It’s National Watermelon Day!

national watermelon day

It’s National Watermelon Day!

(aka my happiest day of the year)

I knew this day was August 3rd, but was a little surprised that I still have to work today – it’s not a National Holiday?! You know something is wrong with the government when we can’t all stay home eating H2O melon today.

Watermelon is my #1 favorite food and I can never get enough.

I know there are tons of recipes online for watermelon sangria, salads, desserts and more. But, I’m a watermelon purist – just give it to me straight.

I did create a Pinterest board dedicated to watermelon though, so please leave your amazing watermelon posts and recipes in the comments! I only have 2 pins on it so far and need some more!watermelon pops

In honor of National Watermelon Day I’m going to…

Chop up my watermelon in 2 minutes ala my You Tube video

Then, eat it like a bosseating watermelon like a bossmonica watermelon

Give Vegas away and adopt a cat who loves watermelon…

cat pushing watermelon

I won’t buy a bird who loves watermelon though (in case that cat wants a side of poultry too)watermelon understands me

And after I’ve had my fill I’m moving to this place:watermelon heaven(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images source Yahoo)

Want more?

Check out my How to Cut a Watermelon vlog

How to Pick a Watermelon

Leave your favorite watermelon recipes and links in the comments!


  1. says

    I couldn’t get on your blog all morning! Persistence pays though and now I can get it! Whew!
    Happy NWD!!! Hope you can drown yourself in some delicious watermelon today! Watermelon reminds me of my dad-it is his absolute favorite fruit and he even grew one in the front yard! In South Dakota…amazing and I think the neighbors totally hated us.
    Enjoy your day!!!

    • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

      Because it is sweet and yummy …. most all pets love watermelon. Our poochies especially.

      P.S. Even though the kitty-cat is adorable ….. I need those poodles!!! Love em sooo much. Just brilliant fur-babies.

  2. says

    I live near a town with a Watermelon Festival. Next week, they’ll block off the city streets, bring in a tractor trailer full of watermelons and cut them for everyone to eat. And then they’ll have a contest to see who can spit the seeds the furthest. For real. :)

  3. Shannon says

    Today’s post was HILARIOUS!!!

    I love that little Boss eating his watermelon!

    And are those watermelon cake pops? Serious? Pop those into the “need” list.

    Happy Watermelon is so BOMB it gets its own holiday-day!

  4. says

    haha! Those pictures are awesomee!! I looove watermelon, I feel I can eat an entire one by myself when I have it in the house haha my cat likes it too lol

  5. says

    hahah yay national watermelon day!! and its friday-how perfect! now you can celebrate in style tonight. i love ur obsession with cracks me up. btw, i have yet to buy a whole watermelon..they’re so intimidating!

  6. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    This “holiday” was choosen especially for you Monica!

    P.S. How can anyone NOT like watermelon? (itissooogood)

  7. Suzanne says

    I am sure this means you will never want to be my friend (not that you wanted to anyway 😉 but I do not like watermelon. Let the boos begin…

  8. says

    I like to cut up watermelons into ice cube or smaller chunks, freeze them in ziploc bags [sandwich size] and when i’m back from my runs, i take a whole bag, bash it on the counter to break up the chunks and throw it in a blender.

    It makes me smile.

  9. says

    I’m a knocker and it never works. I just do it because my mom says that’s the best way. I’m definitely trying yours! I’ve been loving watermelon smoothies this summer. Soooo refreshing.

  10. Amanda N says

    You are seriously know how to handle a watermelon. Officially jealous. Takes me forever to deal with it and cut it up haha

  11. Angie says

    OMG….your watermelon cutting tutorial just changed my life. You do NOT want to know how I used to cut watermelon and how long it would take me. I’m almost embarrassed to think of how much time I have spent cutting watermelon when you method seems so quick and simple.

  12. Missy says

    Thanks for that video! I was cutting up watermelon all wrong. It took me forever — I’m going to try your way today!

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