Ask a Monican #41


Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers: 1. What are junk miles? 2. I don't feel accomplished after a race? What should I do? 3. How do carbs and calories affect avoiding injuries while marathon training? Feel free to chime in with your opinion in the comments! Got a question for me? Email me at runeatrepeat at gmail dot com I’m off to dinner for my brother’s birthday! … [Read more...]

TOYOTA Rav 4 Adventure Club and Contest


Exactly 3 years ago today I squished everything I could into Ben’s truck. (I let him bring a few pairs of chonies and his computer.) And, we drove across the country to start our new life. The facts: We had just gotten married a few weeks before. I quit my stable job and accepted a writing position with a small nonprofit news source. We had never lived together before. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Michael


Today is my brother Michael’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday Michael :) He’s no Magic Mike… But he is a great photo bomber… And he can sport a hat like no one’s business. Last year we went on a little road trip for his birthday. We went to Lompoc, Morrow Bay and Paso Robles. Tonight we’re just going to dinner. Hopefully we can brainstorm a fun trip when he’s done with … [Read more...]