Olympic Marathon Watching Party

alternate title:  Mimosas and Marathons

Today is like the Super Bowl of Running x 4!


The Women’s Olympic Marathon was on super early this morning. Sarah (from Once Upon a Lime) held a marathon viewing party and recorded the race so we could watch it at a decent hour (9am). IMG_6589 (800x600)

Skinny Runner, Sheila (from Striding Mom ) and I carpooled to her place for the festivities.

We were promised Mimosas and a Marathon and Sarah delivered!IMG_6580 (800x600)

I probably had 3 over the course of the morning?IMG_6603 (600x800)IMG_6586 (600x800)

We also had a great spread of food… breakfast quinoa, baked goods, fruit, pretzel crispsIMG_6595 (800x600)IMG_6596 (800x600)IMG_6597 (800x600)

I actually got up at 6am this morning to bake banana muffins. I used greek yogurt in place of the oil and they completely stuck to the paper Sad smile Even after I let them cool it was a disaster.

How to I avoid this next time?!IMG_6573 (800x533)

So, I ended up having to stop at TJ’s for some muffins on the way.

My plate – I went back for more of pretty much everything at some point.IMG_6593 (800x600)

During commercials we compared compression socks and chafing scars. Seriously, we’re quite the fun group.IMG_6600 (600x800)

Then, we had our own prelims for the spectator power walking event…

Shannon (Hungry Gazelle) completely rocked it out barefoot style. IMG_6605 (800x600)

Sarah rocked it out with her 6 foot long legs and completed 1 mile in 4 strides.IMG_6604 (800x600)

Some of us needed a little liquid courage before competing. Actually, I think SR was buzzed on arrival, because she was still wearing her kitty sitting on daisies shirt that she probably slept in:IMG_6601 (800x600)

I didn’t “peek” at the results so watching the race was really fun and intense. I am a huge HUGE fan of Kara Goucher (and Shalane is pretty amazing too).

They each went into the race with marathon PR’s that were about 6 minutes slower than the favorites. So, I don’t think it was expected for them to win but I was hoping by the magic of TV they’d tie for GOLD!

Spoiler Alert: (stop reading if you don’t want to know the results)

Flanagan got 10th and Goucher got 11th.

You can read the 2012 Olympic Marathon results here

and an article about the winner here

Flanagan collapsed right after the finish and Kara came to help her. All the competitors are so inspiring, but this gave me the warm fuzzies.IMG_6611 (800x600)

Pam, Shannon, Heather and the Faster Bunny IMG_6607 (800x600)

God Bless AmericaIMG_6617 (800x600)

and champagne.IMG_6609 (600x800)

On the way home I stopped at TJ’s for Peanut Dressing. Of course I came home with a full load though!IMG_6619 (600x800)

Since I wasn’t shopping with a plan or a list I need to work backwards now and figure out how I’m going to make this food into breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week.

Looks like peanut sauce noodles may be on the agenda…IMG_6623 (600x800)

After I put everything away and enjoyed some TJ’s brown rice California rolls, I went for a 3 mile walk. I took yesterday off from walking, but today did 2m in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Not too shab.IMG_6625 (800x600)

Sunday Set Up –

Eats: I need to plan out dinners for the week as soon as I’m done blogging!

Exercise: TBD.

I obviously have it totally together today. False.

Search Me Sunday:

The searches that brought unsuspecting visitors to RER this week…

1. “nah i don’t really feel like it” – why are you searching for this?

2. “i get really hot when i run” – it’s summer.

3. “the hippie girl stinks”

4. “is it ok to skinny dip with friends” – Sounds like Jersey Shore waiting to happen

5. “can you get sick from eating a 5 month old gingerbread house kit” – Yes.

6. “eating someones dirty hair” – You can also get sick from eating this.

7. “funniest thing on the internet” – Nope, keep searching.

8. “my cuca is showing” – Now that would be funny…or sad.

Question: Did you make your plans for the week?


  1. says

    I wanted to watch the marathon, but forgot all about it. Hopefully they replay it soon. If anyone knows when it will be aired again, please let me know. :)

  2. Dynamics says

    Best part of the blog…Search me Sunday and the winner is…5. “can you get sick from eating a 5 month old gingerbread house kit” – Yes. OMG, people are amazing. Thanks Monica, I was getting ready to clean my screen, now I have to!

  3. says

    I have definitely had some muffins made with Greek yogurt that come out stuck to the wrapper. Usually the problem is that there is minimal fat in them, so what do is eighty-six the wrapper and just douse my muffin tin in PAM. I’ve had great luck with that method!

  4. says

    Goucher said the last 8 miles was comparable to childbirth. Not super happy about that comparison… The whole helping Shalane up at the end would have definitely made me teary if I wasn’t trying to be a badass in front of my brother.

  5. says

    I can’t believe how fast they were running! I don’t think I could ever do that haha my feet would def give out and I’d prob get trampled over lol I always plan my weeks on Sunday night haha so I’m all set to go :)

  6. Nicole Leonard says

    I have a recipe for muffins that sticks to the paper liners too. I just nix the liners, spray the tin with cooking spray (the kind specifically for baking with flour in it), and they come out great.

  7. says

    seriously what a friggen awesome way to watch the marathon!… I wish i could’ve been drinking some mimosas :[ Kara & shalane both did so awesome. Them together @ the end absolutely brought tears to my eyes!

  8. says

    Looks like you had a super fun morning!! I can’t leave Trader Joe’s without buying at least a million things not on my list, either. It happens to the best of us.

    Oh my goodness, I love when you post the funny search terms. They’re hilarious!

  9. says

    I love the idea of an Olympic Party! Looks like such a blast. :) Try spraying the muffin papers next time. This happens to me all the time.

  10. says

    Fun….I am here after reading SR’s watch recap…funny she didn’t post any pics of herself sporting her Kitty t-shirt for the USA on her blog…way to go.
    😉 ha!

    I have two girls with orange hair….least that is what we call it b/c its really not “red”….you kind of remind me of them…

    Looks like a fun day with friends.

  11. says

    Eating someones dirty hair?! Seriously?! That’s gross but funny at the same time…

    What a good idea to have a marathon viewing party! Looks like tons of fun especially with mimosas! And I love SR’s kitty shirt. Maybe I should get one…

  12. says

    I second the PAM option for the muffins. I actually use the Baking kind that has a mix of flour & slippery stuff. (oil? idk)

    You can also sub applesauce for the oil, in the recipe. Or try a 1% greek yogurt to add a teensy bit of fat. Either way, they looked like they were tasty so probably no one really cared about the paper issue. :)

    Have a great week

    • Sarah says

      I was going to recommend applesauce too. But my all-applesauce baked goods always ended up too moist and gummy so I switched to half oil, half applesauce. That seems to be the sweet spot for me.

  13. says

    I didn’t actually watch the marathon, but I fast-forwarded through it so I could see the last few minutes and my DVR cut off the end! They were on the last part and I had no clue who had won. Such a bummer. Thank goodness for the Internet!

  14. says

    ahh i would have loved to watch the marathon!! looks like a fun party!

    btw, my cuca is showing? that doesnt sound good…might want to cover that thing up

    • kate says

      You should have taken the muffins you baked…those drunk girls wouldn’t have minded having to gnaw them off the wrappers!
      Did you just throw them away?
      If not, you can chunk them up and bake them into a light bread pudding. I’ve done this with broken banana bread and it was really good!

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