Back to Reality


My flight actually got in about 45 minutes early this morning and I was back home before 11am. As soon as I got in I logged onto work and spent the day catching up. I’m super behind on blog emails so if you’re waiting for something from me… um, be patient? When Ben came home we decided to take a nice little walk and catch up with each other. We walked 4 miles and even … [Read more...]

ING Class of 2012


When I last left you yesterday I had just ran 6 miles through Central Park and enjoyed a NY bagel. From there the day went non-stop until 1am! For those of you that missed it, I was recently chosen to be part of the ING Class of 2012. I am one of 4 runners doing the ING New York City Marathon and acting as a representative for the organization. We all have very different … [Read more...]