Eat Like an Olympian Giveaway

Remember that Protein Chocolate Chip cookie I ate on Friday? IMG_6110


Good, if you did that would be weird.

Anyway, it was part of a fun Eat Like an Olympian gift pack I received from Solae – a soy protein company. I would definitely buy these!IMG_6108

But, before you can refuel with a protein cookie – you should workout (at least in theory).

So the company sent something I was super excited about – a Running Parachute! I immediately busted this out to try it!!!IMG_6485 (800x600)

The parachute gives about 10 lbs. of resistance. It doesn’t seem like much, but maybe if I used it for 800s it would kill. IMG_6481 (800x600)

I do aim to refuel after a run within 30 minutes and appreciate a cold protein shake after a hot run – so I’m excited to share this with you!

The Olympian Giveaway includes:


  • · Running parachute that provides approximately 10-20lbs of resistance
  • · Exercise resistance bands
  • · 20 oz. tumbler perfect for blending protein shakes

Post-workout protein:


Ben is a big fan of the Balance bar, hence the empty wrapper…IMG_6232 (800x533)

Want to win this fun prize pack?

Leave a comment on this post!

Open to residents of the US. Closes tomorrow at 5pm PST.


  1. Amy says

    Mmm…the parachute is kinda exciting. And I have never tried a protein powder but have been throwing the idea around lately.

  2. Tiffany S says

    That parachute looks like a hoot! We tried to do something similar at my bootcamp with a massage table sheet and two people attempting to sprint. LOL! Good times.

  3. says

    Oooh! What a fun giveaway! The parachute intrigues me, but I’d definitely need a friend with me (just for laughs) if I ran with that…otherwise I’d seem kooky:P

  4. heatherfeather says

    i’m going for the gold! haha I am in total olympic mode…it’s all I am watching right now. this would be good tv fuel, too!

  5. Rebecca says

    I would love a parachute! Then I can pretend I am so fast I need it to slow me down in order to stop 😛

  6. Dynamics says

    Parachute looks like fun. It shows in your face. Wonder what your neighbors think. HA HA I want to see you roller skate. That would be a hoot.

  7. Mary Beth says

    The parachute is awesome!!! People would really think I was crazy if I was running with that:) You look like a rockstar though!!

  8. Leah says

    This would be so awesome to win! I would love to try out the parachute and also the soy protein as I noticed I sensitive to regular protein but
    Still love the extra protein punch

  9. says

    I NEED this running parachute, so I can continue to prove to my neighbors and close friends that I am in fact, NOT crazy. I love the idea of this whole package!

  10. Jordan says

    I’d love to win this giveaway! So awesome…especially that parachute. I would have way too much fun running around my neighbor donning that thing hahah

  11. Michelle Z says

    I’m sorry but that parachute pretty much looks like the most fun EVER! I can totally see myself at the HS track doing 800’s while the track team laughs at me…. :-) Oh, and that cookie looks like a good pick me up when I’m done crying because they are laughing at me. LOL

  12. Amanda W says

    My family is kind of into racing so the parachute reminds me of drag racing.. I would feel totally bad ass rocking that thing.

  13. Gayla says

    That looks like fun! I have been thinking about trying a protein powder but don’t really know how to choose a good one. This would be a great way to try one out.

  14. Carly Swanson says

    1. I’m out of protein powder and I’ve never tried that kind
    2. I want to run fast like Lolo Jones (just not over hurdles…eek)
    3. I’m going to be a poor graduate student starting August 15th, so “if it’s free, it’s for me!!”

  15. Melissa McD. says

    I would love to win this! My neighbors would get a kick out of seeing me run with a parachute!

  16. Rachel says

    What fun products! Don’t know if I see myself running around with a parachute, but I’d give it a shot!

  17. Karina says

    Ahhh!! I need that parachute!! I think I could incorporate it into a Halloween costume this year… Or my half marathon training! 😀

  18. says

    Have you ever seen anyone run with a parachute out on the streets? I am trying to think of a place that would be completely absurd to see one of those and basically came up with anywhere!

    I just had a visual of a couple that had a beach wedding getting their pictures back and seeing me in the background sporting that parachute.

  19. Steph says

    Will a running parachute turn me into an Olympian…?!? No…?!? Well are least my fitness will improve!

  20. Aimee M says

    I need that soy protein powder, it’s the only kind my stomach will handle. And that parachute because I’m too cheap to buy one!

