Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

Happy Tuesday! I have tomorrow off, but have a PB & Jam packed day so let’s get to it!

I am finally going to go swimming today so I kept my morning workout to a plank and a short walk and talk on the phone. I’m super scared about looking dumb attempting to swim so I wanted to save my energy.

Since I am so intimidated by the pool I decided to ask for some help. Remember a while back when I led those exercise walks in Dana Point?

Well, I met Pam – a triathlon coach there and she offered to help me with the swim. Pam coaches triathletes of all ages and abilities in Orange County so check her out if you need some support.

I asked her what I should bring to the pool and she mentioned something I’ve never even heard of! I’m in trouble. 2007 olympics Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

I also cut my walk short because I was hungry. The usual plus cherries…IMG 5461 800x600 thumb Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

I recently got a copy of Fitness for Geeks to review. I’ve been going through it and like how it’s an easy read, but super informative.IMG 5463 800x600 thumb Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

But I came across an alarming section last night – “Fructose appears similar in terms of its negative effects on the live to booze or ethanol… avoid munching on commercial apples or watermelon all throughout the day.” IMG 5466 800x600 thumb Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

I know I eat way too much watermelon. I can easily put away an entire huge melon in 2 days (and that’s pacing myself). I don’t know if it’s because I’m sugar sensitive or what, but it’s so hard for me to stop once I have it in the house – just like cereal or a similar food. Just because it’s fruit doesn’t make it okay. I need to be better about portion control with my favorite food.IMG 4878 800x600 thumb Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

Although, I wouldn’t really mind death by watermelon wlEmoticon winkingsmile Fourth of July Race and Fitness for Geeks

Anyone running a 4th of July race tomorrow? I know my city has a 5k, but I had planned on running longer so I’m not sure what I should do.

If you want to find a local race check out your community newspaper or city’s website.

You can also find races on

Want to win a copy of Fitness for Geeks?

Leave a comment on this post. I already have the extra copy so this contest is open to all residents of Earth.

Contest ends 7/4/2012 at noon PST

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  1. Alicia Wynn says

    I am doing a 10-mile hike in Big Bear to celebrate 4th of July! Then heading with the family to Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City! Would love to read the book!

  2. lexi says

    Yes, I’ve heard that a lot of fruits aren’t that ” great for you “. But, I am a true believer that you should just listen to your body and know how to control yourself. In other words, just because they say watermelon isn’t that good for you doesn’t mean you should cut back ;).

    Your welcome. :).

  3. Zana says

    I would love to win a copy of Fitness for Geeks. I am always rambling off fitness and nutrition information to friends and family, and I think they need more such tips and I will gladly provide with the knowledge from this book. ;-).

  4. sally says

    i’m doing a local 5 mile race here in Staten Island NY. It’s in memory of a h.s. track girl who died from a reaction to an anagesic sports creme. So sad.

  5. Monica says

    No July 4th run this year – the storms that blew through last weekend have really messed things up (lots of people without power and it’s super hot) so running anywhere besides the gym is probably not going to happen until at least next week. Good thing I hadn’t signed up for the 5k on Saturday – it would’ve been a 105 degree obstacle course of fallen trees!

  6. Jennifer Sorrells says

    No 4th of July Race for me, recovering from an injury. Probably going to celebrate with a long walk!

  7. says

    All you need for swimming is a suit, goggles, and swim cap (though I have yet to pick up a cap)! You can do it!

    I can’t believe watermelon may be bad for my liver! I guess I need to lay off the watermelon binges.

  8. says

    Swimming is largely about technique. You know how you can run and run and run and run and you will eventually build endurance and be able to run farther and faster? That’s not how swimming works. You gotta get the right stroke technique down and then it’s much easier. I did a triathlon last spring so I had to learn how to swim. When I first started, I could not swim 25 yards without being winded. But once you get the proper technique down, you’ll be fine! Good luck!

  9. Nicole B. says

    I’m pretty obsessed with fruit too. It’s so easy to eat throughout the day. I think of it like this- I have to have something sweet, so it’s either fruit or ice cream. Fruit seems like the better option! I would love to win a copy of that book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. says

    I appear to have the same watermelon issues…. I’d love to read that book! Although I don’t know that I’m even remotely willing to give up my large watermelon consumption – that’s crazy talk!

