Ask a Monican #41

Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers:
1. What are junk miles?
2. I don’t feel accomplished after a race? What should I do?
3. How do carbs and calories affect avoiding injuries while marathon training?

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I’m off to dinner for my brother’s birthday! See ya later Smile


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    I love the fact that you are not all gung-ho about Cross Fit and love Zumba. I feel the exact same thing. In fact what got me to a fitness level where I felt like I could start running and go for a 5k was Zumba. Cross Fit intimidates me and flat out scares me at times lol.

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    OMG! Okay, I busted out laughing so hard at your “Don’t read running blogs for awhile”!!!!! That’s freakin’ awesome!!! I really, really, really love the Ask a Monican’s!!! They’re my most favorite. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard at that piece of advice though. We are such a skewed group of people – us runners!! LMAO!!!

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    I posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared! So I’ll write it again!! LOL I was busting up laughing so hard at your advice to stop reading running blogs!!!! That was so awesome!!! We runners are definitely a skewed group of individuals, I completely agree – but that was great stuff. Love it!!

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    Hi Monica! I recently discovered your blog, and I really like these “Ask a Monican” videos. My SIL’s name is Monica and I refer to things she does as *Monican* such as, “there’s a long, Monican message on the voicemail.” So thanks for this Monican video. 😉

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    I am definetly injury prone, since I’ve accrued many injuries playing soccer when I was younger. I’ve had on/off knee issues for a month, so I decided to call an orthopedic specialist. While it is annoying to have to do this and know I will have to take off some time, I’d rather gather as much info as possible from the doctor about ANY type of leg/joint injuries I can get, what to look for, exercises I should do to strengthen my weak areas etc…
    I’m using this as a learning opportunity since I want to run more events in the future :)

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    Hello Monica!
    I had breakfast ‘with you’ today (i.e. Ask a Monican) and it totally made sense about the ‘junk miles’. Realised that’s exactly what i was doing last night and got my sched back up on the fridge. Thanks!

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