Salad and a Prize


On our pre-dinner walk I mentioned to Ben that today was National French Fry day. He really wanted to celebrate and far be it for me to fry block anyone. So, he grabbed take out and I partook in some fries. I paired it with a salad. Do you remember that cereal used to come with a prize? I don’t really remember all that well because I have the worst memory. But I do vaguely … [Read more...]

Fun Flapjack Friday


Happy Friday!!!! Even though I was busy this week it kinda dragged. I’m very happy to see the weekend. Last night on the way home from dinner with Tina I called Ben and told him I was on my way home and joked that I wanted a cookie for dessert. Well, he delivered. He baked a mini-batch of chocolate chip cookies! This morning I woke up to the weirdest sound outside my … [Read more...]