  11. says

    I eat too much melon in general. Really, any summertime fruit… watermelon, honeydew, pineapple… it’s dangerous. THEY’RE JUST SO… GOOD! Can’t stop. Tough dilemma! :)

  12. says

    Hey, I’m into fitness, my husband is a geek, so maybe the book will help turn my geeky husband towards fitness! That would be wonderful!

  13. says

    I am SUCH a geek, and it’s totally spilling over into fitness stuff for me. WANT! Also, thank god I don’t care much about watermelon, or that factoid would be heartbreaking.

  14. Shannon B. says

    Yikes…watermelon bad? I could easily live off of them! Love to have a copy of the book to see what else I’m doing wrong :)

    Happy 4th to you!

  15. Ida says

    I’m doing a 4 miler tomorrow. I say do the 5k- with a warm up and cool down you can get in at least 9, and the 5k would be a good tempo run.

  16. Missie says

    I’d love to win a copy of Fitness for Geeks. No race for me on the 4th, but I’m hoping to get an early morning run in before all the craziness starts.

  17. Jordan F says

    I’m running a 5k tomorrow with my little sister- she is 8 and wants to prove to the rest of the family that she can do it!

  18. Leslie says

    I’m such a nerd when it comes to… well pretty much anything (guess that’s why I’m a scientist ;) ) This book sound like it’s right up my alley!

    I’ve always believed that if it’s fruit, it’s good for you, until my husband started picking on me about all the sugar. But, I am currently on a “eat healthIER” plan, and I figure that a piece of fruit, no matter what kind, is still healthIER than a Snickers or some processed food. Right…? :)

  19. J says

    Watermelon is in season here on the east coast so my consumption pretty much equals yours. I can’t help it and even hid some from my kids in the back of the fridge behind my Greek yogurt, is that wrong?

  20. Aimee M says

    I’m shutting off my computer at midnight tonight and not touching it again until Thursday morning. I’ll be celebrating my independence from grad school studying and CPA exam prep!

  21. runnrjo says

    I used to eat a TON of fruit until I realized it was just another way to feed my sugar habit. Now I only eat small portions and none after lunch.

  22. Bethany says

    I’m a resident of Earth, and I want to win!

    I don’t think I could give up watermelon… I can eat a whole one by myself! Its hard for me to beleive that it’s that bad. It has a ton of vitamins in it! Maybe I’m just kidding myself…

  23. Lauren says

    That book sounds like the biography of my life! I would love to read it!

    …. and I can’t stop with watermelon, either. TOO GOOD. :)

  24. Holly says

    I eat a TON of fruit. Guess I will just have to be unhealthy on this one. Though writing it out, it seems ridiculous – unhealthy to eat fruit? It’s not like I’m downing fries and ice cream! Oh well.

  25. says

    Ya know, I’m always iffy about studies that say something like fruit is bad for you. I think they’re usually talking about more extreme cases. There are soooo many others things out there that are so much worse for the body, it doesn’t seem worth it to worry about eating something like watermelon or apples!

    As for racing on the 4th of July, I’ll be racing the heat to avoid passing out on my run around my neighborhood :P I’ve been having to get up earlier and earlier to run lately…it just gets too hot too early!!

  26. says

    I’m running an evening fourth (third!) of July race tonight. I love little five mile races- the distance is so much less stressful for me than a marathon :)
    I also eat too much fruit. I think it’s better that I eat too much fruit than too much chocolate!

  27. NG says

    I haven’t looked into any 5ks tomorrow since I’ve got a 6.5 mile run on the schedule which I’d rather do. Also when I was in college I used to eat maybe 5-8 apples or pears every day and I always wondered whether that was overdoing it… Seems like it probably was. I’d love to win this book since it sounds like it has tons of really helpful info!

  28. Lindsey says

    I struggle with these mixed messages about “eat a ton of fruit but don’t eat too much!” thanks for your honesty. It’s what keeps me coming back to visit your blog ;)

  29. Mary Beth says

    I LOVE watermelon!!! Good luck on the swim today, swimming is the one reason I would never be able to do a tri. I am TERRIFIED of the water!!

