Eat Like an Olympian Giveaway


Remember that Protein Chocolate Chip cookie I ate on Friday? No? Good, if you did that would be weird. Anyway, it was part of a fun Eat Like an Olympian gift pack I received from Solae – a soy protein company. I would definitely buy these! But, before you can refuel with a protein cookie – you should workout (at least in theory). So the company sent something I was … [Read more...]

Just The Tip Tuesday–Frozen Spinach


I almost talked myself out of my attempt to do some speed work this morning because I had a bunch of excuses: haven’t taken a day off from running since Friday did the tri this weekend am not good at it But I took it back a notch from my planned run and did 4 800s instead of miles. Thank you Jesus. I actually did better than expected too! Glad I went for it. Breakfast was … [Read more...]