Tired Tuesday


I am dragging today… I haven’t gotten enough sleep in a few days and carrying around this huge red head on top of my shoulders requires at least 8 hours a night. (Yes, I carry my head on my shoulders.) Luckily, I had a noon meet up with Pam at Starbucks. I ate before and enjoyed a venti iced coffee for some energy. She wants to start a blog about her triathlon coaching and … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday–Where TJ’s Misses the Mark


You guys know I am a fan of Trader Joe’s. I’ve been shopping there regularly since freshman year of college when I went through  my vegan phase and realized the local carniceria doesn’t carry soy chorizo. My Trader Joe’s Must Haves post is full of TJ’s products I LOVE. But, sometimes ol’ Joe misses the mark. Today my just the tip are TJ’s products you can skip. Exhibit … [Read more...]