I Didn’t Drown


I had my first ever swimming lesson and didn’t drown! Before I went to get wet, I had a handful of nuts. Yep. Okay, I didn’t expect to drown, but I was really nervous about swimming for a few reasons… 1. I haven’t been swimming in an actual lap pool pretty much ever (I think I tried it once when I was in college and wanted to try a tri?) 2. I have no idea about pool … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks


Happy Tuesday! I have tomorrow off, but have a PB & Jam packed day so let’s get to it! I am finally going to go swimming today so I kept my morning workout to a plank and a short walk and talk on the phone. I’m super scared about looking dumb attempting to swim so I wanted to save my energy. Since I am so intimidated by the pool I decided to ask for some help. Remember a … [Read more...]