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I haven’t been taking pics of my lunches lately because I eat the same thing every day. I’d be worried that my diet should be more well rounded if I had time to worry about other things. Nope. Right now the entire worry center of my brain is focused on earthquakes. We had a tiny one last night and I totally felt it.

The big one is coming I just know it!


See? Isn’t that enough to worry about?!

Anyway, I ‘m sharing lunch today because I went a little wild and had some Pop Corners with my “go to” salad.IMG_6591 (800x533)

I got the Pop Corners in a fun box I received from Klutch Club – it’s a monthly subscription service that sends members a box of holistic health, fitness and wellness products. IMG_6498 (800x600)

This is what is in the August box. Reading healthy living blogs exposes us to a lot of the same products that “everyone” is using at the moment. I love that this box had things I hadn’t seen before!IMG_6506 (800x600)

IMG_6507 (600x800)

Doesn’t the word “Klutch” remind you of “Fetch”, which reminds you of Mean Girls?

No. Just me? Oh well, I’m standing by this.

Contest: The people at Klutch will send one RER reader the August box of goodies too.

To Enter: Leave a comment in this post.

Open to residents of the US. Closes 8/9/2012 at 6pm PST

Winner of the Eat Like An Olympian Giveaway is (she’s been emailed):

April Ockerman August 1, 2012 at 12:44 pm

I have been looking for new ways to workout. And I always love a good protein shake!!

Speaking of mean girls,  I made a video to share how I don’t wash my hair and throw it up in a knot…

Don’t forget to leave a comment to win the totally fetch Klutch box!


  1. says

    I was dozing off when I felt the earth quake and iI was wide awake by the time it was done. I always get a little scared that a small one is a warm up for a big one right after :l
    I would love to try the products in the klutch box! I really like that it’s filled with things I haven’t seen before.

  2. morgan says

    I love the movie mean girls!! I also love monthly subscriptions! Good to know there’s a health/fitness one!

  3. Alicia Wynn says

    I didn’t feel the quakes up here in the High Desert. I would love to win this box and try out new stuff!

  4. Jackie says

    That Klutch is such a good idea! I am totally gonna have to try it even if I don’t win! (Should I admit that? Does it totally harsh my chance of winning?)

  5. Amanda W says

    I dig a free chance to try things.. I tend to not always enjoy the latest health crazes and it is nice to learn that before shelling out cash on something.

  6. Ariel says

    Im always looking for new health product to better my body. Inside and out. I only wash my hair once a week. use to wash and style my hair every day and it was in the worst shape then.

  7. Megan says

    I also immediately thought of Mean Girls. I love Birchbox – so awesome that there is a heath/wellness monthly too!

  8. Amy says

    Great giveaway! I would love to try out this Klutch box – reminds me of the name Klutz and I loved those books when I was a kid!

  9. says

    Interesting what you said about your lunch being the same thing all the time- hasn’t research shone that successful weight losers (that sounds weird… you know what I mean) eat a lot of the same things every day. Granted it’s not fun, but, as long as it’s not a Big Mac and fries, maybe it’s actually a good thing?

  10. says

    That Klutch box appeals to me more than all those other subscription services I’ve seen (for beauty products, etc.). I would love to get in on that.

  11. Sarah says

    Klutch looks interesting! I always see these subscription services and wonder what kind of products you get.

  12. Shana says

    That Klutch box looks amazing!

    On an unrelated note, I just watched your ING video about hydration. SO helpful right before my marathon!

  13. Jordan says

    Klutch Club sounds amazing. Thanks for the chance to check it out! And thanks for making me want to watch Mean Girls lol

  14. Grecia says

    I felt that earthquake too, maybe you also felt the morning ones. It made me realize how if the “big one” came I’d die in an instant because I don’t duck and cover, I just sit there until it passes.

  15. Beverly Aragon says

    Ummm, {hides face} I’ve never seen Mean Girls. Must get on that! Would love to try out all those Klutch goodies. :)

  16. Nessa says

    I love the messy bun video, I will have to give that try. The klutch box looks awesome. Have you checked out They have a similar idea, I am a member and the stuff so far has been amazing.

  17. says

    I would totally flip with an earthquake! I can’t even imagine.

    I’m all for throwing up your hair when it’s a non-wash day. The thing I hate is that when I’m going out and I throw it up it looks ok, but if i’m staying home my bun/top knot always looks amazing (and then there’s no one there to see it!).

    That box looks cool! Hope I win one.

  18. Julie V. says

    I would love a totally fetch Klutch box. What a fun way to stay up to date on the latest health & wellness products.

  19. Lindsey says

    OMG I looove popcorners. I got a free bag on a Jetblue flight once and have been buying them ever since! Their kettle korn flavor is the best.

