Salad and a Prize

On our pre-dinner walk I mentioned to Ben that today was National French Fry day. He really wanted to celebrate and far be it for me to fry block anyone. So, he grabbed take out and I partook in some fries.IMG_5904

I paired it with a salad.


Do you remember that cereal used to come with a prize?

I don’t really remember all that well because I have the worst memory. But I do vaguely recollect fighting with my brother over the cereal box…cereal box prize(source)

Well apparently I got a prize in my bagged salad!

Okay, not a prize so much as a random coupon I didn’t realize was there until I forked it. IMG_5906

At least this is a lot better than the bug I found in my salad a few weeks ago!

Yeah, I didn’t even tell you guys about that…

You’re welcome?

In other sad news, I can’t find my Lulu jacket. Even though it’s 100 degrees and I totally don’t need it, I’m worried about my little fren. I might send out a search party soon.IMG_0874 (800x533)

Have a great weekend! I’ll see ya later Smile


  1. says

    So far I have left my lulu jacket AND scarf on campus and they have been there when I went back to look for them.
    I cried happy tears. I hope you find your jacket soon, they are not cheap!!

  2. Laura says

    That drives me crazy when I lose clothes!! How can I possibly come home with less clothes than I left with?! A lot of times I don’t notice I have lost something for a long time. Right now I am missing my favorite black cardigan :( Hopefully our missing clothes will turn up soon!

  3. says

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! That darn coupon keeps falling into my salads every single time. After going through 3 bags per week, you’d think I’d pay more attention. Nope. Training for a marathon has stolen my brain fuel. I better hit the gas pump before I just stop thinking all together.

    Maybe watermelon will help, no? :)

  4. says

    Ah! I hope you find your jacket soon girl! I go crazy whenever I loose a favorite piece of clothing item.. or anything to be exact.

    –Ew and a bug in your salad.. how disgusting! Did you take it back? grosss!!

    **Have a wonderful weekend <3**

  5. Daphne says

    You bet I remember when cereal came with prizes in the box! I even remember sending in $1 for a surprise gift from the Trix Rabbit! OMG!! I dreamed about that “surprise” prize for what seemed like a year and it was simply a stupid button with the rabbit’s face on it! Wow! What a let-down! But! I’ve learned nothing…I still send off for dumb stuff I don’t need just so I can get stuff in the mail. ha ha ha

  6. says

    My mom didn’t let us eat “fun” cereal (aka sugar cereal) and I don’t think LIFE and Cheerios came with prizes. Boo.
    Hope you find the jacket. I spent 2 weeks looking for a pair of workout shorts. I searched my closet, luggage, washer/dryer, etc. I finally found them on Monday…in my closet, in my pile of workout shorts. I had put them away inside out after their last time through the laundry. Duh.

  7. says

    I accidentally blended up that coupon a couple weeks ago! I just dumped a whole bag of baby spinach into my vitamix for my smoothie and didn’t even see it. Got a little bit of it through my straw and was like, Whaaaa?! Obviously I figured it out pretty quick and threw it out. I guess I didn’t ingest enough to kill me…I’m still alive. But I check every time now!

  8. says

    I was this II close to buying some french fries after my run this evening – ya know…to make up for yesterday. But I wasn’t feeling hungry and was on the verge of being sick (sorry! TMI!) and left empty handed. But french fries…I’m coming for ya…tomorrow or Monday!

  9. says

    I remember wanting my parents to buy certain cereal just because I wanted the prize and didn’t really like the cereal all that much! I didn’t know it was National French Fry Day or else I would have used that as an excuse to eat them!

  10. says

    I totally missed out on fries and cookies yesterday!
    Have you checked your recently used luggage and carry-ons? Maybe your jacket is there? could start calling the hotels you’ve recently stayed..if you took your jacket on a see if someone turned it in? Hope you find it!

  11. says

    You know how cars have wireless key transmitters so when you lose your car in a parking lot you just press ‘unlock’ or ‘lock’ a million times until you locate your car? Well I wish I had a universal ‘locator’ like that where I put in the information about the ‘lost’ item and then press a million times to find where the beeping is coming from…
    Hope you find your jacket!

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