I Try Training


How’s your little week going? First, I have some random stuff to share. Ben sent me this someecard last week. I am busted. Oh well. And the California Almond board sent me an email saying a new study shows almonds don’t have the calorie count we may think. 1 oz. of almonds (~ 23 nuts) provides 129 calories vs. 160 calories on label; 20% less than previously thought! I … [Read more...]

Another Dinner at Lucille’s


Yesterday Ben and I met my fam at Lucille’s for my brother’s birthday dinner. This is a different location from the one we went to Friday, but the same big ol’ porch southern restaurant. I desperately want to visit New Orleans and Savannah and going here only makes me want it more. Love it. Via pinterest from my fave southern Brit Anyways… here was dinner Forgot to get … [Read more...]