  20. Brittany says

    I have never felt an earthquake but i always think about what i would do if i was in a big one. freaks me out!

  21. says

    I would like that fetch klutch box!

    Also, a secret: I sometimes put baby powder in my hair so that it won’t look greasy if I don’t feel like showering. I’m not sure how this technique compares to dry shampoo, but I am sure that I hate smelling like baby powder all day.

  22. Catherine says

    I love trying new healthy items… but it’s so hard to know what’s worth buying or trying and some of they are super pricey, so this seems like a great way to see what’s out there.

    I live in LA… and I didn’t feel the earthquake last night (or this AM) but the last one woke me up out of a dead sleep and scared the crap out of me. Never get used to them.

  23. Bree ltc says

    My comment is that back when you first mentioned it (a handful of weeks ago I think?), I tried to do a plank a day like you’re doing. It lasted exactly 2 days and 45 seconds (I quit mid-plank). I definitely believe planks are the secret to eternal youth and that’s because time stands totally still when they’re being done. I’ve never, ever watched 60 seconds tick by so slowly. I still do them, but not all the time. I just think about doing one for a minute or two each day and call it good.

    You’re blog is awesome. Keep keepin’ it real!

  24. Laurel C says

    Wow, those look like awesome products! And yes, Klutch does remind me of fetch… I wanna watch that movie lol

  25. Laura says

    Okay, when I saw this post I totally thought of “fetch” from Mean Girls and the other girl saying “stop trying to make fetch happen…” Anyway, would love to win the “fetch-klutch” box!

  26. Aimee says

    Fun giveaway! I’ve done birchbox for a few months which is similar. I like getting a little surprise package in the mail each month.

  27. says

    I slept through last night’s EQ, which was good because I’ve taken way too many natural disaster/geology classes that I’m now super paranoid about the Big One. Then, this morning I also missed the EQ but was lucky enough to be walking up the stairs to get to class as freaked out students ran wildly down the stairs having just felt it. -_-

    I’d love a box of goodies. So long as it doesn’t contain that trillion calorie ‘protein bar’ from the movie! 😉

  28. says

    I love all of the monthly box type services but never sign up for them… too much $. This one looks especially awesome since it’s food plus other wellness stuff, and all healthy!

  29. says

    those healthy snack boxes i’ve been seeing around look so great. its a chance to try new products that may not be offered at stores close to you!

  30. says

    Klutch sounds interesting. I like the sound of the word, too. 😉 I like all the new monthly subscription box things I’ve seen popping up lately. I’m totally going to sign up for some at some point.

  31. Emily says

    I am the world’s cheapest person, but that box looks like so much fun, I just *might* splurge for a few months.

  32. Holly says

    I’m always wary of buying these boxes because you never ‘know’ what you will get. I would love to win this to try it!

  33. Amelia says

    I’ve seen a lot of the monthly beauty product boxes but not a health/fitness it! I hope that’s the end of the earth quakes for you…yikes.

  34. Dominique says

    After a year of racing, I finally bit the bullet and decided to train for my first half mary. I’m in week 8 of 18 and having some new products to try would be an outstanding way to wrap things up!

  35. Leah says

    I back in school so it’s definitely hard for me to justify trying new health products rather than my tried and true favorites….this would be a great way to try some new products!

  36. says

    That looks awesome, what a great way of trying a whole bunch of new products, so you can work out what you like and dont like to buy individually next time! Just found your blog and am loving it!! Well done in your recent TRY, I have convinced a friend to try an indoor triathlon in november!

  37. Stacey says

    Neat idea – there are so many subscription boxes out these days it’s nice to see one with products I may actually use!

  38. Lynsey says

    I have never heard of klutch. That’s so awesome! I’m definitely checking out their website after I catch up on your blog. :)

  39. says

    Wow! there’s a lot of stuff in that box! I can never tell if those sample subscription boxes are worth the money. Then again, I can impulse buy my way out of $20 like 3 times a month…

  40. Megan says

    When I read the title of your post I actually did think of Mean Girls, so you’re not the only one who went from klutch to fetch =) I’m always curious about these subscription boxes, it’s a cool idea but would be nice to see/try one before spending the money to subscribe

  41. Stephanie says

    Looks like a lot of good stuff. I always get nervous about buying subscriptions where you don’t know what you are going to get. This is great… no risk!

  42. Jessica B says

    That Klutch looks amazing! The products that look best to me are the seaweed snacks (been wanting to try them but too scared to buy!) and those chips you had.

