Long Bizzle Tour


Have I told you I have a friend named Tina who also has a blog?! It’s called Carrots N’ Cake and you should really look it up Anyway, she’s super into Crossfit and is in California for the Crossfit Games. Tina is staying in Long Beach and I offered to show her around. I don’t know if you realize this, but I am the unofficial ambassador of Long Beach after Snoop Dogg. I’m … [Read more...]

High Tech ING Class of 2012 Training


Hi! Today has been go go go, but I wanted to stop in and share my first ING Class of 2012 video! AH! I’m such a weirdo, see below But first, some cherry love <3 And another Lazy Cooks Guide to Healthy Eating tip: Grab a ready to eat salad container… (preferable on sale!) and fill it up up with more veggies, grains and protein. Instant lunch with no dishes to clean! … [Read more...]

Thanks, No Thanks Thursday


Thank you last night’s ice cream for giving me the energy to rock out an 8 mile run this  morning. I felt great and happy and runny! No Thanks to the Target sports bra that I’ve already worn 3 times and still is staining all my shirts?! WTF. Thank you Ben for finishing off the PB since I keep avoiding it for my favorite almond butter. No Thanks to Vegas for waking … [Read more...]