600)

How quickly I forget!

Yesterday morning I talked about how I’ve gotten so bad at watching my eats. Then, I had cookies and a waffle as an afternoon snack. Busted.IMG_5034 (800x600)

Then, I had a piece of cake with some frozen yogurt after dinner. I don’t think the sky is falling, but I definitely need to make an effort to change these things.IMG_5035 (800x600)

This morning I was still full from late night cake I only had half an english muffin before my run. But 14 miles later I was Hungry! I stopped at a store and got some fruit for the road. The nectarines and cherries are perfect right now. post run fruit

When I got home I made an egg scramble served up with sourdough (purchased with the fruit). There is something so satisfying about sourdough with butter. Love it. IMG_5037 (800x600)

Now I’m headed to get my hair fixed. Susan told me on our run yesterday that if I went to NY to film the webisodes with my hair like this she’d wouldn’t be my friend anymore. Seeing as though I only have 2 friends to begin with I couldn’t let that happen! We’ll see how it goes!


  1. Katie P says

    Horchata latte??!! That sound genius. I think I might trying putting some horchata in my iced coffee, yum.

  2. says

    Baby steps on getting back on the right track – and that’s a true friend who tells you to get your hair did when it needs to be done.

  3. says

    I feel ya girl. I need to get back on track with my eating! I’m trying not to do diets anymore, which is proving to be really difficult. I find that I’m either super strict with myself, or I eat the entire world. Gotta find some balance!

  4. says

    Slightly creepy that you mentioned how nectarines & cherries are perfect right now because those happen to be the two fruits I’ve been eating a lot of over the past week. Those & only those. In fact, I had both earlier today!

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