Garlic Hummustard and Shamu

I made Hummustard salad dressing to go with my lunch today. But instead of the usual mustard I used TJ’s Aioli Garlic Mustard and it was extra delish!

IMG_6072 (800x533)

This recipe is very very complicated, so I know most of you will skip it. But in case we have a few Giada’s in the house…

Hummustad Recipe: 1 dollop* Sabra Hummus, 1 dollop mustard, dash water. Mix.

*If you don’t have a dollop measuring tool, you’re not ready to try this recipe.

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When I picked up Matt from his camp we spotted a Killer Whale car from Sea World on the freeway and chased it for miles trying to get a good picture.

IMG_6078 (800x600)

Don’t worry, I had Matt hold the wheel as I took these pics so it was completely safe.

IMG_6081 (800x600)

In related news, Ben really really wants to go to Sea World. I had a free ticket from running RnR San Diego Half Mary so he thought we were going to go last month but now the ticket is expired. I don’t have the heart to tell him. Sad, very sad.


  1. Lorena says

    That TJ’s aioli garlic mustard is super delicious! I usually dip my veggies in the jar (I have no time to waste with dollops) but I will try out your dressing idea, thanks!

  2. Angie Kilar says

    Yummm that hummus looks sooo good. I have been wanting some Sabra hummus soo bad lately, however, its dangerous for me since i can eat the whole dam container. But i may have to go buy some 😀
    Mmm that TJ mustard sounds delish. I need to go check it out. Thankfully there is a TJ’s being built in the town 30 mins away 😀 woohoo. i love everything TJ.
    Ummm yeah i used to WORK at Sea World in high school. it was my first job. It was fun. i had a blast. When i go home to visit we always go (free for military :D) i am always amazed at how its changed over the years. But i have never seen the Shamu car. How cool. I dont think i could ever drive it though.

  3. says

    I use a similar hummus salad dressing-dollops and all-except that instead of water I add apple cider vinegar. Great for digestion and adds just a little kick to it.

  4. says

    I haven’t ever tried hummus and mustard! I will now!
    Sweet car! I love Sea World. It is the best on hot days too- splash zone! Makes me feel like a kid again.

  5. says

    I love Sea World; that’s such a bummer about the pass!

    I love hummus and I love mustard, but for some reason just thinking about combining the two completely grosses me out. I do use hummus as a salad dressing every time though, thinned with just a bit of lemon or lime juice.

  6. Lindsey says

    ha! you are so funny. i love your ‘recipe.’ hummus + mustard is one of my favorite combos. can you sell a RER dollop measuring tool? i would include it with all my future gifts for bridal showers – to stick it to all those fancy schmancy cookbooks and gadgets.

    i hate cars, but if i had to buy one, i want the orca car!

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