Watermelon and Eggs

I started my Saturday with the usual pre-run rituals…IMG_5911 (600x800)

Despite my routine, my run was crappy. I felt slow and tired the whole time. Usually I start out strong and fade, but I faded at mile 1 today. Bah.

I was aiming for 16, but ended up doing 15 something. The last 2 miles were run-walk though. I was not in the game today. I spent the last half of the run trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong: do I need… more rest? better fuel? more sleep? magic powers?

I think it’s “yes” to all of the above.

When I got back home Ben told me he made poached eggs this morning and wanted to make me one.

That was great because all I wanted for breakfast were my two favorite foods anyways… watermelon and eggs!IMG_5913 (800x600)

Poached egg action!IMG_5915 (800x600)

I paired my poached egg with a cheese omelet and half that huge watermelon.

Told you these were my favorite foods…IMG_5920 (800x600)

Oh, creeper alert!

I woke up yesterday with a cut on my nose. I must have scratched myself in my sleep. I need those mittens they put on babies so they won’t scratch themselves. IMG_5925 (800x600)

Ben and I have been talking about house hunting for a while and decided to check out a few open houses today.

Orange County is sooooooooooooooo expensive. It hurts. When I watch House Hunters and see people buy huge houses with 5 bedrooms and a massive yard for 300k in Texas or Ohio I want to pack up and leave. They really should shoot those shows in the winter so I can check if there’s snow on the ground before I decide to leave SoCal.

This is a pic from one of the condos we saw. I DO NOT like double sinks and don’t get why people like them. If I am in the bathroom – I am in the bathroom and I don’t want company thanks. I don’t care to have company while I floss my teeth and pick at my face so those two sinks would not be used at the same time. Rant over.IMG_5927 (800x600)

Dinner was this Amy’s white Pizza. Not.a.fan. It tasted very healthy, in a bad way. Has anyone else tried this? Do you agree?

I think my english muffin pizzas are 100% better.IMG_5930 (800x600)

And the moment you all I have been waiting for….










Yogurtland Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_5932 (800x600)

Yes, they have all the Hello Kitty stuff right now! I got two of these spoons because my friend the cashier thought I was sharing. Nope nope nope. IMG_5934 (800x600)

IMG_5935 (800x600)

Plus I had this guy as a date?

IMG_5939 (800x600)

Happiest moment of my month.IMG_5937 (800x600)


  1. Amanda says

    Hey! I in no way saying this as an encouragement for you to eschew animal products completely (what works for my body doesn’t necessarily work for other people, etc.), but I was wondering if you’ve ever tried limiting your animal protein intake just for running’s sake. I know you were vegetarian for a while – how did it affect you on your runs? I tried to add in more egg whites recently and it killed me. I cannot run with animal protein in my system. Again, just a thought. Could have the opposite effect for you. Keep up your awesomeness! Love your humor. :)

  2. says

    Love your rant about two sinks! We have them in our master bathroom and I love them, but I never thought about your points before!
    My husband tried one of the Amy’s vegan pizzas, took two bites, and had to throw it out.

  3. Gayla says

    I am with you on the sinks! We have two in our master bath. One gets used as a sink, the other catches everything else, like my make-up bag, hair dryer etc.

  4. Kat says

    I love that the cashier thought you were sharing your fro yo, that is something that would happen to me! happy fro yoing and house hunting!

  5. says

    Maybe something was going around yesterday because my run was the same. The more I thought about how bad it was going, the worse it got. And I only ran 5 miles..ugh!

  6. Brynn says

    I’ve only tried the Amy’s Margarita pizza but was the best frozen pizza I’ve tried! The crust was delicious! I haven’t had one in a little while so maybe it’s the new thinner crust. I hope not.

  7. Elizabeth says

    Hi! My husband and I found the same thing when we were looking to buy, but found some good, cheaper safer places in Whittier. My commute to the OC is a little rough, but the trees are so pretty here, and there is the greenway trail!

  8. says

    Two sinks is dumb. With two kids and a husband, I never get privacy. Ever. I would rip one of those sinks out!

    Love the Hello Kitty stuff! My nearest YogurtLand is over an hour away :(
    But we do have tons of Dunkin Donuts within 5 miles, so it makes up for it.
    Have a great day!

  9. Ida says

    I love double sinks! That way I don’t have to worry about saving cream and man cooties in mine. I feel like a bathroom with double toilets is even better. Separate but equal can still be a good thing.

    PS- some runs just suck.

  10. ina says

    Yes, you are an amazing runner but i gotta say–for us regular humans…having a bad first mile usually means a low mileage run (like under 5). You did 15 hermana!

    eggs and watermelon….i dunno. i’m a huge fan of eggs/banana/almond butter with cinnamon laced apple chuncks on top. s-a-v-o-r-y to the max.

  11. says

    Well you have to give your credit for doing 15 miles, I mean sheesh! I’m recuperating from an injury and can’t do ANY running. Is there a way I can siphon some of your running to my body? I’d gladly siphon some swimming to yours to help you with the Tri (since that’s all the ortho said I could do…)
    Yummy breakfast!

  12. Laura says

    I don’t get double sinks either! I know they’re a selling point but I don’t know why. I’d much rather just have the extra counter space and one sink since I don’t plan on anyone being in the bathroom while I’m in there.

    I’ve never tried that Amy’s pizza but love the Amy’s cheese-less pizza!

    We just recently got Yogurtland here in the last year. Is there anything special with the Hello Kitty thing? Just cute spoons and cups, or are there special flavors?

  13. says

    I have never had that Amy’s pizza, but their spinach and cheese one is soooooo good! So good that I’m super bummed that they don’t have a gluten-free version. But the roasted veggie pizza has such a great caramelized sauce that I don’t even notice that it doesn’t have cheese on it – which is just plain pizza craziness.

  14. Amanda says

    Have you looked at Century City? Being adjacent to BH makes it nice, but I can tell there’s a lot of not-extravagant-pricing going on. It’s nice, but not killer.

    Just don’t move to Commerce. Lol.

  15. says

    I never thought about the double sinks that way…definitely see your point though! The boyfriend and I have discussed our future house at lengths and ideally, we want his-and-her bathrooms. His sister-in-law has told me multiple times about how they’re a relationship lifesaver :-)

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