Bethenny Water Bottle Giveaway

Hello! How’s your Friday going?!

I forgot 2 Fun Friday things I wanted to post, so I added them to this post. I’m having a forgetful week, tell you about it later.

Lunch featured one of my favorite meatless options – Quorn. IMG_5627 (800x600)They’re expensive, but I’ve decided to add 2 more goals to my 2012 Resolutions:

1. Get back to a more vegetarian lifestyle (I’ve been really bad about buying ethically raised meat to the point that Ben has even pointed it out. But I’m not making any hard & fast rules right now.)

2. Do a plank a day (I haven’t done abs in over a month and my ribs hurt after my last mary because my core was too weak.)

Anyways, they’re worth it every now and then to switch up the usual veggie burgers Smile

I drink a lot. I like water and seltzer and iced coffee and iced tea and foods that come in liquid form. IMG_5629 (600x800)

Anyways, I know that is one of the (few) “healthy living” habits that is easy for me but it’s not easy for everyone. So I have the pleasure of doing a giveaway courtesy of Bethenny’s Open Sky Shop.

First off, can I just say I love Bethenny? Cause I do. bethenny frankel(source)

She recently open up her own Open Sky shop with some of her products and other favorite things. Her SkinnyGirl Shape Line is in there – anyone tried it?

You can win her fave Water Bobble & Filter Set by leaving a comment in this post.image

Open to residents of the US. Closes Sun at 8am PST.

Open Sky also sent over some Q&A from Bethenny. I normally don’t accept prewritten interviews, but I am genuinely curious about all things Bethenny so I thought I’d share…

It seems like everybody’s biggest challenge for living a healthy lifestyle is time. What’s one simple thing time-starved women can fit into their day to live a healthier lifestyle?

What I tell women is there’s no way you can be the best mother, the best wife and the best businessperson if you’re running yourself ragged!

The best thing you can do to keep healthy is to keep hydrated. Even if you have one hand on your blackberry, your baby bouncing on your lap and your ear on a conference call, you can still manage a few quick swigs of water. I even struggle with it personally because I don’t love water, but your body needs it to detox and to keep things moving if you know what I mean. So my alternative is knocking back club soda.

Summer’s here so we’re all thinking about baring more skin. Can you share one of your best secrets for getting a more toned body?

There’s honestly no secret. I believe in watching what you eat and exercise in moderation. Otherwise you go on one of these crash weight-loss regimens and you give up by Day 4. You can’t keep it up! And then you end up beating yourself up. If I eat a burger for lunch, I’ll have a salad for dinner. If I don’t have time to do 40 minutes of yoga, I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator or park a little further away and walk a little extra. Moderation is key.

I’m a New Yorker so I’m used to walking a ton every day. That’s just what we do.

With your incredibly busy schedule, how do you find the time to cook at home?

My schedule is crazy but I always make it a point to make Bryn a home-cooked meal every day. I started out in catering so cooking is what I enjoy. And I swear, it’s easy…as long as you make it easy. Don’t say you’re going to make beef Wellington and a baked Alaska for a weekday dinner with the hubby—make turkey burgers and 30-minute brownies instead.

What are a few easy tips for gradually moving toward a healthier lifestyle?

The easiest way to start is to get rid of all those processed foods in your kitchen. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. Fill your fridge with real food instead. If you really need those potato chips, buy chips that are the most natural. (Hint: Check the ingredient list and it’ll be the one with the least ingredients.) If you really need that booze, make a Skinnygirl cocktail so you’re not downing all those calories.

More Fun Friday Fideos!

1. Did you hear one San Diego Fireworks show accidentally set off ALL the fireworks at the same time?! It was epic for 15 seconds and then everyone had to go home.

2. Thank you haters video – It looks cute at first but is not sufficient for work. You’ve been warned.

The Thank you Hater song from that video is available on iTunes and all profits go to

Enter the Water Bobble Contest by leaving a comment on this post!


  1. says

    My computer nerd hubby posted a bunch about the SD fireworks from a programming standpoint on FB…and then one of his buddies commented on his post and it made me lol,

    “This ain’t the Starship Enterprise. The button should have been set to disarm in an emergency. Or at the very least there should have been a failsafe device or two person ignition. In hindsight really weird. Hate it when s**t happens. Oh well, blow it up and they will come.”

  2. Amy says

    I’m totally obsessed with Bethenny-from the first days of “the Apprentice with Martha Steward” I would totally love to win this prize!

  3. says

    I love Bethenny too. Her yoga DVD is a great at-home workout and her commentary is hysterical. Her not-too-serious attitude about yoga makes it so much more enjoyable!

  4. Jenn says

    Are you serious w these goals or just screwing w us? Every day new goal and every day u go back to same habits. I’m embarrassed for you.

