Thanks, No Thanks Thursday

Thank you last night’s ice cream for giving me the energy to rock out an 8 mile run this  morning. I felt great and happy and runny!IMG_5835 (600x800)

No Thanks to the Target sports bra that I’ve already worn 3 times and still is staining all my shirts?! WTF. IMG_5863 (800x600)

IMG_5864 (800x600)

Thank you Ben for finishing off the PB since I keep avoiding it for my favorite almond butter. IMG_5851 (533x800)

No Thanks to Vegas for waking us up at 5am this morning like he always does. It’s getting old cat.IMG_5778 (800x533)

Thanks to Van’s for making delicious waffles that are a part of this satisfying and nutritious breakfast!IMG_5859 (800x533)

And a final Thank you to Yogurtland because I suspect this sign means they have the Hello Kitty themed spoons and cups back now, right?20120630_191631

I sent the one I kept from last time off with Ben this morning so I need to replenish my stock!image

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  1. Ashley says

    Is it a fuschia/hot pink Champion Bra? If so it probably won’t stop staining. I gave mine the benefit of the doubt and ruined multiple tank tops. I only wear it to yoga or some low impact class where I’m not going to sweat much. On one particularily long run it stained my skin for a few days…noone want fuschia boobies.

    • Meredith says

      I think I had the same sprots bra. I bought it maybe back in April, and the color never stopped running. I finally threw it away a couple of weeks ago.

  2. says

    Thanks for the National Parks Service giving my friends and I the opportunity to climb Half Dome on Tuesday… no thanks to my body for being wussy and sore today.

    I have a blue Target bra that has done the same thing, and I think I’ve washed it at LEAST five times. The dye seems to come out pretty well from the shirts it gets on, but c’mon already!

  3. Shana says

    I have the same sports bra. I wore it with a yellow tank top to my running group and everyone thought my nipples were bleeding because the color ran so much. Awful. My solution is to wear it with black shirts only….not ideal.

    I actually went to Target to buy another one since they were on sale. I noticed they added a tag to some of the bras there (including the fuschia one) that says “Caution: the vivid color of this item may transfer to other clothing when wet.” Apparently these bras are for people who don’t sweat while exercising.

  4. Sarah says

    I think it’s not the sports bra doing that, it’s all the sugar and spice and everything nice that makes up our girly workout “glow” :)

    Thanks go to the coffee shop downstairs for carrying almond milk for the most delicious iced latte EVER.

    No thanks go to my dog for waking me up every 90 minutes last night because she was hot and feeling barfy… which leads me back to the $3 latte.

  5. says

    I have a bunch of neon colored target workout gear. After more than a year of weekly wear and wash, the colors still bleed all over the place. I don’t think they ever really stop bleeding out..

  6. Barbara says

    Thank you, Monica, for your sense of humor. I love reading your blog for many reasons, and this is one of them.

    No thanks to Yogurtland because I don’t have one near me and and they have Hello Kitty spoons and cups? Not. Fair.

  7. says

    oh my goodness, i have that same sports bra too. It stained all of my shirts like maybe the first 5-10 times i wore it. The bra finally tired out and has stopped staining my clothes thankfully. Not cool being the girl at the gym that looks like she is Alex Mack (Nickelodeon) sweating neon colors!

  8. Suzanne says

    Thanks for a staycation this past week where I got caught up on a lot of things, including sleep.

    No thanks for having to go to work today. (But, of course, THANKS for having a job! And for tomorrow being Friday!)

  9. Paige @ Healthy Hits the Spot says

    Ive had my sports bra for years and it still bleeds when I sweat a bunch! I was that thing every week! It always comes out of my clothes though…

  10. Shannon B. says

    THANKS to my son who let me sleep through the night and I wish it would have been Saturday, because we could have slept until 6:45.

    NO THANKS to the stubborn 8lbs stuck on my body that won’t come off!

    THANKS for a such a fun blog!! :)

  11. says

    Thanks to the mushy banana that made my oatmeal oh so delicious this morning. No thanks to the construction workers doing brick work on the outside of my apartment building for the next 4 weeks. I can do without the 7am wake up call everyday.

  12. dana says

    THANKS for having AWESOME sports bras that DON’T bleed everywhere, that are super cute and the most comfortable and supportive sports bra I have ever had. I was a Target Champion sports bra lover for years, but then found BRS and will never ever go back to champion. You think champion has cool color bras? check out BRS, promise they are worth every single penny!

    NO THANKS to my parents old dog for peeing all over the house while I watched her, I don’t love waking up at 3am to pee next to the bed (… and it turned out she was just pissed at my parents for being out of town and leaving her! darn stubborn basset hound!)

    THANKS mother earth for letting me wittness a totally rad and awesome sunrise this morning during my run before work, totally made waking up at 4am 100% worth it!

  13. says

    Wow, I have four or five C9 Target sports bras and have never experienced the color bleeding…and yes, I sweat a LOT and wear them a TON. I have blue, pink, teal, black and orange. Now I’ll be watching for this.

  14. says

    THANKS, to you Monica for writing this blog; it keeps me entertained and motivated to keep up the good work.

    NO THANKS, for posting about mint chocolate chip ice cream, now I want some.

  15. says

    Thank you to the running deities for a spectacular easy run this morning. No thank you to my camelback that I wore during it which gave me a hickey. :(

  16. says

    No thanks for the peanut allergy we discovered my daughter has yesterday, fun little hive covered baby rush to the Dr. Ugh.

    Thanks for the mention of frozen waffles, added it to my grocery list.

    No thanks for this week that seems to NEVER end.

  17. says

    The pink target bra did the exact same thing to my workout tops!!! I ended up having to throw it out. I wonder if it does that for all the bright colours or if it’s just pink?

  18. says

    i so would’ve taken that sports bra back.. that is just awful that it’s staining your clothes :(

    lovee all of your thanks and no thanks.. esp the ice cream and froyo one :)

  19. Kara says

    I have the same sports bra from target! I wear two bras while working out (thanks genetics) and my tan bras are stained from it! What a shitty bra.

  20. says

    I had that same problem with a bikini I got at Forever 21… but then again, that was $5 so I guess I should have expected it! Have you tried washing it in cold water?

  21. says

    THANK YOU to summer for showing up and sticking around in the Northwest (sunshine! warm weather!). I will not complain about it being too hot here until it hits 90 and stays there, I’m finally warm again after a long, cold spring.

    NO THANK YOU to my cat, Fred, who waits until I’m almost asleep in bed and then proceeds to wander back and forth repeatedly across me, purring loudly and making sure I’m fully awake before settling down on or next to me. Just. Lie. Down!

  22. says

    I must have the same sports bra. Mine is till bleeding. It has stained my comforter. I have a pot on the floor. I even ruined a pillow case in Las Vegas. What is wrong with this sports bra..when will the bleeding end?

  23. says

    NO thank you to my on/off back of knee/leg issues this past month.

    Thank you to the orthopedic specialist for telling me its only a hamstring strain. And that all I need to do is go to a few sessions of physical therapy :)

  24. Adrianna says

    I had the exact same thing happen with those bras as all the other readers…we should send them our comments! I still wear them bc I love the colors, but just with crappy old tanks.

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