Monday Munchies


A full day of eats all together. Run: 4 miles of a sad attempt at repeats Breakfast: I made overnight cottage cheese oats. They didn’t come out amazing, so I’ll spare you the recipe. I dropped Matt off at his camp after breakfast. He’s going to a very cool Ocean Explorer camp. I’m a big jelly belly over it. I went back home to work and got hungry mid-morning. Egg patty … [Read more...]

Giveaway–My Big Bottom Blessing


So, um… how do I say this… I am not petite. Even at my smallest weight I wore a size 10 because of size of my hips and butt. Shockingly, no one cares. Well, except me. No one else cares what my jeans size is. My family doesn’t care. My dog doesn’t care. Old Navy with their vanity sizing doesn’t care. My friends don’t care. Red hair don’t care. But, that part of me had a … [Read more...]

Music Monday–Nossa


Good Monday to ya! On the way home from my mom’s yesterday we stopped at a local Mexican place for dinner. Um, they totally gave me the wrong thing. I am totally okay with picking off olives or something, but the wrong thing all together is a little much. The the last time we went there they gave my dad Menudo without hominy too. Sadly, I think this will be my last visit … [Read more...]