Eat Like an Olympian Giveaway


Remember that Protein Chocolate Chip cookie I ate on Friday? No? Good, if you did that would be weird. Anyway, it was part of a fun Eat Like an Olympian gift pack I received from Solae – a soy protein company. I would definitely buy these! But, before you can refuel with a protein cookie – you should workout (at least in theory). So the company sent something I was … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday–Frozen Spinach


I almost talked myself out of my attempt to do some speed work this morning because I had a bunch of excuses: haven’t taken a day off from running since Friday did the tri this weekend am not good at it But I took it back a notch from my planned run and did 4 800s instead of miles. Thank you Jesus. I actually did better than expected too! Glad I went for it. Breakfast was … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday–It’s Been a Long Drought


Last week I heard a story on NPR about how the drought is going to affect the price of food – specifically, meat. You can read / listen here: Meat Producers and Consumers Hurt by Drought Nutshell: The drought is hurting crops, but not the usual fruits and veggies that we eat – it’s hurting the crops that livestock eat. This is going to increase the price of meat over the next … [Read more...]

Running Reminder– Change Up Your Route


I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out by the pool with my fam. It was so nice to just stop and relax, even if I didn’t get in the water (I didn’t bring a bathing suit). Roxy didn’t have her swim suit either, but she’s okay with skinny dipping. After dinner we were about to hit up YLand for dessert when I reminded everyone about my recent craving for a dipped cone. We made … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up Quesadillas


Happy Sunday! Since I did the tri yesterday I was going to skip my run this weekend, but woke up wanting to pound out a few. I ran 8 easy and walked 2 back home. I passed this grocery store on the way and decided to grab my craving of the morning – blueberries. Eaten during the last mile stroll When I got home I immediately made breakfast. Do not pass Go, do not take a … [Read more...]

iTryathlon Race Recap


When we last spoke I was freaking out about the fact that I was going to have to bike around other people when it’s really hard for me to turn. (Heck, it’s hard for me to go straight!) Luckily this morning I remembered that I needed to raise my bike seat, so Ben helped me out. It’s still too low but I was scared to raise it a lot. The race was in Irvine – just the city next … [Read more...]

iTryathlon Race Prep


Yesterday evening I went to pick up my bib for the Renegade Racing iTryathlon. It is my first attempt at a triathlon so I was nervous! Luckily this race is meant for newbie triathletes so I knew I would fit right in with the group. The packet pick-up was located at a bike shop. Super easy, in and out. Having second thoughts… The packet pick up was  close to John Wayne … [Read more...]

Few Fails and a Win


Last week I opened my email to a sign from the Groupon gods. My favorite yoga studio had a Groupon for 10 sessions for $29. That is AMAZING! I quickly swooped it up and told myself this is exactly what I needed to get back to the studio. Today I went to a Level 1 class with my favorite instructor and had a really good time. But, when I walked out (they do checkout / payment … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday and FroYo


Hello and Happy Friday! I have a super busy day, so let’s do this Last night I made quesadillas for dinner. I love these and don’t know why I neglect to make them everyday. I used LC cheese and it wasn’t gooey, but this very tasty! Then, I headed to a Yogurtland meet up with the OC blogger girls. They rock. No pics of the group because I’m pretty sure Sarah from OUAL hates … [Read more...]

Bliss Beauty Board Box Vlog


Happy Thursday! I was very happy to use my Thai food leftovers for today’s lunch. But there wasn’t that much left (over), so I added some of this Sesame Garlic tempeh. This is way better than the other bacony kind I got last time. I recently got an amazing box of beauty products from Bliss. I was pretty excited to bust them open, but haven’t gotten the chance to try the skin … [Read more...]

Run, Bike, Swim, Eat


I survived my first attempt at running, biking and swimming in a row. The bike was rough because it was hilly, apparently my seat is way too low (Coach Pam told me last practice and I forgot to fix it!) and my gears strongly dislike being changed. So, ended up turning around a little early on the bike portion. We did the full 200m swim.. The pool I’ve been swimming in is a 25m … [Read more...]

Marathon Meals 1


Remember when I was in New York filming videos for the ING Class of 2012? I did a series of videos about “Marathon Meals” – basically healthy food ideas for marathon training. My first video is up NOW on the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook Page. The first recipe is for the beautiful quinoa dish – ‘member? The recipe is called Herbed Quinoa Tabbouli, it’s from Redbook … [Read more...]

Am I Weird Wednesday–Music


My last post about ready made Pico de Gallo had a comments that pre-chopped veggies are expensive. True, very true. Here’s my trick: I go to the pre-chopped and organic sections of the store first. If something is on Manager’s Special or Sale I grab it. If not, I (reluctantly) buy the veggies and chop them myself. If you look you can see the pico de gallo has a 50% sticker on … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Tip–Pico de Gallo FTW


I am a lazy cook. I enjoy eating cooking, but don’t have 2 hours to chop veggies or make sauces from scratch. So, I am all about the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade style of cooking. I realize you should be careful with this since convenience foods can add unnecessarily processed ingredients into your meal. Yes, I know everything. But sometimes they are just that – convenient! One … [Read more...]

Tangent Tuesday of America


1. I woke up this morning from the most vivid dream! It’s weird when you wake up confused if that was real life or what?! In my dream I was living in a condo with a few of my high school friends and it started pouring as we were walking inside. So, my friend Jen rushed in and fell, then my dogs got stuck in the gate. So random. I haven’t talked to her in years at this point – … [Read more...]

Running Calendar


The #2 search that gets people to this site is dirty sweaty red head (#1 is Run Eat Repeat, hello). I’m sure the people searching for that are looking for something completely different than pics of eggs and fro-yo, but I’d like to think I’m giving them a fetish for Yogurtland instead of gingers. Anyway, the 3rd most popular search is Eat Run Repeat. I get it, sometimes you … [Read more...]