Monday Munchies

A full day of eats all together.

Run: 4 miles of a sad attempt at repeats

Breakfast: I made overnight cottage cheese oats.

IMG 5968 600x800 thumb1 Monday Munchies

They didn’t come out amazing, so I’ll spare you the recipe. IMG 5973 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

I dropped Matt off at his camp after breakfast. He’s going to a very cool Ocean Explorer camp. I’m a big jelly belly over it.IMG 5988 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

I went back home to work and got hungry mid-morning.

Egg patty with ketchupIMG 5991 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

Lunch: I met up with Tina for lunch. She lives in Boston and I live way out here so I couldn’t pass up the chance to see her again while we were on the same coast! IMG 5993 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

We went to Sharky’s Wood Fire Grill. It had been years since I’ve been here and I didn’t realize there we so many healthy options!IMG 6001 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

Salsa bar happiness.IMG 5992 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

Cholula <3

IMG 5997 600x800 thumb Monday Munchies

I ordered a salmon salad. It was deelish!IMG 5996 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

It was a great lunch until we were clearing the table and I saw I was getting a ticket! I ran outside, but it was too late. F.Word.

But it’s not often that I get to have lunch with a friend and hang out with my little bro, so that will not be the defining moment of my day. IMG 6003 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

Unfortunately, I had to drop Tina off at the airport after lunch. See ya later!IMG 6002 600x800 thumb Monday Munchies

When I got home I had half a protein bar (because I ate the other half yesterday).IMG 6005 600x800 thumb Monday Munchies

A bit later I started fumbling around for a snack. One little bowl, we’ll call this a good thing.IMG 6007 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

I picked up Matt around 4pm and had some celery and hummus while working for another hour.image thumb11 Monday Munchies

Finally I called it a day and Matt and I walked to Target to exchange something. Since I exchanged a dress I bought a purse. Even Steven trade, right?20120716 184820 thumb Monday Munchies

DinnerIMG 6023 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

IMG 6015 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

wait, add ketchup.

IMG 6018 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

Dessert. Lots.IMG 6021 800x600 thumb Monday Munchies

The end.


  1. says

    That salad looks delicious!!! Ha, I always love/hate those days when you feel like all your doing is munching. Glad you and Tina were able to get together one last time before she left ya :)

    **Ohh and you are so right about returning one thing and getting another. Shouldn’t be any other way!

  2. says

    Bummer on the ticket, but we feel the Cholula love over here. Turns out my 5 year old has such an affinity he tried taking it through airport security a few weeks ago. Note: TSA does not approve.

  3. Mary Jo says

    I was laughing my *** off when I saw your Target exchange. I kid you not – I returned some things at Target over the weekend and bought the exact same bag. I had eyed it a couple of days earlier, but decided not to get it. But then, I went back anyway and bought it. LOL

  4. Emily says

    Ketchup on asparagus?! And most everything else you eat? Are you open to the possibility that you may have a problem? :)

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