  5. says

    I miss the SD firework show. I moved away from SD last year and I’m now stuck in West Virginia. This year I could only see the top 1/3 of the fireworks, because there were huge mountains blocking most of the sky. It sucked.

  6. says

    SD Fireworks!!!! WHAT an anti-climax!!!!!*********…………………
    LOVE the HATER song….it’s foul when you want to show your kids a great something or other on youtube but the comments below are so disgusting and full of inexplicable hatred, you just can’t….then you have to go and do the thing you should have been doing in the first place!

  7. Aimee M says

    Last night, I repinned pretty much everything on Bethenny’s boards. If she likes that water bottle, I want/need it!

  8. Elana says

    I somehow lost all my water bottles.. seriously. I have been refilling a regular plastic water bottle–horrible. I’d love to win this!

  9. Amy says

    I struggle with drinking water everyday. I hate the way the water in our water machine tastes at work. Also I dont think that one commenter watched the hater video :) Haha

  10. Mollie K says

    Bethenny is the BEST-so hilarious! I have never seen those water bottles, looks like a wonderful idea!

  11. Manon says

    Ahhhh…….I love Bethenny too! I’m so not happy that her talk show doesn’t air in my area. Lame.

  12. Emily says

    Quorn. Also my very favorite fake meat, but so pricey! It’s just a fungus. Those are the easiest things to grow. I can’t figure out why it costs so much.

  13. Bethany says

    Ok, I practically have the same name as Bethenny, so I think it’s fate that I win!! Right? Ok, maybe not, but I still hope I win!!

  14. liz says

    yes, Quorn is delicious! I totally need that water bottle. I struggle to drink enough on a daily basis so that would totally help.

  15. Genny says

    I have been doing really well with drinking water in 2012…I used to drink about a hundred Diet Dr. Peppers a day, but in 2012, I haven’t had a single soda. I basically just drink water, and on the rare occation I spice it up with Crystal Lite.

  16. says

    So when are you going to curate on Open Sky?! I’d love to order amazing watermelons year round off of there from you!

  17. Heidi S says

    One year a spark got into our box of fireworks and all of them went off at one time. We still joke about it to this time. The poor people of SD! It must have been a great 15 seconds though

  18. Eva says

    cute post!

    i am a total sparkling water addict. but i don’t drink alcohol or really much else so i guess it’s ok

  19. Amy says

    I would love to win! I am terrible about keeping water with me all the time! And good for you for trying to establish new goals! No plan survives contact and life has to always be fluid and adaptable! Way to keep focusing and readjusting as life happens!

  20. Nicole K says

    Hi Monica, I would love to win the bottle/filter! I’m like you and drink a ton (of water) throughout the day, and my husband makes so much fun of me because of it.

  21. Marissa says

    I’m obsessed with Bethenny too! I’d love to have a water bottle. I carry mine around all day!

  22. says

    I was JUST eyeballing these bottles on Open Sky. And the fold up mat. And the Hydraluxe pillow (wonder if it’s anything like the Technogel that I keep hearing about), and….. oh, you don’t really want my wish list? Yes, the bottles. I like bottles. With wine in them. On occasion.

    Um, I set 83 goals a week and continually tweak, change, and update them. I have no shame, either.

    Happy Friday!!

  23. Caitlin F. says

    I love Bethenny! Just started reading Naturally Thin…so far so good. I live in San Diego and everyone has been going crazy over the fireworks fiasco. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

  24. Kelly says

    I just read Bethenny’s book “Skinny Dipping”–great vacation read. It is loosely based on her life so you’d probably love it!

  25. says

    The only Quorn product I’ve tried was their feaux chick’n patties and they were pretty good. Substantial enough to act as vegetarian option for a beef burger. I also love chopping one up over a big beastly salad!

  26. Nicole says

    This would be so helpful in filtering out all the junk from my university’s drinking fountains! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  27. says

    I have a serious issue with drinking water but I have been doing better with crystal light. I am a huge seltzer water drinker though!!

  28. Alicia Wynn says

    I need to start channelling you! I definitely don’t drink enough of anything every day, especially water

  29. Heather C says

    Ahhh I love water bottles with the filter! I’ve never tried this brand, although I’ve wanted to for awhile. Shibby! Thanks Monica! :)

  30. Cait says

    I love the quorn burgers, but last time I had them I broke out really bad. I can only trace it to them..weird!

  31. Jordan says

    I’m not a fan of Real Housewives, but I love Bethenny Frankel’s attitude towards food and wellness. And her Skinny Girl margaritas! lol. I’ve never had Quorn products, I think the name weirds me out too much to give it a shot…I feel like the chickn will taste like popcorn or something.

  32. Lindsay says

    I’m kind of obsessed with Bethenny Frankel. I just finished reading her latest book Skinnydipping (hilare) and then her book A Place of Yes was my beach read. She is so candid and honest and really funny. I can’t believe all she has accomplished in her life! Tons of stuff I didn’t even know about just from her tv shows. I’d love to try this giveaway!

