Music Monday–Desiree Davila


Hello and Happy Monday! Since I did a run/bike combo yesterday and a 14 miler on Saturday I knew my legs were due for a rest. I took a little 2 mile walk to wake up and came home for the usual fare. I pretty much avoided the computer all weekend so I have a lot of work to do today! Luckily, I realized Monday would be busy and I thawed some chicken last night. I dumped it in … [Read more...]

Bricks and Bikes


I went to the group practice this morning for next week’s triathlon. When I left the house I was a little nervous. I’m not a good bike rider and am scared to ride around other people. I’m such a scaredy cat and have a horrible imagination (where I constantly picture the worst thing happening). I just know I’m going to fall and get run over and road rash on my vagine and a crow … [Read more...]

Flashback Saturday


I headed to my mom’s yesterday afternoon because Matt forgot something at our place that they needed for the week. They are headed to Yosemite this morning for a week of camping fun. Luckee!!!! Anyways, since they were rushing around getting stuff ready and packed I went through some of my old stuff and found my old collection of DvDs. Ha! Please note, I don’t like any of … [Read more...]

Silent Saturday, Kinda


Last night my mom came to pick up Matt. It was great hanging out with him for the week! We decided to hang out and go out to dinner together. I picked Sizzler, because I had a random craving for big salads and cheese bread. Unfortunately, they gave us soft doughy rolls instead of cheese bread. These are good, but they’re not that cheese toast I remember from my childhood … [Read more...]

Fun Friday–New Product


Yesterday after work Ben, Matt and I walked to Sonic for a little refreshment. Per my New 2012 Resolutions, I have been limiting my diet soda to once a week and I went BIG with my weekly treat yesterday. This is a diet limeade. Another new resolution that I’m working on is doing a Plank-A-Day. I’ve been doing one 1 minute plank about 5 days a week, so I think that’s good. I … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #42


I am all out of the usual lunch suspects so I busted out this frozen Pad Thai meal. Served up on a pile of Costco’s Asian Veggies. It was delicious! I picked up Matt from camp and now have to be a Madre de Tigre and make him practice his keyboard. Madre de Tigre is like a Tiger Mother, but we have our kids play soccer instead of tennis and play the accordion instead of piano … [Read more...]

Brooks Pure Project Shoes–Giveaway


Happy Thursday! I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night and am feeling good! After making Ben a super quick breakfast I ran out the door and did 6 miles. They were supposed to be tempo but with the uphill out / downhill back it went: w/u; 8:38; 8:55; 8:06; 8:38; c/d. I’m not a fan of hills, but it’s good that I get used to them for New York! Post run – egg sandwich with … [Read more...]

Garlic Hummustard and Shamu


I made Hummustard salad dressing to go with my lunch today. But instead of the usual mustard I used TJ’s Aioli Garlic Mustard and it was extra delish! This recipe is very very complicated, so I know most of you will skip it. But in case we have a few Giada’s in the house… Hummustad Recipe: 1 dollop* Sabra Hummus, 1 dollop mustard, dash water. Mix. *If you don’t have a dollop … [Read more...]

Weight loss Wednesday is back


After a bit of time off to focus on fixing some bad habits, I’m bringing back Weight Loss Wednesday. I haven’t been working on losing weight (unless complaining counts as working on something), but would like to get back on track. I was partly motivated by Sara Fit’s Weight Loss Bet. She organized this competition via diet bet - each person puts in $15. For 4 weeks each dieter … [Read more...]

Tired Tuesday


I am dragging today… I haven’t gotten enough sleep in a few days and carrying around this huge red head on top of my shoulders requires at least 8 hours a night. (Yes, I carry my head on my shoulders.) Luckily, I had a noon meet up with Pam at Starbucks. I ate before and enjoyed a venti iced coffee for some energy. She wants to start a blog about her triathlon coaching and … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday–Where TJ’s Misses the Mark


You guys know I am a fan of Trader Joe’s. I’ve been shopping there regularly since freshman year of college when I went through  my vegan phase and realized the local carniceria doesn’t carry soy chorizo. My Trader Joe’s Must Haves post is full of TJ’s products I LOVE. But, sometimes ol’ Joe misses the mark. Today my just the tip are TJ’s products you can skip. Exhibit … [Read more...]

Monday Munchies


A full day of eats all together. Run: 4 miles of a sad attempt at repeats Breakfast: I made overnight cottage cheese oats. They didn’t come out amazing, so I’ll spare you the recipe. I dropped Matt off at his camp after breakfast. He’s going to a very cool Ocean Explorer camp. I’m a big jelly belly over it. I went back home to work and got hungry mid-morning. Egg patty … [Read more...]

Giveaway–My Big Bottom Blessing


So, um… how do I say this… I am not petite. Even at my smallest weight I wore a size 10 because of size of my hips and butt. Shockingly, no one cares. Well, except me. No one else cares what my jeans size is. My family doesn’t care. My dog doesn’t care. Old Navy with their vanity sizing doesn’t care. My friends don’t care. Red hair don’t care. But, that part of me had a … [Read more...]

Music Monday–Nossa


Good Monday to ya! On the way home from my mom’s yesterday we stopped at a local Mexican place for dinner. Um, they totally gave me the wrong thing. I am totally okay with picking off olives or something, but the wrong thing all together is a little much. The the last time we went there they gave my dad Menudo without hominy too. Sadly, I think this will be my last visit … [Read more...]

Sights and Searches of Sunday


Happy Sunday! I ditched out of my triathlon training group meeting because I didn’t feel up to a bike ride and swim after yesterday’s long run. Instead, I started my day with a 3 mile walk and some pancakes. That would be a veggie sausage on the right and almond butter in the middle. So good. Do you make “special” breakfasts on the weekend? This felt special Then, Ben and … [Read more...]

Watermelon and Eggs


I started my Saturday with the usual pre-run rituals… Despite my routine, my run was crappy. I felt slow and tired the whole time. Usually I start out strong and fade, but I faded at mile 1 today. Bah. I was aiming for 16, but ended up doing 15 something. The last 2 miles were run-walk though. I was not in the game today. I spent the last half of the run trying to figure out … [Read more...]