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My last post about ready made Pico de Gallo had a comments that pre-chopped veggies are expensive. True, very true.

Here’s my trick: I go to the pre-chopped and organic sections of the store first. If something is on Manager’s Special or Sale I grab it. If not, I (reluctantly) buy the veggies and chop them myself.

If you look you can see the pico de gallo has a 50% sticker on the outsidepico de gallo thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

And yesterday I went into the store for seltzer and walked by the organic section to see if there were any deals. Yep! I scored a pack of organic kale and that became dinner!IMG 6211 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

The thing to remember about getting something on special like that is you probably have to eat it pretty soon since it’s coming close to it’s expiration date.

So, I prepped the kale to eat for dinner. If you’re not familiar – you can cook with kale or make kale chips, but if you want to eat it as salad you should let it marinate with dressing to soften. Most hippie dippie peeps call this “massaged kale”.

I dumped all the kale into a big mixing bowl and added TJ’s Peanut dressing and liquid aminos. Mix it up and place in the fridge till dinner.IMG 6222 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

The volume of the salad went down considerably in the massaging process. IMG 6228 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

I topped it with a Quorn “turkey” burger and almonds.IMG 6240 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music


This morning I woke up and got ready to hit up YOGA. Finally. I scored a Groupon deal for 10 classes at my favorite yoga studio this week and decided it was a sign. Unfortunately, I thought the class was at 6:30am but it really started at 6am so I missed it. I am going to the Friday morning class. Promise. Instead I took a 3 mile walk and did a plank.

This afternoon I am doing a practice triathlon run with the group. We are doing a short run, bike and swim to get a feel for the transitions. I have no idea what I’m going to wear though! I don’t have a triathlon suit and don’t really want to swim in my regular running clothes.

It’s a backwards tri, so it’s not like I can swim in my swimsuit and then put on running shorts or something. I will probably just wear running capris and a tank for the whole thing and call it good. The race is this Sunday so I don’t have time to try different things and don’t want to spend money on a suit since I’m not sure I’ll do this again…


Since I wanted to hit up yoga I put one of those Morningstar sandwiches in the micro and this Dole shaker out for Ben to eat for breakfast. I was trying to be fast so I could get out the door!IMG 6253 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

Then, I dropped a container of TJ’s chocolate covered espresso beans and they went EVERYWHERE! Ha. So much for rushing. Have you ever tried to sweep up something like this? It’s like trying to herd marbles. Not easy.IMG 6251 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

My breakfast – a pancake with 1/3c egg beaters, 1/4 oat bran, cinnamon, baking soda and lots o’ nut butter. Plus lots o’ iced coffee – not because I need it but because this batch tastes extra delicious wlEmoticon smile15 Am I Weird Wednesday–MusicIMG 6257 800x533 thumb Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

some billboards just dont have manners Am I Weird Wednesday–Music

Am I Weird

I don’t listen to music during the day. I only recently started listening to music more in my car even! I would turn it on occasionally in the past, but  not often. In college my commute was about an hour to school and work and I would only listen to NPR or nothing. Yep, just sit in silence with my head movies and drive. I think it’s because I have too much on my mind (which isn’t a good thing) and I need to chillax, but maybe I’m just a weirdo.

Question: Am I weird? Are you weird?

Do you listen to music at work or while doing school work? In the car?

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  1. Kathi J says

    First of all, think about swimming in just your capris and a sports bra. I see a lot of that happening…it’s a great option to preserve a dry shirt for the end (when you accept your medal, ha ha ha).

    Second, if you’re weird bc of music, so am I! I like talk radio. I like to feel like my friends (aka morning DJs) are with me. :) Say no to the constant mental stimulus of music!

  2. says

    Maybe I need to try kale that way. We tried cooking it and it tasted awful. So bitter. I must be doing something wrong.

    I dont listen to music all the time in the car. If it is raining or snowing or there are lots of cars around I cant listen to it because it stresses me out. I took this test once and I am an extremely visual person–I need to write everything out and see everything spread out. If the radio is on it stresses me out because it is adding to the things my brain needs to be processing. They said a lot of people who are very visual don’t want auditory competition. So maybe you are just a visual (or kinesthetic–by feel) learner.

  3. says

    I am weird about so many things! But opposite of you with music… I am extremely uncomfortable withOUT music on at all times… and it needs to be loud for some reason, especially when I am in the car. I am trying to get used to silence when I exercise and am just sitting at home but I can’t break it from when I am in the car… I think I hear all these weird car noises and am sure my car is in the middle of breaking down or something. See, weird I am.

  4. Trish says

    I never listen to music when I’m working or even just cruising the Internet- I can’t read an listen to music at the same time.
    BUT- the car is where the music happens. I’m an avid steering wheel singer, so I look forward to long drives where I can jam. But I agree with the above poster- if there’s traffic or if I’m lost, the music goes off. Because apparently if I concentrate REALLY HARD, the traffic will disappear? HA!

