Ginger Obsessed with Ginger


I randomly bought a bag of Ginger chews at Trader Joe’s last week. I thought I remembered trying them and liking them, but wasn’t sure. I took some to Disneyland and completely fell in love with them. Then, I spotted Peanut Butter Ginger Chews at the health food store yesterday. SCORE. These are amazing. The PB ones have a mild peanut flavor and are amazing. What can I … [Read more...]

Lazy Iced Coffee and June 2012 Highlights


Happy Monday! I started my day off with a speedish run – 1 m w/u, 4 800s and 1 m c/d. It was just okay. I need to do this weekly again to see improvement because I was def slower than in the past. When I got back I realized there was only a few sips of iced coffee left from yesterday so I had to make a fresh batch. Luckily Tina sent me a bag of Marylou’s AMAZING coffee for my … [Read more...]