The 11th Commandment


Great news! I have a dramatic increase in my friend tally. It’s up to 2. First, I had a coffee date with Christine from Bookishly Boisterous <- that’s a link to her thoughts on Shades of Gray. You don’t want to know mine. She and I have “known” each other via the blog world for years and it was great to finally meet. After work I met up with SkinnyRunner for my daily … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Stating the Obvious


Run – 7.71 miles. AH – I was sore from yesterday’s gym session! It was supposed to be a goal pace run, but I was super stiff and couldn’t bust it out. Confession Thursday… 1. I am unapologetic about my flaws. Including that one. 2. Sometimes RER is more like a parody of me, rather than a serious account - and I like that. 3. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a serious … [Read more...]