Lazy Iced Coffee and June 2012 Highlights

Happy Monday! I started my day off with a speedish run – 1 m w/u, 4 800s and 1 m c/d. It was just okay. I need to do this weekly again to see improvement because I was def slower than in the past.

When I got back I realized there was only a few sips of iced coffee left from yesterday so I had to make a fresh batch.

Luckily Tina sent me a bag of Marylou’s AMAZING coffee for my brewing pleasure. IMG_5432

Supposedly the “secret” to Marylou’s amazing iced coffee is that they add in Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate to it. I love iced coffee and I love hot cocoa so I am definitely down for experimenting with this.

But I’m lazy so I added the hot chocolate mix straight to the grounds to brew up together. swiss miss

I’ve done this before with cinnamon too so I figured it would work, but I wasn’t sure. IMG_5437 (800x600)

I brewed up the pot and then set aside a cup to cool for a bit. Then, I added a lot of almond milk and ice. So so good.IMG_5443

Breakfast was the usual.IMG_5442

Time for my June 2012 Highlights…

Favorite RUN:

I LOVE running when I’m traveling, so it’s a tie between

my run in Seattle and my run in Central ParkIMG_5201

Favorite EAT:

The huge delicious donut I had after Rock N’ Roll San Diego was pretty amazing. IMG_1775 (800x600) (800x600)

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT:

Tie between my 3 Year Anniversary post and my Fitness Bucket List

wedding ceremony picture

Question: What was your favorite moment or meal from June?


  1. Jessica says

    So could you taste the swiss miss? I put cinnamon in my grounds sometimes too and would LOVE to try hot chocolate.

  2. says

    I didn’t eat anything life changing in June. Then again, I spent most of it still recovering from a gum surgery so I had to eat a bunch of mush. The first time I got to eat chips again was perfection. lol

    My highlight was getting talked into signing up for a line dance contest I had planned on just watching. I ended up placing in the top 12 and compete again in July!

  3. says

    Yes! I’ve been obsessed with ice coffee lately bc of how hot it’s been – thanks for the handy tip on making my own!

    Favorite June workout was probably some track repeats that I did, believe it or not. super hot day, but walked away feeling awesome.

  4. says

    Thats such a great idea with the coffee and hot chocolate!

    I had a lot of great June events – we went to Wisconsin Dells, we celebrated my brothers, my hubby’s, and my moms birthdays, and I went to my sister in laws awesome baby shower!

  5. says

    I put the hot chocolate powder straight in the coffee- I’m thinking it’s probably more chocolatey that way-??

    My favorite moment from June was at 3:15 on the 28th when I was done teaching summer school. It was magical.

  6. says

    Favorite moment for me was probably becoming a licensed bartender! It’s not something I EVER thought I’d be doing, but it’s a good way to make money during the summer, and now I have one more fun fact about myself 😛

  7. says

    I <3 iced coffee w/ vanilla almond milk. In a time crunch, I use just enough hot water to dissolve a SBucks Mocha Via, then fill my cup the rest of the way with the milk and some ice. So yummy!

    I loved seeing your wedding picks – you're gorgeous :)

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