  21. Akemi says

    Did you actually do a full workout with the parachute? I love the idea, but I think I would be a bit embarrassed….

  22. says

    I would love to try that running parachute! I’m sure I would look like a crazy person running around the only track in my little town but I totally don’t care. It would be awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Elizabeth says

    That seems like an awesome package! I need to up the speed training and this parachute would do the trick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Kellie says

    My husband would laugh at me if I ran down the street with one of these. I would strap it to my six year old and make him run up and down the driveway until it wears him out :)

  25. Becky says

    Ok, I am weird. I totally remember that cookie. I think it is because I thought it would be something I would like:)

  26. says

    A running parachute…that’s awesome!! I’ve never seen or heard of these and would love to try it out. It looks like you had fun trying it.

  27. shelly says

    Ive always wanted to try a running parachute! I also think it would get some awesome looks from people on a track hehe

  28. Jeanna A. says

    My neighbors already think I’m weird for running with a giant garmin watch, spybelt, camelbak, etc. I would love to add that parachute to the mix lol.

  29. Holly says

    I want to try the parachute! That would be SO much fun! I think my husband and I would have a blast running down the street!

  30. Jeanne T says

    I can only imagine how cool it would feel to “get some air” by doing intervals with that parachute! And a protein cookie as a reward for my effort! Then another workout, then another treat…

  31. Jenna says

    I would love the opportunity to win-the running parachute would be a cool option to become a faster runner.

  32. Lisa says

    I have never wanted to run with a parachute as much as I do after seeing that awesome photo of you! I hope marathon training is still going well!

  33. Carmen says

    Protein Cookies? Genius! Why did no one think of this sooner! Nothing like being rewarded after your workouts!

  34. Heather says

    I’m just getting back into running after being pregnant for a couple of years. The parachute looks like a good workout. And who wouldn’t want a cookie after a hard workout?

  35. Jaime @ thirty'something says

    Cookies? Love! Cookies for post workout? Love more! Now I’ve got the Cookie Monster parody of “Call Me Maybe” stuck in my head :)

  36. Jess says

    That running parachute looks pretty fantastic. I can only imagine the looks I would get running through my town’s main street with that on my back!

  37. Melissa says

    My running coach uses the parachute on us at times…very difficult especially if its windy out!! I would love to have one myself for various intervals and what not!! And that cookie looks yummy!!

  38. Kim says

    The parachute looks awesome. I would love to see the look on my neighbors face as I run down the street with it!!!

  39. Charliss says

    This looks totally awesome! I’ve seen people using the wind resistance parachutes and they look so hardcore!

  40. Britt says

    Such a neat giveaway! That parachute is ridiculous. I wonder if the protein cookie would be better made into an ice cream sandwich with a frozen Chobani as the filler.

  41. maggie says

    I use to use the running parachutes in high school at track practice. I miss them. By the way, those cookies look like they would taste amazing after a nice little sweat sesh

  42. Dani says

    The parachute looks like something fun to change things up a little! And who doesn’t love a boost of protein wrapped in a cookie :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Jessica says

    What a great new way to challenge yourself in an awesome way with a parachute! Hmm…possibly pick up a guy if your using it at a track 😉

  44. dana says

    love this! I just started crossfit about a month ago and am really learning first hand how critical it is to load up on the protein after a hard workout.

    Pick me Pick me!! :-)

  45. Rebecca says

    Oooo! I’d love the parachute just because it would keep people from running like 1 foot behind me. I know I am slow but jeeze, just pass me!

  46. Sarah says

    I would live to win this cool giveaway! The parachute looks like a lot of fun, although I am sure it is challenging.

  47. says

    Oh my goodmess! That parachute is hillarious! But I’m sure that is just one of the many things Olympians train with to get faster. I think my boyfriend would enjoy that since he really wants to run a sub-1 hour 10 miler…and he’s struggling to get faster.

  48. Gretchen says

    That running parachute looks like a hoot! As if my neighbors don’t already think I am strange would be hilarious to see me running around the neighborhood with that biz.

  49. Lori J says

    I’m looking to put more protein in my diet and I’m always looking for new ways to exercise… maybe the running parachute is the next big thing :)

  50. Anne says

    I would love to win! I bet I would look super hot pushing the jogging stroller AND wearing the parachute! That has got to be a killer workout.

