Ginger Obsessed with Ginger

I randomly bought a bag of Ginger chews at Trader Joe’s last week. I thought I remembered trying them and liking them, but wasn’t sure.

I took some to Disneyland and completely fell in love with them.IMG_5290 (800x600)

Then, I spotted Peanut Butter Ginger Chews at the health food store yesterday. SCORE. These are amazing. IMG_5457 (600x800)

The PB ones have a mild peanut flavor and are amazing. IMG_5458 (800x600)

What can I say? I’m obsessed with gingers. And I’m pretty sure they have souls. ginger(source)

I mentioned that I hit up the health food store for my thyroid supplements and a bunch of you asked what pills I’m taking.

First off I not a doctor and have no idea what I’m talking about.


All I know is a while back my T3 thyroid level tested low and I was given a prescription to supplement it. But when I went to fill my thyroid prescription the pharmacist asked me a bunch of questions and then suggested I take a complete B complex and Ashwagandha. She suspected I was probably imbalanced from taking too much B12 and from my BC pills among other things. We talked for a while and I really like the advice she gave.

I took her suggestions for a while but I didn’t feel any difference so I swapped out the straight Ashwagandha for thyroid strength pills (it has Ashwagandha). IMG_5452 (800x600)

When I remember, I also take a daily vitamin that happens to be a prenatal so Ben thinks I’m contemplating having his baby. Half of the people in this relationship are ready for a baby, the other half are gingers.IMG_5451 (800x600)

These are all like horse pills. Whatever that means. IMG_5454 (800x600)

This afternoon I had a very important lunch meeting with the star of the Real Bloggers of the OC – Skinny Runner. Oh, it’s not a real TV show? I watch way too much Real Housewives…IMG_5447 (600x800)

I’m hoping to score a part on that Strange Addiction show. Do you think someone addicted to iced coffee and ginger chews would get ratings?IMG_5449 (600x800)

We took a nice little walk and caught up on life. She’s leaving for Alaska tomorrow and will be missed. By Marni.

Yesterday Ben cooked dinner and I enjoyed the leftovers for lunch. He cooked up a package of veggie orange chik’n with broccoli and brown rice. It was the best meal I’ve had at home in ages!IMG_5421 (800x533)

Now I’m logging onto my email and spending a solid hour trying to catch up. Do not pass go, do not look at your Google Reader. Since I went back to working a day job, I’m training a lot less and I’m still extremely behind on keeping up with blog emails and writing projects. Traveling to Seattle and New York added to that! I’m hoping to make a dent in it tonight!


  1. says

    Love Ginger People chews too! The peanut ones are my favorite. Never buy the coffee ones, they are not as good as you’d think 😉

  2. says

    Ginger, huh?! You have me intrigued. Now, I am on the hunt for some chews! And amen to the pills; I am about to up my regiment… might look like a crazy person! oh well!

  3. says

    I love ginger tea and they always serve it after my massages. So so so good. I gathered that it’s because it’s supposed to be detoxing.

  4. says

    So have you tried the Thyroid Strength pills yet? I’m curious to know if it’s helpful. I have hypothyroidism, but not enough to where my doctor will prescribe me thyroid medication. I would prefer the natural way anyway.

  5. Lisa says

    Those ginger chews are one my most favorite running treats.

    I stuff a couple, or four, down my bra, and eat one every few miles.

    Kind of like chomps but with a spicy kick.

  6. Becky Przy says

    Ginger also helps w/morning sickness….now you should be all set for the 1st trimester of pregnancy! All you need is to get pregnant;-)

  7. Elizabeth R says

    “Half of the people in this relationship are ready for a baby, the other half are gingers.”-You made me snort and get a strange look from my 5 year old son. I love using ginger in cooking but never tried it in “chew form”.

  8. says

    Ooh I love those Chimes chews! Admittedly, I first bought them because the packaging is so cute, but they are super addictive. Ever since I got my ginger cat I’ve been loving all types of ginger (even more)!

  9. says

    I HATED ginger until my first trimester of pregnancy…when those chews got me through terrible nausea. Not sure I’ll ever be able to separate the two, though, so for now, it’s back to no ginger.

  10. Cari says

    I LOVE GINGER! if there were a level above all caps that i could use to express my fondness for it, i would be using it right now :)

    …and by the way, the Ginger People make pancake syrup– it’s a must-try :) delicious!

  11. Kris says

    I am obsessed with Gin Gins!! The chewy ones are SO addicting and you can almost always find them at Tj Maxx or Marshall’s…delish!!

  12. says

    I’m not a huge fan of ginger, but gingers are fine by me!

    I’m actually on two different medications for my thyroid because it’s a finicky little bugger. One of them makes me break out in a rash if I take it at the wrong time of day, or makes me break out in night sweats if I take it too close to bedtime. I’ve tried natural methods though and my thyroid slows to a crawl. I’m starting to really hate that asshat.

  13. JessicaE says

    Ginger is so delicious! I finally found your emails to me in my spam folder and I emailed you my address etc. 😀

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