Healthy Eating Tip–Pico de Gallo FTW


I am a lazy cook. I enjoy eating cooking, but don’t have 2 hours to chop veggies or make sauces from scratch. So, I am all about the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade style of cooking. I realize you should be careful with this since convenience foods can add unnecessarily processed ingredients into your meal. Yes, I know everything. But sometimes they are just that – convenient! One … [Read more...]

Tangent Tuesday of America


1. I woke up this morning from the most vivid dream! It’s weird when you wake up confused if that was real life or what?! In my dream I was living in a condo with a few of my high school friends and it started pouring as we were walking inside. So, my friend Jen rushed in and fell, then my dogs got stuck in the gate. So random. I haven’t talked to her in years at this point – … [Read more...]