  43. Angela W says

    What a great goodie box! I am loving my wheatgrass right now, so trying a new kind would be fun. And thank you for the “mean girls” video, haha! The perfect way to start my day 😉

  44. Lisa says

    I saw the Klutch boxes advertised, so it was cool to see what was in one. It would be even better if I won one! :)

  45. Melissa R. says

    What a fantastic idea! Having never won anything in any blog giveaway, this would be a great virgin win :-)

  46. Catherine D says

    I would absolutely love to try Klutch. What a great way to try new product samples before purchasing a ton of it not knowing whether you’ll like them or not :)

  47. Nicole S says

    Loving Pop Chips right now! They are the only decent thing my work has in the vending machine…

  48. Amee says

    My hubs says clutch way too much and claims it belongs to the basketball world…or one of those worlds with balls. Mean Girls IS one of his favorite chick flicks though.

  49. Deb Dyke says

    I would love to try this box of goodies. I recently lost 74 lbs after having my first child, and am still working at losing more. I love trying new, healthy treats!

  50. Brie says

    I love Popcorners! I’ve been wanting to try Klutch, so it would be great to see what a typical box is like.

  51. Gloria says

    I’ve been looking all over for popcorners, but haven’t found them yet. I’d love to try all the products in the Klutch box!

  52. Nikki f says

    Great giveaway! I loved your bun tutorial, I’ll have to try it, especially when my hair is dirty 😉

  53. Katie says

    I can’t believe you only use one pony tail holder! Your hair looks thick! On my “off washing days” I basically do the same routine as you showed in your video, but I have to use one extra pony tail holder to make sure everything says. I also usually wear my messy bun lower on my head, maybe just below my ears. Depends on the day!

  54. says

    awesome box, I would love to try all those products too! and those chips are delicious, I have tried it with my son and we both loved it!

  55. Ashley Z. says

    The Wild Blueberry Wave speaks to me 😉 (I can probably match your watermelon obsession with my love of anything blueberry.)

  56. deb says

    i love all the diff box subscriptions you can get now – so nice to be able to try things before you buy a ton & hate them! Awesome giveaway!!

  57. Allison says

    When I read the title of your blog this morning, I totally read it as “Fetch”. Then I realized it said “Klutch” and wondered if you were trying to start a new trend yourself. :-)

  58. says

    That is such a fun idea! I might invest in it when we move, it’s always nice to get fun stuff in the mail :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Ashley says

    I would really love a review of the products you received….just in case there is anything amazing worth knowing about!

  60. Heather C says

    I have been wanting to try one of these services that send you monthly boxes full of samples. I love this for multiple reasons. 1) I love samples
    2) I am always terrified to buy a normal amount of a new product as I’m afraid I will not like it & then not only wasted my money, but am being just plain wasteful. This is somewhat ironic as I am a complete risk taker. Just call me Ms. Hypocrite I guess. haha

  61. Katrina says

    Great video! Seems so simple but it answered some questions I’ve had for awhile! Thanks — and I love your new shirt! Congrats on completing the backwards Tri!

  62. Becky Przy says

    An earthquake certainly would keep you alert!

    That looks like an awesome box of goods, would love to win!

  63. Diana S. says

    That box of goodies sounds awesome. And I love your quick hair tutorial. I’m totally doing this today. My hair is curly and never cooperates.

  64. Emily says

    Mean girls is what I thought of right away when I saw the title of this post. I would love to win this giveaway!!

  65. ina says

    I would love to win a box of bodacious new goodies! I love trying healthy fun stuff and sharing with others!

  66. Heather says

    Awesome giveaway. Would be something I’d like to try – and then call it totally fetch. (Love that movie!)

  67. says

    I’d love to win a box!

    I know what you mean about earthquakes – we just had our “Emergency Action Plan” training at work. Now I’m freaked out. I especially like the part about how we can stay in the building, but the toilets won’t work and within 3 minutes the streets will be clogged. At least I don’t have to cross any bridges to get home because ODOT will immediately shut those down. Awesome!

  68. Katie M says

    I’d love the klutch box…looks great. I also love that you don’t wash your hair everyday! Thanks for the tip on how to deal with it!

  69. says

    Aagh! Mean Girls! Scares me.

    What a great giveaway. I haven’t heard of Klutch before, so I’m going to go to their site and check it out. Please include my comment in the entries and *fingers crossed* you can email me at thischickwillrun {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks again for hosting!

  70. says

    Cute hair video:) Sitting here watching it with my 8-year old daughter who said, “That’s really CUTE!”
    Never heard of the Klutch Box…VERY cool!

  71. Robin says

    klutch/fetch comparison = awesome. “Stop saying klutch, it’s never going to happen!”
    Anyway, I would love to win an August box!