  51. Dominique says

    I’ve been thinking about buying a protein powder forever so this one would be great! The Olympics have been so inspiring to train harder!

  52. Melanie says

    I feel like my neighbors would think I’m nuts if they saw me running around the neighborhood attached to a parachute. And now I want one, haha!

  53. Megan says

    The parachute looks so fun. I could just see the stares now as I tote it around the college campus, haha :]

  54. Shelby says

    I would love to win this prize pack it would be a huge help for some of the upcoming 5k’s I’ll be racing in!

  55. Emily says

    Awesome giveaway! We used to run with parachutes during my high school soccer practices…it’s so difficult!

  56. Deb says

    Parachute is AWESOME. Imagine the looks that I would receive if I were to use that in my first 5K. Yes, you read that right. I am training for my first 5k using the couch to 5K training. Wish me luck

  57. leahk says

    i would LOVE love to win the prize pack. I’ve always wanted to run with the parachute around the streets of DC!

  58. Elizabeth says

    What a fun giveaway! I’d love to really eat like an olympian, but then I’d have to workout like an olympian… ugh, such a catch-22!

  59. Mary says

    love balance bars! and those protein cookies look yummy. i try to refuel with natural protein from food but sometimes bars (and cookies!) just come in super handy!

  60. Shreya says

    I have always been amazed with athletes training with parachutes. I have wanted one for very long. Like you I think it will be hard but really good to improve the speed workouts.
    The cookie sounds great after my crossfit sessions. Dessert after working out- sign me up.
    Please pick me this time. I have never won anything before

  61. Heather C says

    A running parachute?!?! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY ONE! That is AWESOME!! This is a sweet prize pack. I think this needs to be mine ASAP. You rock! :)

  62. Holly B says

    I’d love to try the parachute. My fiancee played footbsweet all in high school & remembers sweet resistance training tools like these!

  63. Lindsay says

    I’ve kind of convinced myself that I could be an Olympian, so I think I need this parachute to prove myself wrong before I do something stupid, like, buy a pommel horse.

  64. Rebeccah says

    That running chute looks like so much fun! Good thing I didn’t have one as a kid, knowing my siblings we would have been jumping off the roof with it!

  65. says

    I was just thinking about this parachute and getting myself the resistance bands. Strange, that I have tumble upon this awesie blog and see you are doing a giveaway sweet. Please enter me in. I would definitely love to have the parachute and have some hardcore training to put in for my first RUN. The MMRF race!

  66. Pauline says

    I need that parachute! My fiance make fun of me when we play softball b/c I run to first like I’m running a half marathon…slow and steady. :) I would love to win this to help increase my speed.

  67. tracy says

    I saw the crossfit folks using them last night when I finished my yoga class. Very fun! Wonder if I can hook it up to my speedy puppy??

  68. Alicia Wynn says

    How cool is all this stuff? Protein is especially important as a post-RNY patient; why not eat the yummy stuff?

  69. lauren says

    I would have to take that parachute out in public. I think all my running friends would love to try it. Hilarious.

  70. maija says

    i would feel like gi joe with a parachute! (like the ones you throw down the stairs and are supposed to “float” down? no? nm)

  71. says

    OMG I have wanted one of these parachutes since I was 9, I thought I could go to the Olympics or something if I ran with one! Obviously that is the only reason I am not currently at the Olympics, because I didn’t have a parachute… PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!

  72. Katy says

    Cool giveaway! Although, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to run through my neighborhood with a parachute!

  73. says

    That parachute is awesome-I’ve never seen anything like that before-it would be great to train with!
    I’ve never seen those protein cookies in the stores-looks yummy! I’ve seen the Balance Bars but haven’t tried one yet!

  74. Ashley says

    If only the parachute would turn into a rocket pack…then you could get a good run in, followed by a little flight! Ha!

  75. Casey! says

    Oh my gosh that parachute looks like so much fun… I can only imagine the awkward looks you’d get from people. But if it means you get a chocolate chip cookie afterwards, strap me in.

  76. says

    I want that parachute…merely to confuse people even more than they already are when I do mile repeats around my block. lol

  77. AnnaGrace Strange says

    A running parachute? That sounds like a fantastic training tool! I would love to incorporate that into my routine!

  78. Rebecca says

    That all sounds like a great way to vary my training and have some fun, whilst possibly looking ridiculous. Haha!! I want :-)

  79. says

    I’ve always wanted to try one of those parachutes, but as windy as it is in central IA, I’d be afraid that I’d become the next Mary Poppins! :) Seriously, it’d be cool to try. If you recommend a protein choc chip cookie, it must be good.

