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Hello from my fabulous trailer in Central Park!!!!IMG_5124 (800x600)


I did spend the day shooting some webisodes in Central Park, but I didn’t have a trailer. No, it was more like it started raining and I had to stuff my purse in a trash bag and stand under an umbrella waiting it out. That’s more my style anyways. IMG_5125 (800x600)

After my run this morning I got ready and headed over to the Hearst Towers to meet up with the camera crew. That place is beautiful, but kinda intimidating. IMG_5099 (800x600)

View from their offices. I couldn’t get over it, so york view

IMG_5102 (800x600)

We hung out there for a bit and rearranged some of the shooting schedule because of the rain. My first shoot was pushed back so they told me to relax and get lunch. I was super hungry by this point and wanted a great sandwich. I passed a few Subways and Starbucks, but I was determined to find a real deli.

Finally, I found a place and got the #22 – a turkey sandwich with hard boiled egg, veggies and Russian dressing. It was HUGE and I thought I would only eat half. Well, I apparently I was hungrier than I thought and completely polished this off no problem. turkey sandwich with egg

And the fruit (which I also thought I was going to save for a snack).sandwich

Then, I headed to Central and carriage

The other members of the cast had shot some of their stuff in the morning. I watched some of it and tried not to get too nervous! IMG_5111 (800x600)

We got pizza for the group and everyone dug in, but I had just eaten AND my part was up next so I passed. IMG_5113 (800x600)

Buuuuut, pizza is my FAVORITE food and I decided I had to have pizza for dinner!new york pizza

Finally it was my turn! My first webisode was about Running and Eating at the same time so I had to run behind a pedi-cab while saying my schpill. I looked like such a spectacle to people passing by. Oh well, it was fun.IMG_5118 (800x600)

monica in ny

Then, I did the second part of that segment and talked about fueling options. Hopefully it will be helpful to new marathoners! photo (1)

Right as that part ended it started to POUR. We all huddled under umbrellas and waited for it to pass. Finally it did and the show continued. IMG_5127 (800x600)

We moved to a different location and I filmed the another segment with fun marathon facts.

It was super interesting things like…

Over 17,000 pounds of throw away gear are donated to local charities.

There are over 8,000 volunteers

60,000 Power Bar Gels will be handed out at mile 18!

and my personal favorite…

The average 140 lb. woman will burn over 2,700 calories during the marathon, which is equal to 10 pieces of NYC pizza!!!

Noted. So when you see me eating a whole pizza on Nov. 4th, don’t judge. I earned it.

My phone died so I had no idea what time it was, but we wrapped when the sun went down. The crew pointed me in the direction of my hotel and I kept an eye out for DINNER. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass any pizza places Sad smile

By the time I got near my hotel it was dark and my stomach was growling. Turns out it was after 9pm!IMG_5130 (800x600)

I ended up stopping into Whole Foods super fast for the hot bar and a granola bar.IMG_5139 (800x600)

I know I know, it is a darn shame that I’m in NY and I eat WF, something I could have all the time.

But I’m so so tired and was cranky and my eyes are blood shot something fierce. I just wanted to put my feet up and take off all this make-up.IMG_5135 (600x800)

I needed food and to relax in my hotel more than I wanted to hunt down pizza. And now I’m eating and watching RHONY. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.IMG_5142 (600x800)

I noticed this on a park bench in Central Park. How perfect is this?!

“Races are run with legs, Marathons are run with the heart.”IMG_5122 (800x600)

Even though the pizza mission was a fail, I will get a good New York City bagel tomorrow!!!

See ya later Smile


    • Joyce says

      if you’re in that area, i’m going to second pick-a-bagel… and in my opinion, they make one of the best black and white cookies in NYC, and similar to your own mission, I have made it my mission to find the best black and white cookie in NYC. so…just sayin.

  1. says

    Ahhhh Monica I walked home through Central Park this evening and could have seen you!!! I want to see you before you leave NYC! I work right by the park, will you be there tomorrow? Shoot me an email if you have any chance! i can at least snag you a piece of pizza 😉

  2. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not eating Subway!! There ARE so many better sandwich places here!

    I personally really don’t understand how anyone eats at Subway. Their ingredients just look so unappealing!

  3. Rachel F. says

    Do yourself a favor: Ess-a-Bagel 51st and 3rd. They have the big, fluffy bagels the size of your face. They are total heaven.

  4. says

    Hey I would also put my feet up and chill out in my room after the workday when I travel. And I’m even lazier…I order room service most of the time.

  5. Sandra says

    Hello Monica,

    I am your blog follower from Estonia. Just game across with your blog one day and now I have been following it daily. Love it! :) just out of curiosity, do you know approximately how many calories you eat per day? and what is the proportion between proteins, fats and carbs? I was trying to find that maybe you write about it somewhere, but could not. Just curious. For me, it looks like sometimes you eat quite a lot, sometimes no… maybe because you divide your meals more into smaller portions and eat/snack more than 5 times a day.. :) Anyway, did I say already that I love your blog 😛

    • says

      I don’t count calories or fat/carbs/protein. I probably should, but I don’t. In theory I would aim for about 2000 a day, but think I eat more than that most days. I don’t post all my meals and snacks, again probably should to keep me accountable!

  6. says

    You didn’t pass ANY PIZZA PLACES??? How is that even possible?? Where on earth did they put you up?
    In any case, you should definitely try out Motorino’s. They make an awesome brussel sprout pizza that is seriously heavenly. They don’t do the slices but serve personal pizzas and do a lunch special on weekdays for 12$ ( salad & pizza).
    It’s in the East Village, on 12th between 1. and 2. Ave.

    • says

      I just went back up along the side of Central Park, I think CP west? I started at like 72nd street and went all the way to Columbus too – maybe I missed it?

  7. says

    Don’t feel guilty for getting WF after a long day! I would have done the same. Collapsing in bed, eating that and watching tv sounds perfect. And it looks like a really fun/whirlwind trip!

  8. says

    Ahhh Central Park is my FAVORITE place in the city, hands down. It’s like a giant slice of nature in the middle of the concrete jungle. Pair that with a giant slice of pizza, and it’s all good :)

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