  33. Sarah says

    Good for you with trying to eat more vegetarian!! I’ve always wanted to try it but am weak :( I used to eat a ton of red meat (grew up on a beef farm) but since I have moved away from home I have at least drastically decreased my red meat consumption and up’d the chicken :) I’m incorporating plank into my daily routine too- My core needs a good burn and I find plank to be great!

  34. Colleen says

    I really don’t know much about Bethany, but she seems genuine and passionate. I’m a HUGE water drinker and would love her bottle!

  35. Leah says

    Yay for ethically raised meat! I’ve been eating chicken and turkey lately because I live in California and it’s really easy to get good meat at Whole Foods and at most restaurants if you’re willing to spend a bit more. But I’m moving back to Alaska next month, which means I have to at least try to return to my exclusive-fish-eating ways (I refuse to refer to myself as a pescatarian).

  36. Michelle says

    I try to drink 64 oz of water (or more) on any given day, it’s hard somedays and I (apparently like Bethenny) am not a huge fan of water. I’d love to win her bottle, I’ve never seen one with a filter attached maybe it would taste better than my NH well water! LOL

  37. Erica says

    Yay, giveaways! Thanks for offering this. Great blog (giveaways or not) — I esp love the cleverness (Ask a Monican; The great vagina watch of 2012)! Keep it up

  38. Mary Beth says

    I have been trying to get in more strength training, instead of just running. I paid the price after my first half marathon in May, weak muscles led to some IT band issues!!

  39. says

    That’s a cool looking water bottle!
    The hubs and I were in San Diego on 4th of July. We were down at the Gaslamp District and started to make our way out of the area around 7 pm to go back to our hotel. We debated staying for the fireworks but decided we didn’t want to deal with the crowds during/after. OMG!!! We would have been so p.o’d if we had stayed!! Yikes!

  40. Beth says

    That water bottle looks awesome. Do you think Bethenny would approve of me filling it up with some skinnygirl margarita?

  41. Gayla says

    Those water bottles look fun! I would love to win one. Would be great to take to work where the water doesn’t taste so great.

  42. Beth says

    I haven’t had the chance to try anything in the Skinny Girl line but I want so bad! And I love Bethenny – girl keeps it real!

  43. Wendy says

    Love Bethenny!! I am working on drinking more water too. I drink WAY too much diet coke and so need to cut it out.

  44. says

    I love Bethenny. Her focus on just living a healthy lifestyle instead of going to one extreme to another is something I really admire.

  45. Mary Frances says

    I always need another water bottle!! I’m normally very good about drinking 64 oz of water a day but have been slacking recently!!

  46. says

    Great water bottle. I would love to try it. Of course I would have to hide it from my 5 year old. Apparently my water bottles are great for watering things in his sandbox. Have a wonderful weekend!

  47. Lindsey says

    I’ve been wanting to check out Bethany’s new talk show! I def agree with her last Q&a about processed food. Trying to work on that!

  48. Tiffany S says

    I try to drink a ton of water and coconut water during the week. I’m growing tired of my Nalgene bottle, so this would be a fun change.

  49. Christine says

    Looks like an interesting water bottle! I hate drinking water so maybe this would help me drink more!

  50. says

    I stopped drinking Cokes, colas, soft drinks when I was 12…no clue why and I always order water (don’t take alcohol) when we dine out. Totally weirdo, huh?

  51. says

    I feel like drinking enough is definitely a healthy habit I have nailed, but I’d love to be doing it out of that bottle.

  52. Avah says

    I love water, I tend to drink a bottle in the car on the way to work then when I get to the office once in the morning and once in the afternoon and then a bottle of water on the way home… yes I love water!

  53. Rachael J. says

    I love Quorn products! When I was abroad, they had a ton of different varieties. Here in MN though, there’s only a few that I’ve found so far!

  54. Lindsey says

    I absolutely adore Bethany too! I always have a bottle of one of her Skinny Girl Cocktails in my fridge at all times. :)

  55. says

    Whenever I go home to visit the family, my mom and I curl up on the couch and watch reruns of “Bethenny ever after”. And I completely understand the need to stay hydrated when life gets busy. I am currently working on my Masters and sometimes when I’m working in the lab, hours pass me by. I forget to eat and most importantly to hydrate when this happens. Recently, I’ve been getting better about packing snacks and water, but its just a routine I need to keep doing to make sure I stay healthy!

  56. Bree ltc says

    I think I’ll consider the plank a day thing. It seems like doing a little ab work every day would be easier to stomach (yup, I did) than doing a bunch 3 times per week which is what I do now. Do you do normal planks or change it up at all? 1 minute? 2? I can do a normal one for 2 minutes and it’s the longest two minutes on earth till the next time I try.

