Marathon Meals 1


Remember when I was in New York filming videos for the ING Class of 2012? I did a series of videos about “Marathon Meals” – basically healthy food ideas for marathon training. My first video is up NOW on the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook Page. The first recipe is for the beautiful quinoa dish – ‘member? The recipe is called Herbed Quinoa Tabbouli, it’s from Redbook … [Read more...]

Am I Weird Wednesday–Music


My last post about ready made Pico de Gallo had a comments that pre-chopped veggies are expensive. True, very true. Here’s my trick: I go to the pre-chopped and organic sections of the store first. If something is on Manager’s Special or Sale I grab it. If not, I (reluctantly) buy the veggies and chop them myself. If you look you can see the pico de gallo has a 50% sticker on … [Read more...]