Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever.


I know protein pancakes are all the rage around the blog world. I’ve been making them for years too. But, before I went the protein pancake route I used to make these super simple oatmeal pancakes before rushing off to class or work. These aren’t fluffy diner pancakes (which I love). They’re not meant to replace Denny’s. These are pancakes you can make on any given Tuesday … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday– Try, Try Again


Happy Monday! I woke up this morning Hungry and grabbed a bite of one of these Force Primeval Bars before my run. I bought this bag for a super easy “grab and go” breakfast for Ben. He’s been at his new job for about 3 months now, but we’re still not great at the earlier start time. Then, I set out on a run – 1 mile w/u, 5 800s, .5 mile cool down with some walking. I meant to … [Read more...]