    Yes! Water! Yes! Water bottle! Thanks for the chance!

  57. Brooke S says

    I love Bethenny! I am bummed because I no longer have cable and her show is not on the internet :( I have been trying to up my water intake, I am not a fan of straight up water but know it is good for me.

  58. Rachael says

    hmmm…another water bottle…I already have a cupboard full of them but I think I can make room for another! :)

  59. Corinne says

    Love Bethenny!! love that water bottle, I never drink enough water!! I also love her Skinny Girl cocktails! Yum!

  60. Marie says

    I love Bethany’s talk show, I actually watch it when I’m at the gym at that time. And I love that the water bottle has different color options :)

  61. Maura says

    I love Bethany! She’s so sassy and down to earth! I’m vacationing in Rehobeth, DE this weekend and drank skinny girl margaritas all last night. Delicious! I’m refueling today with lots of water, and plan to go on some walks to take in the beautiful scenery (and to get some exercise in on my vacation!)

  62. laura says

    i am always trying to find new ways to drink more water! I love the idea of a filter on the water bottle, I think I would drink more that way!

  63. says

    I have one of those water bottles. I really liked it until I left it laying on my console of my car while we went into swim lessons, 40 minutes later I came out and V saw smoke, and sure enough the sun beam was magnified through the water bottle and was melting my console. I don’t take that one out of the house any more.

  64. says

    Well in my house, the only thing there is is WATER. But as soon as I step foot out the house, Im trying to get my hands on some kind of juice (no soda). This water bottle would be lovely, and would help with all the faucet water I drink. GO GREEN

  65. Denise P. says

    Ive been DVRing her new daytime show and I actually really like it. I never got into RHONY too much but I like following her success these days.

    I love the Quorn cutlets stuffed with cheese and cranberry I think it is. They were on sale the other day at Sprouts do I stocked up.

  66. Maren says

    I totally love Bethenny too! I cannot believe that happened in SD. I would be SO bummed! You can’t even see the fireworks! It just looks like a big white ball haha!

  67. Gemma says

    I adore Bethenny. Her food principles and way she just expels negativity from her life are inspirational for me and the way I live mine. I can’t get enough of her!

  68. says

    I love Bethenny, she’s successful, she’s fit, she’s so dang funny, and just says it like it is. Maybe one day I can grow up to be like Bethenny : )

  69. says

    I have tried her Skinny Girl Margarita and it was really good! I really want to try the Pina Colada, it sound amazeballs!

  70. Elizabeth R says

    My CamelBak recently got “lost” (somebody found it in my beach bag and kept everything in my beach bag for themselves) AND I am obsessed with all things Bethenny so I would LOOOOVE to win this giveaway!

  71. Christine says

    That water bottle looks cool. I definitely need to drink more water but can’t seem to get enough.

  72. Renee Richardson says

    Yummy..The Quorn looks good. I love Bethenny as well. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  73. Marija says

    I love Bethenny too! And her skinny line is amazing…doing a little research and trying more than a few of the new cocktail varieties 😉

  74. Veronica says

    I love everything Bethenny, especially her Skinny Cocktails! Would love to have that Water Bobble.

  75. april says

    i always carry around a water bottle. this would be an even better option to stay hydrated! love it =)

  76. Anne Marie Emler says

    So cool. I’ve been trying to hydrate more (besides M. Ultra) as it’s 100+ this week in Ohio. Yes, the Midwest. I’m off from running this week due to bizarre ankle swelling…I’ve never taken a week off from running since I started 2 years ago, so I feel a bit funky. Doctors just don’t understand. Drinking water from a Diet soda bottle wishing I had something more glam…

  77. Michelle Rodgers says

    I love your blog and water bottles! Since I have access to your blog 24/7 it only makes sense that I should win a water bottle to go along with it. I love Bethenny too. She Rocks!!

  78. Julie says

    Love bethenny!! And RER!!! I always carry a water bottle with me it is a healthy habit thats comes easily to me since i love water!!

  79. Leigh says

    I’ve been seeing those water bottles around for a while and think they are so cute! Plus I drink a TON so I could use another one!

  80. says

    I’ve never watched any of the Real Housewives shows & didn’t really give a second thought to Bethenny UNTIL I randomly watched her new talk show a couple of weeks ago. And now I’m hooked on it. I love how blunt she is about things haha

  81. Maggie says

    I am a huge water drinker… so much actually that my coworkers make fun of me for taking so many trips to the bathroom! Love the filter in this bottle!!

  82. Charlotte says

    They sell those water bottles where I work (at a clothing store-random?). I’ve always wanted to try one, but can never bring myself to cough up the money.

  83. Molly says

    I love Bethenny! She came to my college a few months back to speak to the students…it was so cool! I also love her books; her advice is great. :)

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