Travel Tuesday–FL and MD


I was MIA today because after work my mom and little brother surprised us with a visit. They were driving through from the beach and stopped by at the end of the day. My mom treated us to dinner because she’s the best. We walked to Pei Wei so I got in my stroll for the day The last few times I’ve eaten Pei Wei I’ve been disappointed. Truth-be-told, I kinda groaned when my … [Read more...]

Hippie Capris


Hello and Happy Tuesday! My walk-a-day in August is going well. I walked 3 miles yesterday afternoon while chatting with my mom. I wore my spibelt to carry some money because I intended to hit up the store. Sadly, I realized that wearing your spibelt while walking makes it look like you’re wearing a tiny fanny pack… This morning I set out for 6 miles easy. However, it … [Read more...]