  30. tiffany says

    whatt? i would die without watermelon and apples! but i am a geek who loves fitness, so this book sounds like it’s for me. :)

  31. Jenn says

    I’m not afraid of water in general, but I am afraid of deep water. I’d live in a pool if there were one nearby, but I am a horible swimmer. I need adult swimming lessons for dummies. My husband and I are going to a 4th party at his boss’s house; he apparently lives in the same neighborhood as President Bush.
    I would love a copy of the book to share with my husband. We are bothe working on eating healthier and need to add exercise.

  32. says

    I hope your swimming goes well! I’m not running a July 4 race because here in Canada it’s just another day (shame, I like holiday fireworks and food!)

  33. Melanie says

    That book likes like a good informative read, even if I probably don’t want to hear what it has to tell me… :)

  34. Jessica J. says

    No 4th of July race for me but I’m planning to run my first 5K in probably 2-3 years on July 15th. I started running again the last couple months and I’m hoping to be able to finish a half marathon at the end of November! :)

  35. Rachel C. says

    No race for me but I am going to run tomorrow. The book looks interesting – I’ve never heard of it

  36. caitlin says

    Crazy about the watermelon – I know they say to eat an apple with hungry but I always fell hungrier afterwards… Love the blog :-)

  37. Krystina says

    I would love to win a copy of the book! And I think what that statement really means is “too much of anything is never good.” But who doesn’t indulge every now and then! ;)

  38. Brittani Clayton says

    I am a huge nutrition nerd, I would devour that book in one day! And probably a whole watermelon as well…

  39. Maija says

    When I taught swimming lessons, we’d bring a watermelon the last day to play with in the pool (it floats) and then cut up to eat. Some motivational ideas for you maybe? Life preserver/snack!

  40. Lisa Meyer says

    I am just getting started on my fitness/health journey and could really use all the help I can get. Therefore, that book sounds perfect! Thanks!!

  41. deb says

    i just read somehting about the fructose in fruit – that’s a sad thing when you have to worry about a natural food! Bring on the watermelon!

  42. says

    We’re traveling down to your neck of the woods since my parents live in Laguna Beach. I’m thinking of running the Laguna Niguel 5k tomorrow but I’m not set on it just yet.

  43. Pauline says

    Good for you for incorporating swimming into your routine! Good luck! I say eat all the watermelon you want!

  44. Denise P. says

    I usually do a popular local 5k (Claremont Freedom 5000) but I hemmed and hawed over registering this year. Because 1) it doesn’t start until 8 – too hot! – (but who am I kidding I won’t get out the door before 8 on a day off to do my own workout) and 2) I just got a new road bike and I really want to get out on it.

  45. says

    I miss the lap pool at our old apt complex! It was salt water… So much better for the skin and hair. Swimming is such a great full body workout for me with the ole fused spine and my tendinitis ridden left wrist. Maybe I’ll look into finding a new lap pool…

    PS I saw you again at WF Sat, but decided not to walk up and scare you this time ;0)

    • says

      I was in better shape this time than the last time I saw you. I was wrecked after that run the first time we met. How tragic. Feel free to say Hi any time :)

  46. Lucy says

    I’d love to win a copy of the book :) I’m a new runner and so far I’m loving the endless possibilities for more geekiness!

  47. Leah says

    I’m doing my long run tomorrow but it’s supposed to be super-hot out. Am I really going to get up at 6:30 on the 4th of July??? We’ll see.

  48. Gayla says

    Would love to win a copy of that book! Newish to running. Trying to build up my endurance. I need to work on my breathing, it seems like that starts to give me trouble before my legs give me trouble. Any tips on how to work on this?

  49. Laura says

    I would like a copy of that book!!!!
    I did a 4.4 mike race (around a lake) last year on the 4th of July, but it is WAY too hot and humid this week to do it again, so instead I am going to a pool party!!!
    Good luck with the swim, that is the part of a tri that I am not interested in learning how to do properly.

  50. Laura says

    I would like a copy of that book!!!!
    I did a 4.4 mile race (around a lake) last year on the 4th of July, but it is WAY too hot and humid this week to do it again, so instead I am going to a pool party!!!
    Good luck with the swim, that is the part of a tri that I am not interested in learning how to do properly.