  5. says

    Mmm…are Dole shakers good?
    I think you could swim in your running stuff for sure. I’ve only done two tris, but for both I wore my biking clothes. Just make sure the top is tight so it’s not flapping around bugging you!
    I actually don’t listen to music often either- not when I’m running (unless it’s the treadmill) or biking, not at home, and not at work. For my commute, I mostly turn the radio on to hear about traffic. But on road trips, there is always music on!

    • says

      The Dole Shakers are good, but I think I prefer the consistency of a smoothie in the blender because I make them super thick. The bottle says to add juice, but I’ve added soymilk to it before and it’s creamy.

  6. Rebecca says

    I don’t listen to music much, even in the car. My husband thinks I’m crazy! He comes from a very musical family and believes that he can have his techno music on full blast and still have an intelligent conversation with me. Haha! So it’s good to know I’m not the only one who enjoys some silence :-)

  7. says

    Def weird. Don’t worry, I’m weird too.

    I often listen to music in my car and always during workouts and running (sometimes I’ll turn it off to really be in the moment and feel what’s happening). But I only turn it on at work when I get sleepy and need a boost!

  8. says

    My time alone in my car is my time to ROCK OUT! I love it. I sing loudly, day dream. I even get to listen to my Beyonce cd that a former student made for me. When Josh is in the car, we listen to music we both like-boring. Just kidding. When I commuted to work in my car (now I get to bike-yay), I always listened to NPR. But then again ,I teach government so it was a great way to get the news for the day.

  9. says

    I don’t know how comfortable this would be, but could you just run and bike with your swimsuit underneathe running clothes? Then at the bike to swim transition just lose the shirt and shorts? I feel like swimming in anything other than a suit will feel very awkward and uncomfortable, then again running and biking in a swim suit might also feel uncomfortable.

      • says

        This might be even weirder but could you have your swimsuit on only pulled halfway up during the run and bike? Basically your suit would serve as underwear during that portion and simply pull it up over your sports bra for the swim and ditch the clothes? I only put so much thought into this because I’ve been contemplating doing a duathlon (only swimming and running) and have wondered exactly what I would wear.

  10. says

    If you’re weird, I’m not sure what that makes me. ;)
    I find I’m listening to more music in the car so I sing along with the lyrics instead of yelling at other drivers. This whole motherhood with teenagers really squelches my creative vocabulary.

    I haven’t done a tri, and don’t have the itch to do so. The fact that you’re doing it makes you badass, regardless of what you wear.

  11. says

    Not going to lie, not having music on in the car is a little weird. I need music or background noise at all times – music in the car and at the gym, tv on in the background when I’m reading or on my computer. I just need the background noise, I suppose!

  12. says

    I never listen to music during the day unless in the car, but immediately turn it off if I’m needing to really focus on something like traffic or directions! I don’t run with music either. You’re not alone in your weirdness :)

  13. says

    we’re all a little weird ;)

    when I listen to music, it’s the same stuff I’ve been listening to since 1995- I just can’t outgrow it! but, I have to say that after a long night at work, sometimes the best thing is silence for the drive home.

  14. says

    Not weird! I am the exact same way when it comes to music. Even when Andy and I were long distance dating and I would drive from LA to SD, I would sit in silence.

  15. Christina says

    I call that sticker food.

    Luckily my husband thinks it’s cute when I drag him out in search of sticker food.

  16. Missy says

    Hi! First time commenter on your site. I’m sorry people are giving you hell about buying pre-chopped veggies. My view? WTF-ever! Go go go go GO buy those pre-chopped veggies and use them however you wish! It’s such a time saver and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I hate chopping veggies myself…HATE IT. They never look right and it takes too long (don’t own a food processor or a slap chop or whatever). I will pay a higher price for the convenience!

  17. Julie says

    Wear your swimsuit underneath your running/biking clothes and then at T2 you remove the clothes and are set for the swim.

  18. says

    That reminds me of when I got my first “real” job and I thought I would be all smart and listen to NPR on my commute but it bored me to death and only lasted a week. I actually cant function with out music, maybe that makes me weird, but with out headphones in I get too distracted!

  19. Denise P. says

    For my 2 reverse tris that I did I wore my Speedo type suit under running shorts and a lightweight vest (it was March and April so a little chilly). And I just stripped off the shorts and vest in the last transition before the pool.

    I’m sure Vegas will find an espresso beans you missed – gotta love cats for that. :)

  20. Heather says

    I guess I’m wierd because when I saw you dropped the TJ’s espresso beans my first thought was how fast I would have been down on my hands and knees scooping them into my mouth…


  21. Zana says

    Wow I thought I was the only one that played “head movies” while I drive. Good toto know Iyou am not aloneto out there. Not much of a music listener. My “movies” keep me more entertained.

  22. Laura says

    Before I got an official tri outfit, I used to swim in my suit and put on bike shorts (with a very thin chamois) and snug top to bike/run. I never had any issues running or biking with my suit underneath. Just a thought!
    I listen to books (either on CD or downloaded for free from my library on my ipod) in the car. It is a great way to get through a book! But just like someone else said if it is raining or snowing or anything else is going on, I have to stop it and concentrate!

