Running Calendar


The #2 search that gets people to this site is dirty sweaty red head (#1 is Run Eat Repeat, hello). I’m sure the people searching for that are looking for something completely different than pics of eggs and fro-yo, but I’d like to think I’m giving them a fetish for Yogurtland instead of gingers. Anyway, the 3rd most popular search is Eat Run Repeat. I get it, sometimes you … [Read more...]

Music Monday–Desiree Davila


Hello and Happy Monday! Since I did a run/bike combo yesterday and a 14 miler on Saturday I knew my legs were due for a rest. I took a little 2 mile walk to wake up and came home for the usual fare. I pretty much avoided the computer all weekend so I have a lot of work to do today! Luckily, I realized Monday would be busy and I thawed some chicken last night. I dumped it in … [Read more...]