Meatless Monday–It’s Been a Long Drought


Last week I heard a story on NPR about how the drought is going to affect the price of food – specifically, meat. You can read / listen here: Meat Producers and Consumers Hurt by Drought Nutshell: The drought is hurting crops, but not the usual fruits and veggies that we eat – it’s hurting the crops that livestock eat. This is going to increase the price of meat over the next … [Read more...]

Running Reminder– Change Up Your Route


I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out by the pool with my fam. It was so nice to just stop and relax, even if I didn’t get in the water (I didn’t bring a bathing suit). Roxy didn’t have her swim suit either, but she’s okay with skinny dipping. After dinner we were about to hit up YLand for dessert when I reminded everyone about my recent craving for a dipped cone. We made … [Read more...]