  23. says

    I always listen to music in the car, otherwise I feel like the ride is way too boring. (unless I’m not driving and then I like to read). But otherwise I’m too busy listening to YouTube videos or TV to listen to music.

  24. BethanyC says

    I want music on most of the time. In the car I use it to tune out the noise coming from the back seats. In the kitchen I listen while I cook. The kids love it too, except when it is too loud. I also need it to exercise.
    Can you wear running shorts and the top of a tankini for your tri?
    Finally, can I have a precise recipe for your pancake? Looks healthy. Also, why does it always look shiny? Do you use butter or syrup? Just PB?
    Thanks. Happy reader hear!!

    • says

      Those are the measurements: 1/3 c eggs, 1/4 c oat bran, dash salt, cinnamon and baking soda. I don’t measure those out, but they really are just a dash.
      It’s shiny from syrup.

  25. Amy says

    When I did my first tri (a realllllyyyy short one in the normal swim, bike, run format), I wore a bathing suit the whole time. I threw on a sports bra underneath for extra support (looked a bit goofy, but I was glad I did it during the run) and just added some shorts for the bike and swim. For yours, you could try the same (substitute capris if you prefer) and just take them off during transition 2. A lot more comfortable than swimming in normal running clothes :)

  26. telisa says

    I’ve actually been looking to get rid of my tri-suit. It’s only been worn once and i swear its clean. Email me if you’d like it!

  27. says

    I am listening to music about 80% of my day. I get physically uncomfortable if I am in the car for more than 30 seconds without the music on.

    However, if music is on I can’t focus on anything else, so when I am trying to read something, or have a conversation, I have to shut it off.

  28. sally kate says

    another use for that ready made pico is using it ffor super fast bruschetta! just toss in some evoo, balsamic and basil- top the toast points and go!

  29. Phebe says

    Not weird! I listen to NPR or nothing. I can’t stand commercial radio. If I win the lottery maybe I’ll get satellite, but until then I will enjoy my own company :)

  30. says

    I don’t like music in the car either, especially when I’ve got a lot going on in my head or the weather sucks. Found comment about being a visual person very interesting, because I definitely am more visual than auditory! I did NPR for awhile until I discovered audiobooks – I used to think as a visual person I’d never be able to listen to a book but I gave it a shot and was surprised by how much I enjoy them (as long as you can’t hear the reader breathing…but that’s a pet peeve for another day lol)

  31. says

    When I was in college/grad., I needed music to write papers and take tests. It helped me focus and I saw the comments above about the guy who needs music to relax while driving = totally me!

    What about a bike/running skirt for the swim and bra top/racerback on top? Yeah, it’s a two piece, but you’ll be too fast for anyone to notice/stare too long! My understanding of tri’s attire is that not everyone looks super pulled together at the end so whatever you wear, just be comfortable!

  32. says

    How about having your swimsuit under the tee and capri (which can remove after the run and bike)? Not sure about chafing. I had a friend run in her swimsuit before. Yoga…is good if done first thing in the morning. At least for me. I do a few rounds of sun salutations and stretches before my runs or weight trainings.

  33. says

    I listen to music/TV all day while I’m working (from home, thankfully). I find silence to be strangely distracting for me. I get bored too easily perhaps? I am TOTALLY trying that kale recipe asap. Looks amazing :-) As for chafing, a friend once told me that vaseline is her lifesaver!?

  34. says

    I love singing along to music so I listen to in often.

    Swim in a fairly fitted running outfit and you will be fine. I did a tri in bikeshorts and a fit tank and it worked fine.

    Good luck on your race!

  35. says

    I had no idea you were supposed to massage kale! I just eat it as is raw. I guess I have a tough tummy? I am an NPR only listener in the car, too. I like being able to feed my brain. The only time it’s on any other station is when my kid borrows my car and doesn’t put it back to the right spot. :) Keep being weird. It’s working for you!

  36. gina says

    Sometimes when my boyfriend gets in my car he discovers I have been listening to static for who knows how long. I just get so far into my own head that I am unaware of the sounds (yep, if you see me on the road, get outta the way) around me. When I turn music on, it is to distract me from my thoughts.

  37. says

    i do the same thing with music – it is not very often that i listen to it, except for in the car and occasionally when running. sometimes when i drive friends around it takes me a solid 10 minutes to acknowledge the radio is not on and then i wonder if my they think i am weird…

  38. says

    I love listening to music in my car (and singing along to it), but I get where you’re coming from–when I’m feeling really preoccupied by something, the radio might as well be off because my mind is so busy thinking about whatever the issue is. A weird thing about me is that as soon as I’m about to parallel park, I automatically always turn my radio off. For some reason, I think I’m just convinced that I won’t be able to parallel park successfully unless everything is silent. Bahaha…that sounds so weird writing it.

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