  51. says

    Okay, I have to know what it is she told you to bring to the pool! And yes, of course, count me in for the book…as a fitness geek, its right up my alley :-P

  52. says

    Though the comment about fruit is disturbing (mostly since I eat a ton all day, everyday) I would love a copy of that book.

  53. Tiffany says

    I never knew that about fructose!! I need to start watching my sugar intake -_- would love to read the book!

  54. Laura says

    My hubby learned to swim for a tri (open water swim) last summer, so if he can do it, you can too!!! Lessons are definitely a must to get you started so you are totally on the right track. I have a hard time believing the fructose in apples and watermelon are really so terrible. Anyway, would love to read the book to get the full scoop!

  55. says

    Hope your swim goes well. Swimming is the reason I haven’t decided to try a tri :) – yet. I have the same watermelon addiction (apples too, I’m in trouble).

  56. Patty says

    Good luck with the swimming! I just started swimming again this week and I am sore! But a good sore.

  57. says

    Would love to win a copy of the book although I’m not sure I agree competely with their thoughts on fructose. Too much of anything isn’t good for you but I see no harm in eating a moderate amount of fruit.

  58. Sara says

    Running the huge Peachtree Road Race (10K) in Atlanta tomorrow. Here’s hoping it’s not too hot.

  59. Nele says

    I would love to win a copy of this book! :-) Unfortunately, a lot of decent fitness related books are not available in my country (Belgium) so I would be so happy if I won!

  60. TiffanyS says

    I can’t wait to hear your swimming recap! This would be my most terrifying part of attempting a tri as well. I would love to win a copy of this book. I like when things are broken down into more manageable chunks for easier processing.

  61. Kellie says

    I wanted to run the HB 5k but I have 10 on the plan for tomorrow so it looks like I am on my own.

  62. Leslie says

    Would love to get my hands on that book. Love learning about all things food and exercise related and I am a geek so looks like a good read.

  63. says

    Not running a 5k tomorrow–surprisingly, I haven’t heard of many in the area (considering I’m from DC)–I’m sure a lot of that has to do with either a) my ignorance because I’m not looking for hot, disgusting race in the middle of a DC summer or b) all the roads are already closed/blocked off for all the tourists.

    You should definitely run tomorrow + do a long run! Doesn’t matter if you break them up, miles are miles!

    That book sounds interesting! I’d love to read it!

  64. nicole g says

    I was sneak reading this the last few times I went to the bookstore-too poor to buy it! But seriously a really good book and I agree-easy to read-I love it =)

  65. Kelly says

    I totally eat way too much watermelon too. I can also can put away a big watermelon in a day or two…Omg is that bad? I guess I need to win this so I can try to learn more about my addiction to watermelon.

  66. Erin Nicole says

    I don’t like hearing that about watermelon…I eat it like an addict! All fruits actually. Ugh…when you try and do something that is good for your body, why do they always find negative affects :(

  67. says

    Every time I eat watermelon I think of you. My neighbor just gave me the biggest watermelon ever. Would love to win the book, I just finished Born To Run.

  68. Tiffany says

    A couple things:
    1) CUTE suit
    2) My liver must be suffering as I type… I am addicted to fruit!

    It would be awesome to win the book!

  69. Amy says

    hello fellow GEEKS! I am catching up on my favorite blogs (yours is wayyyy up there!), watching Aliens and keeping an eye on my iphone! Book looks like it would be good read!

  70. says

    I am running my first 4th of July race tomorrow, it’s a 4 miler and I am running with two of my friends, Carla and Jenny and I bought us some fun red, white & blue stuff to wear! It’s gonna be a blast!

  71. Angela Landskron says

    Wow, I just came across your website in my search to find inspiring blogs about eating healthier and developing a more active lifestyle. So far I really like what I’m seeing. Wouldn’t you know there is a tempting little watermelon in my refrigerator right now! With this heat we’ve been having they’ve become all the more irresistible. So yeah, I’m just starting out on my weight loss journey and would love a tool like “Fitness for Geeks” to get informed and do things the right way. Thanks for creating this awesome blog.

