How to Eat Healthy Without Really Cooking

Remember how I used to do Mexican Meatless Monday?


Me either because it’s been like a year or something.

But, I’m considering bringing it back if I ever get the inclination to cook again. We’ll see.

Today’s post is one my usual semi-homemade recipes but not with Sandra Lee,(source)

Nope, you’re stuck with me.

First, lemme share that I realized if I put my cherries on a small plate I’m less likely to eat all 4 pounds of them in one sitting. IMG_5730 (800x600)

*Note that I said less likely and not that I didn’t proceed to eat 3 pounds of them because it’s not rocket science to refill a plate with cherries.

Okay onto lunch starring the following TJ’s products…IMG_5733 (600x800)

I cooked up this entire bag of quinoa because I figured I wanted to make a big batch to last all week. Um, it was a BIG BIG batch! IMG_5732 (600x800)I didn’t realize how much it would make. I even put 2 cups of it aside because everything wasn’t going to fit in the pan. IMG_5745 (800x533)


1 bag TJ’s quinoa. Cook it.

Realize it’s way too much and remove 2 cups for later.

Add: 1 bag TJ’s roasted veggies, 1 can beans, 2 Tbs. olive oil, balsamic vinegar to taste

Also Add:  S&P, TJ’s 21 seasoning salute, garlic powder, Old Bay. (I like a lot of spices so I added a ton!)

Mix. Eat. Repeat.IMG_5737 (800x533)

I think it was Miz Fit who recently mentioned that if she ever wrote a cookbook it would be titled, “How to Eat Healthy While Hardly Even Cooking”

I wonder if she needs a co-author…IMG_5742 (800x533)



  1. says

    I NEVER liked cooking back in the day…I was great at baking (hence being 100 pounds overweight) but I hated cooking. When I lost the weight I ate a lot of processed foods because it was portion controlled. But now I have learned how to cook. And I actually like it! But to be honest, I still do meals like yours “throw it all together in a bowl” (they are my favorite). :)

  2. says

    I love TJ’s for quick, easy “recipes”. Their ready-to-cook veggie mixes are the best and I love your idea to just mix it with quinoa, especially since I don’t always have protein around to cook.

  3. says

    good ole’ trader joes. can’t go wrong.

    i have been eyeing quinoa lately… but have been nervous bc of my last experience with quinoa when i burnt it and ruined a pot. that will tell you how great of a cook i am.

    maybe i will have to give it another shot…

  4. says

    I hate cooking so I’m always just throwing stuff together and hoping for the best! This looks like a recipe I could actually handle :)

  5. Kelly says

    I never heard back from you about winning Fitness for geeks. Do I need to do anything else. I sent you my address in an email? Do you get that? BTW…I love quinoa too and mix in all kinds of stuff to. Your dish looks so good. We need a Trader Joe’s in my town.

  6. says

    My mom and I make something just like this all the time – brown rice, sauteed frozen peppers/onions, chicken sausage, sometimes a can of seasoned tomatoes. Quick, easy, healthy!

  7. Daphne says

    OMG, you crack me up! You keep me laughing with the way you make fun of yourself and your love of all things fabulous and fruity! I, too, can eat 4 lbs of cherries without any guilt! Yeah, I would have tried the small plate idea and FAILED big time! Loving your blog. :-)

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