Family Fun Food Fireworks Fourth of July Recap

Happy Thursday! Today feels weird because yesterday felt like the weekend.

I didn’t set my alarm last night but luckily still woke up at 6:15am to get the day started! Ben is off to work and I need to figure out some exercise for the day. I was hoping to finally make it to yoga but there are no classes at my level at a good time. Bah.

Okay quick pic recap of my Fourth of July…

Fun…IMG_5520 (800x600)

IMG_5522 (600x800)IMG_5545 (800x600)


IMG_5528 (800x600) IMG_5531 (600x800)

Food made by MonicaIMG_5536 (800x600)

Biggest Apple Pie of my life!IMG_5538 (800x600)

Fruit desserts are not real dessert, so I added some ice cream to make this feel more legit.IMG_5541 (800x600)

Cracked open a bottle of Rotta Wine we got the last time we went to Paso RoblesIMG_5550 (600x800)

IMG_5553 (600x800)


My Nina and NinoIMG_5555 (800x600)

IMG_5563 (800x600) IMG_5566 (800x600) IMG_5567 (800x600)

Fire works!

There is a complete 360 view of completely legal fireworks in the sky at my mom’s house. That’s how we roll.IMG_5584 (800x600)

Hope your day was great!

Now I have 30 minutes to exercise before I have to get ready and work. See ya later!


  1. says

    There were “completely legal” fireworks going off all around me last night. We don’t have to drive anywhere to see a bunch of pretty lights. Which is fine by me, because I am over fireworks after the first few minutes.

  2. says

    “Fruit desserts are not real dessert” – absolutely could not agree more :) glad you got that ice cream on there to rescue you from an accidental no-dessert situation. i also hate when people are like, “and then i had a peach for dessert”…ummm no. that is not a dessert. that is a pre-dessert snack which should be followed by cookies.

  3. says

    YUMMY apple pie!!! I think I would have taken that whole thing and sat down and watched some firewrks and ate the whole thing. Apple Pie is one of my favorites!

  4. says

    Love that you used banana slices for the white stripes on the cake. When my friend made that for Memorial Day, she did everything the same except just had the white icing background serve as the white stripes. I’m just a tad in love with bananas, though, so throwing them on a cake makes it all the better!

  5. says

    That cake is amazing!! Absolutely love it! And I am pretty sure that is one of the greatest looking pies I have ever seen, looks like you had a great day with the fam :)

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