  72. Michelle says

    I am a total fitness reader geek. Any books on running, or marathoning, weight training, nutrition, kettlebells you name it I can read it forever! I’d love love love a copy. Oh and death by watermelon? I can think of worse ways to go. Happy 4th, enjoy your freedom tomorrow! :-)

  73. Jen says

    I recently heard the same thing about fruit and it made me so sad because I eat fruit like it’s my job. But that’s what books like Fitness for Geeks are for, to keep us informed! I’d love to win the book, it sounds really informative.

  74. Rachael J. says

    I’d love a copy of that books! ;) haha. I was thinking of running a race tomorrow, but instead I am running a 4 mile race on Saturday! In this heat. Yup. Have a good day tomorrow!

  75. Lindsey says

    I would love to win a copy of that book! That blurb about fructose has me intrigued; this coming from a person who eats 5 good size apples in one sitting every day. MAJOR sugar overload, hurts soo good… : )

  76. Katie R says

    I am certainly a geek :) and I love fitness, so sounds like a great book for me. Although I will have to ignore any statements that denigrate the consumption of massive quantities of fruit.

  77. says

    I am the epitome of a geek. I have a BA in Chem and minor in Physics. I also have my Doctorate. I love all things sciencey and information for fitness. My husband is also about to start his journey to losing 100 pounds so any new info would be great!

  78. Daphne says

    I would LOVE a copy of fitness for geeks.. since I’m into fitness and I’m a total dweeb! Ooops.. geek!

  79. Amanda W says

    The book looks very interesting.

    That watermelon factoid is heart breaking. I can finish any sized watermelon in a day or two, and my son loves to eat it.

  80. Tasha says

    I’m running a local neighborhood 5K, nothing like a race to start a holiday!

    I would love to read that book, sounds like a good one.

  81. says

    I can also polish off a watermelon in two days! I’m gonna have to google the fructose content. I didn’t think it would be that high. Because we only get to eat in the summer, I say it’s okay. Also, my dogs LOVE it! I’ve never seen a dog eat watermelon before. Now I’ve seen two :)

  82. Tanya says

    I have the same problem with fruit. I can never eat enough! As a science nerd, this book looks intriguing. I need a little scientific-based evidence to whip my self control into shape.

  83. Aleks says

    No Fourth of July races here in Dublin, but tomorrow I have Princeton Alumni dinner party, apparently there are 9 of us here in the wet Ireland :). Happy Independence Day, Monica!

    • Aleks says

      had to reply again since I realized the email I used has been hacked and I have no access to it :(.

  84. Adrianna says

    great job on the swim! and happy 4th!!
    that book looks very interesting; I’d love to read it.

  85. Amanda says

    I don’t think there are any races here. :(

    I say that as long as the watermelon doesn’t make you feel like crap, you should keep on enjoying it. Everybody has a different body, and mine hates fruit, but you don’t have any reactions to it, right? If you’re not experiencing a blood sugar dip or spike, no foul. :). And, I mean, most other people are eating cookies and pie when you’re eating watermelon. I say you’re still ahead of the game. ;)

    That book looks awesome. I am a geek.

  86. Denise says

    I’d love to read the book, and it’s especially fitting since Ima geek all around!!! Seriously, just ask my kids!

  87. says

    I like fitness I like geeks that book is made for me!

    Interesting about the “Commercial” apples thing. Its so interesting that they would pick that and watermelon out over all other fruits to mention … what about cherries? ;)

  88. nicole says

    Good luck swimming! No race here, I’m in rural Upper Peninsula Michigan.. but doing a great run along Lake Superior. Happy 4th!

  89. says

    i’m going to run in central park (1st run in New York state) today! make your own race…(?) i should have checked out that site earlier!

  90. Kelly says

    We have a 5k here on Hilton Head Island, but today I’m cross training with a long bike ride. I hate swimming…maybe it’s the breathing thing, I forget to breath! Good luck!

  91. ErinVH says

    I just ran a 10K in suburban KC. I’m pretty sure I turned in my worst time because it was soooo hit and there was not an inch of shade on the entire course. But I finished, so now I am going to stuff my face with red, white and blue treats. Happy Birthday, America!

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