  80. Katie says

    Love the parachute pictures! What an interesting concept! I can just see the old ladies laughing at me as I run around the neighborhood with a parachute!

  81. Ina says

    What a fun way for me to intro into resistance training! I have been so fearful! And a well earned cookie or bar treat afterwards with protein?! I die….

  82. Jen says

    I’ve never used a parachute before, but it looks awesome! When I was going to boot camp, we would run sprints with a resistance band wrapped around our waists and a partner holding it from behind and trying to stop us. So much fun.

  83. Denise P. says

    Wow, that’s one awesome prize pack. I’d love to try out the parachute – hopefully I’m fast enough so that its not dragging on the floor.

  84. Kim says

    My boyfriend & I just started doing protein powder supplement a few month ago and totally are in need of a tumbler…and I didn’t even know I needed a parachute, but I do, I really, really do. 😀

  85. says

    I would LOVE to see the look on my neighbors’ faces if I ran with that parachute! HAHA! I bet it’s amazing training though – think of how speedy you would be without it come race day!

  86. says

    I just got cleared to run again after four months (!!) off with a stress fracture, so I’d love for my next run to be with a parachute!

  87. Laura says

    I LOVE balance bars! The parachute looks so fun!! If you do end up teaching boot camp, that would be a fun “station” to have during class.

  88. Samantha says

    I would love to win the Olympian Giveaway! I am an avid runner and swimmer and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

  89. Glenda Gomez says

    Ah! I actually DID remember the protein cookie. Weird. Anyways, I would love to win!!! The parachute seems awesome!!!

  90. Stephanie says

    That parachute looks crazy! I’d love to see someone running down the street with that, so what the heck, maybe it can be ME entertaining people?!?

  91. NG says

    Oooh, all of that gear and protein sounds great. And I LOVE those pictures of you with the parachute – you look like you’re having the best time ever! :)

  92. Katie says

    I’m always up for trying new gear and products! As someone who lifts a lot, I could definitely use the protein!

  93. Melissa says

    OMG The pics of you running with the parachute are amazing! It looks like fun to try and run with it…or for use as a party game?!?!? I would love to win!

  94. Lea Ann says

    I would love to have a running parachute! My son’s hockey team uses these and he talks about how great of a workout he gets with it.

  95. says

    I would love to win this giveaway! The weighted parachute reminds me of when we would swim with weights before meets. Maybe this is what I need to get me more motivated about my interval training for my half marathon! Plus some workout fuel would be awesome!

  96. Kelly says

    The parachute looks fun…and hard! And I’ve been wanting to start protein shakes, but have been nervous for some reason. This would help!

  97. says

    I skeptical about that running parachute. I’m not sure I can run fast enough to “inflate” it! But…along with everything on my running journey, I’d totally try it (and probably love it).

  98. april says

    i would LOVE to win this giveaway! the parachute looks pretty awesome and that cookie looks delicious! =)

  99. sally kate says

    I used to live in an area that was much more hilly… ok let’s say it like it is- I lived in the mountains and now I’m on the flat Colorado front range (well flat compared to a ski town) so when I leave my house for a run I have to run 5+ miles for hills (before it was like half mile max). My quads are making me write this because they know they don’t like to push themselves to just go faster, hills are more their thing, and they miss that burn!!! :) and yes I did remember that protein cookie you had… b/c I’m a weirdo… haha

  100. Suzanne says

    New-ish follower of your blog and I love it! I would also love to win this prize, especially for the protein powder as I have been on a smoothie kick and drinking them 1-2 times per day! Problem: no protein powder so this would help!

  101. Tracey says

    That running parachute looks like so much fun! (and a great workout) I can only imagine the looks I’d get running through the neighborhood with it.

  102. Amanda says

    I so need this! My first half marathon is in two weeks…this pack would be so useful (and yummy)! Did I mention how much I looove your blog? :-) :-) :-)


  103. Diana H says

    That protein cookie sounds awesome! Also, I love the cookie dough Balance bars, they’re definitely one of my favorite protein bars! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  104. says

    I have always wanted to use one of those parachutes!! Looks like fun. The protein cookie looks yummy. I would love to see the calorie count on that. I actually don’t think it would matter, I would eat it up quickly either way.

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