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I love polenta so when this Amy’s meal was on sale the other day I snapped it up! It’s no where close to restaurant polenta or the polenta wedges I had at my wedding (!) but I enjoy me some corn-y meal so it worked Actually, it just worked as a snack – this has less calories than a Luna bar! So, this means I had plenty of room for dessert… I found this leftover icing in my … [Read more...]

ING Class of 2012 Marathon Hydration


Happy Thursday! This morning I woke up to a dead Garmin – dead because it’s old, I charged it all night. I know it’s on it’s last legs so I wasn’t surprised – just frustrated. My MotoActv wasn’t charged so I ran without a watch or music. Just me. Luckily, I’m used to it since SR never wants to run with me even though she A.) lives down the street and B.) enjoys running (or … [Read more...]