  72. Laura says

    I would love to try a Klutch box! I don’t often have the extra money to spend on that kind of stuff so it would be cool to see what comes in the subscription box! =]

  73. Grace says

    Wow a Klutch box looks super cool, what a fun surprise to open! Haha and it’s okay, I eat the same thing for lunch every day too :)

  74. says

    Looks like a fun box. Your post title “that’s so klutch” totally reminded me of gretchen saying “that’s so fetch” so I’m glad you mentioned that in your post! haha Hope I win!

  75. Kelli says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and never left a comment, but I would sure love to win a Klutch box!

  76. Shannon says

    POP CORNERS are sooooo good!!! Since you’re a Costco-a-holic, check out the Chip-ins (big giant red bag near pop chips). They are currently carrying a monster bag for $4.99 of the white-cheddar flavor.
    You have to arm-wrestle mom for a serving of those at our house!


  77. Rebecca says

    Seaweed snacks and aloe drinks have always intrigued me but I’ve been too much of a chicken to buy them. If I win I will have no excuse not to try them.

  78. says

    One of my friends tried to make the word “clutch” into something cool like in Mean Girls… every time he used it, I got to make a Mean Girls reference 😛 win win

  79. says

    a) Mean Girls is a great movie!
    b) I wish I still lived in So Cal so Skinny Runner wouldn’t run with me either :)
    c) That box looks like it contains some pretty cool stuff! I’m a sucker for “new” products.

  80. Jessica J. says

    I love Mean Girls! Karen is my favorite, “There’s a 30% chance that it’s already raining!”.
    And, I’d love to win!!

  81. Amanda says

    That company looks fantastic. A lot of the other monthlys seem disappointing, but this one seems new and fresh.

  82. Jenn says

    I’ve seen these boxes for beauty products (birch box) but never for health and fitness cool! I’d love to win one!

  83. Marija says

    KlutchClub sounds awesome! I love a)monthly subscriptions in general, but b)filled with healthy products is great! I’ll definitely be looking into this one! and to win, would be even better :)

  84. Tiina says

    You’re not alone – as soon as I read “klutch” I thought “fetch” Maybe I need to cut back on movies geared towards high schoolers… or not.

    I love new products, they’re automatically fun because they’re new!

  85. says

    Ooh I want one!! I don’t live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods so I miss out on so much cool new stuff. Like Popcorners might show up in my grocery store in about 2 years. By then it’ll be over and I’ll be the only loser still trying to make Popcorners happen!

    Seriously, we just got almond butter. I expect cashew butter any day now…

  86. April says

    Ooo, oooo….Pick me, Pick me!!! This box looks fantastic! I have never heard of anything in the box…This is what happens when you live in the…Here’s to hopin’ the moon and stars are lined up in my favor! :)

  87. Meredith says

    Those healthy eating/living “subscription box clubs” have been popping up everywhere lately! I would really love to try one!

  88. says

    I love those Popcorners! Strange at first because they taste exactly like popcorn without the popcorn shape, but super addictive. I would love to win this box and get some more :)

  89. Rebecca says

    I love those Popcorn chips, they are a new favorite of mine lately. I love the Klutch box idea, such a cool way to find new healthy products!

  90. Caity says

    I’ve been doing my hair like this for years.

    Also love that you use the word “fancy” in this video at least twice. It’s definitely a standard in my everyday vocab!

    Also x 2, those popcorners look freakin’ delicious.

  91. Alison Elizabeth says

    This is too cool! I am constantly tempted by the monthly beauty subscription boxes, but I’m so terrible with makeup it would never get used. This is far more up my alley!

  92. Janice says

    Pick me! Pick me!!!

    P.S. I have lived in NorCal my entire life and fear earthquakes!! Everyone thinks I’m crazy because I should be used to them but that will never happen.

  93. Celeste says

    I found you via SR. Gonna keep reading for sure, and would love to try the Klutch box. Happy running and eating.

  94. says

    When I first read your post title I definitely thought of mean girls! I definitely love trying new goodies and it wouldn’t hurt if it came in the mail and everything was a complete surprise! I’ll have to check this out!

  95. Carolyn says

    not sure if I’m in the time zone correct time, but this would be a great thing to have – I love new products as well as snacks for school :)

  96. Denise P. says

    I got the Klutch boxes for June and July from a daily deal website and I was not impressed. More advertisement/online “gift cards” than anything else.

    That box looks decent though -that GoSportID looks interesting. I already have a RoadId might have to check it out.

  97. Krystal says

    This is my first time checking out your blog! I think you have a great writing style and I am enjoying it.

    I would love to win a klutch box!

  98. Theresa says

    “Share it with the class” =) Funny. I like to put my hair up in a pony tail but instead of pulling the hair through completely on the last “wrap” I just pull it though a little and then wrap the rest of the hair around the mini bun while tucking/wrapping the ends around the hair elastic.

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