Silent Saturday, Kinda

Last night my mom came to pick up Matt. It was great hanging out with him for the week! We decided to hang out and go out to dinner together. I picked Sizzler, because I had a random craving for big salads and cheese bread.IMG 6113 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

Unfortunately, they gave us soft doughy rolls instead of cheese bread. These are good, but they’re not that cheese toast I remember from my childhood visits.IMG 6115 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

IMG 6127 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

I was going to get the endless salad bar, but it’s only $1.00 more for the Malibu Chicken meal so I ordered that instead. I really just ordered it for the baked potato! We took home the chicken for Ben to eat today.IMG 6125 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

DessertIMG 6131 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

Random Sizzler ambiance…IMG 6132 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

IMG 6133 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

Run: 14 miles. It was super hot, but a good run. The end.

Breakfast: My mom brought over beans yesterday and I had them with breakfast.IMG 6140 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

Then, I went to Costco and bought watermelon. IMG 6149 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

I <3 you watermelon.IMG 6150 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

Don’t drop the baby! IMG 6164 600x800 600x800 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda

Okay, now I have to blog…IMG 6155 800x600 800x600 thumb Silent Saturday, Kinda


  1. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Not so silent at all!

    Wow … lots of yummies. I was hoping you’d “break” into that watermelon Monica. Need a few slices here …. it’s sooo hot.

    Luckily that flying watermelon did not hit you in the head. Did Ben take the photo? He’s good!

    Even though you had absolutely nothing to blog about …. post was cute and informative (got to Costco!) once again.

    Nice weekend!

  2. says

    I have never been to sizzler but thats because I didnt realize they had an endless salad bar…I may have to rethink this.

    And OMG! I cant believe you threw the watermelon! I would have totally dropped it lol. Im glad you didnt though that would have been oh so sad.

  3. says

    You are so funny! The photos with you so joyfully throwing that watermelon in the air are so gleeful….(I’m still chuckling!)….then ‘Okay now I have to blog” is really getting down to business!

    I started making iced coffees inspired by your good self. I made VERY strong coffee, poured it into muffin trays & froze those suckers Plop a couple out (pretend I was wise the first time round and used silicon soft trays from the off) add vanilla rice milk and chocolate milk and a straw….some ice cubes too….delish!

    Also planks, thanks! I also subscribed to a feverish youtube lady who was doing a 30 day abs challenge but have worn away skin at the bottom of my back, top of my butt…’s sore.


  4. Floey says

    Haha I love the last picture. I haven’t been to Sizzlers in fooorrrever. We generally go to Soup Plantation if we want an endless Salad Bar option..

  5. says

    They still do cheese bread at the Sizzlers near me. But whenever they ask if we want some we always say no. Aubrey doesn’t like it that much and I can’t eat it anyway. I love going to Sizzler because it’s one of the few salad bar places with gluten-free options. Taco station for the win!

  6. Mary Beth says

    Hey Monica!!! Love your posts…and I love your dress!! I have the same one, but in grey and lime green!!

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