Travel Tuesday–FL and MD

I was MIA today because after work my mom and little brother surprised us with a visit. They were driving through from the beach and stopped by at the end of the day.

My mom treated us to dinner because she’s the best. We walked to Pei Wei so I got in my stroll for the day SmileIMG_6645 (600x800)

The last few times I’ve eaten Pei Wei I’ve been disappointed. Truth-be-told, I kinda groaned when my mom suggested it. But I’m always down to give food a second chance so we went for it.

This time I tried something new – lettuce wraps. I liked them! I think every other time I’ve ordered some tofu dish and I just don’t like their tofu (it’s cut too thin and prepared weird). My mom’s dish was delicious too!IMG_6637 (800x600)

What’s your fortune?IMG_6643 (800x600)

After dinner my mom and Matt left and I got on the computer to make some reservations. I’m going to the Fitbloggin conference in Baltimore in September and reserved my flight tonight. It takes me forever because I compare flights and airports and the color of the plane and pretzels vs peanuts. pink plane(image source)

Luckily Chocolate Milk REFUEL is sponsoring me to attend, but I still love to get the best price and flight time.

Hey, that guy looks familiar Winking smileimage

I’m also being sponsored by White Milk Ben to go to Florida for Labor Day / his birthday. He has been super homesick to see his fam, but we don’t have that much vacay time so we’re making it a quick trip over the holiday weekend. I love visiting his fam, so I’m super excited for some hot, humid rest and relaxation Smile IMG_4652 (800x600)

We still haven’t decided on our annual anniversary trip though. I was hoping to spot a groupon somewhere awesome, but it hasn’t happened.

Question: Where was/is your summer vacation?


  1. says

    Since I started a new job in May, I don’t get any vacation days for 6 months. It has been hard, because I was at my last job for 7 years, and was used to having days.

  2. says

    We are boring…we have a cabin, north about 4 hours, that is shared between my hubby’s siblings. We usually get two different weeks during the summer so that’s what we do. (I am personally sick of it b/c it happens to be in my hometown and who wants to spend their summer vacation always going back to their hometown??? Well, not me….I would like to see other sites now and then. 😉

    *We took our first family trip to Disney/Florida this past March and it was WONDERFUL!!*

  3. says

    Exciting plans for you to look forward to!
    We went to Cannon Beach, Oregon for summer holidays. I adore it there and would highly recommend it.
    I still think you and Ben should look at Thailand for your anniversary trip!

  4. says

    Since we just went on our honeymoon in April (to Jamaica), our summer vacations consist of long weekends visiting my family in New England. I can’t really complain because I love it but it would be nice to go on real vacation again.

  5. says

    Ah man! I’ve been trying to find a travel deal on groupon as well. I just found out this week that I can stay for super cheap in Hawaii, so we’re thinking of doing that in 2013, but I kind of want to do something crazier…like the Greek Islands or South Africa.

  6. says

    I spent a month long vaca in Bonita Springs, FL. The summer is super hot and makes for nice long runs that really seem to clense your soul or just makes you sweat to death! Looking to take another vaca to FL to do the Goofy Challenege! Not really a vacation though huh!?

  7. says

    sponsored travel = awesome. Go you!!

    We live in FL, so our Summer Vacation was tooooo…Sunny Florida!! We went to the beaches on the other side of the state, though. Totally tricked the kids into thinking we’d treated them to something new and fabulous.

  8. Denise P. says

    My big one this year is Maui in September for my 30th birthday/ 10th half marathon. Not really summer, but it’s what’s getting me through these past few months.

  9. Heather says

    We just got back from Savannah and Destin, FL. And booked Israel(!!!) for December due to the El Al airline mistake. SCORE!

  10. says

    This year I’ve been fortunate enough to take more than one summer vacation! I road-tripped from Minnesota to Williamsburg, Virginia for my first half marathon, went to Chicago for a long weekend with my running group and will be spending a long weekend in Northern Minnesota next week. Who knows, I might even get one more trip in there!

  11. says

    What a cool trip, super excited for you to attend FitBloggin’! Our vacation this year was a road trip (as always) to the Teton National Park in Idaho/Wyoming and then spent the 4th of July in Montana with our family like we do every year. We have a camping trip coming up and that’s about it! I really want to do something FUN, like take the girls to Legoland or something. My Grandma and Grandpa lived in Carlsbad for 30 years and I consider it my 2nd home, so I would LOVE to run the Half Marathon in January and turn it into a Legoland trip as well.

  12. says

    OMG I hate Pei Wei!!! My summer vacation is to Vermont. I’m at a nondiet retreat called Green Mountain at Fox Run, which is where I’m blogging from currently. After that, I’ll head to Acadia National Park in Maine to do some hiking.

  13. says

    I went to Mexico back in May – which is more or less summer! If that doesn’t count, than I’m going camping for a few days starting Monday, and we’re going to my boyfriend’s cousin’s cottage for a few days at the end of the month. Vacays covered. :-)

  14. Lisa says

    I live in Michigan and for the last couple of years I was looking for a place close by to zipline. The closest I found was in Ohio. We bought a small motor home this year and just last week the hubby and my inlaws (they all have their own campers) packed up and spent 5 days in Hocking Hills (Logan, OH). It was just beautiful. We explored caves, hiked & did the ziplining. I prefer tropical vacations but this was a nice change. The scenery was just incredible. You should google Hocking Hills, OH. We hope to go to Italy next year and Hawaii the following year.

  15. says

    A Pei Wei recently opened up right outside of New Orleans and the every time we try and go, it’s packed! We will have to get there eventually.

    We are pretty frugal about vacations. We usually go some place where we can get a free place to stay!

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