That’s So Klutch – Giveaway


I haven’t been taking pics of my lunches lately because I eat the same thing every day. I’d be worried that my diet should be more well rounded if I had time to worry about other things. Nope. Right now the entire worry center of my brain is focused on earthquakes. We had a tiny one last night and I totally felt it. The big one is coming I just know it!   See? Isn’t … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday – Cara


You may have noticed that last night’s post was published at 11:30pm!  Well, it turns out drinking iced coffee in the afternoon is not the best idea if you want to get to sleep at a decent hour. I was wide awake watching the Olympics (Go Aly!) and finally took a melatonin to wind down. Olympic side note: I love Lolo! Love love. I also like Mustafina even though it seemed … [Read more...]