Bethenny Water Bottle Giveaway


Hello! How’s your Friday going?! I forgot 2 Fun Friday things I wanted to post, so I added them to this post. I’m having a forgetful week, tell you about it later. Lunch featured one of my favorite meatless options – Quorn. They’re expensive, but I’ve decided to add 2 more goals to my 2012 Resolutions: 1. Get back to a more vegetarian lifestyle (I've been really bad about … [Read more...]

Smore Fun Friday


Yesterday Ben and I took a walk after work. I don’t know why but we got on the subject of Smores and I wondered why they didn’t make marshmallows with the chocolate inside. This way the chocolate could get melty. RIGHT?! Well, Ben thought this was genius and took off to the store when we got back for Smores Supplies. He is also a genius because he bought dark chocolate … [Read more...]