New York New York


Hello from my fabulous trailer in Central Park!!!! Kidding. I did spend the day shooting some webisodes in Central Park, but I didn’t have a trailer. No, it was more like it started raining and I had to stuff my purse in a trash bag and stand under an umbrella waiting it out. That’s more my style anyways. After my run this morning I got ready and headed over to the Hearst … [Read more...]

Rosa Mexicano and Central Park Run


Hello from New York! I made it to my hotel around 5:30pm yesterday and had a minute to upload my post and head to dinner. I was finally able to meet my contacts from ING and their media company at Rosa Mexicano. There was a set menu and I thought we were supposed to choose our dishes, but it turns out everything was served family style so I tried all of it! We started with … [Read more...]