The All Carb Channel Seriously.

Yesterday afternoon Ben and I headed out on a little date. I bought a Groupon earlier this week for a local pizza place. It included an appetizer, medium pizza and wine or beer for $15. Nice! IMG_6671 (600x800)

The appetizer options were only garlic cheese bread or wings, and I let Ben decide figuring he’d get the wings. I was going to “save room” for pizza.

But, he ended up going with the garlic cheese bread and I enjoyed one.IMG_6676 (800x600)

I went with the white wine and loved it! I am usually pretty finicky about wine and have been known to leave a glass if I don’t like it (like the one on my counter from Thur. night), but I chugged this one. We made sure to find out what kind it was. IMG_6674 (600x800)

I love pizza.IMG_6678 (800x600)

We went with mushrooms and bell peppers. So so good. I stopped at one piece plus Ben’s crust, because I was saving room for dessert. IMG_6678 (800x600)

Normally “dessert” means fro-yo, but since we saw that Cleopatra movie last weekend and smelled the movie theatre popcorn I have been craving it! Don’t judge, I have the popcorn disease.

Our plan was to see The Campaign and I knew I wanted popcorn. Ben and I shared this and I cut myself off before we finished it. 20120810_190617

The movie was good, not as funny as Taladega Nights, but what is?the campaign

This morning my Garmin played nice and turned on for me! This pic is from Friday when it was “sleeping” – note the cat rubbing his face on the chair in the background. IMG_6661 (800x600)

I ran 3 miles to meet Skinny Runner at a local park. From there we did 7 miles together. It was HOT.

I suggested we wear our Refuel gear…IMG_1759 (600x800)

But she insisted on wearing her Minnie Mouse outfit and that I dress up like Goofy and run 10 paces behind her. Fine.
The things I do to make friends…

Not really, I convinced her this was how Goofy dressed. I think she bought it.

run eat repeat and skinnyrunner

After we parted ways I ran home another 4 for a total of 14.3 and walked to 15. I was supposed to do 16-17 so this was less than ideal – especially because of all the carb loading I did yesterday! I take full responsibility that I didn’t push myself enough and should have started earlier. Just making notes, not excuses.

Post-run food:

An entire watermelon. Seriously.


I bought this watermelon yesterday during my lunch and it’s almost gone. I’ve been trying to make my watermelon last and pace myself, but that is out the window this week. It makes me so happy, not sure why.

Egg and cheese quesadilla.IMG_6685 (800x600)

Now I’m blogging while Ben watches the Rhythmic Gymnastics. He says this is his favorite summer Olympic sport.IMG_6688 (600x800)

Seriously. IMG_6689 (600x800)

The big plans for today include finding out where I can buy a bottle of that wine and drowning my sorrows while Ben rolls his eyes and tells me my life is awesome and I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself because I ran 14 miles and now get to sit in the AC and sip gin and juice. Something like that.


    • says

      Sadly we looked it up and realized the guy must have said the wrong thing. He said “Grand Cru Pinot Grigio” but that is a wine making kit and it was from a regular bottle. Fail.

      • says

        I work in a wine shop, and “Grand Cru” is a real wine label. We carry it. I am not sure that it still is, but it was a restaurant-only label. Meaning, you can’t just buy it in a liquor store, wine shop, or grocery store. We carry it because we are also a wine bar with a full restaurant license. Like I said, I am not sure if it’s still restaurant-only.

  1. says

    I could probably do the research on my own, but I know that you LOVE watermelon so I thought that I’d ask you a random question. LOL. How many calories & sugar are in a regular sized watermelon? 😉 It just came to me as I was reading your blog. :p

  2. says

    I love rhythmic (yea, that’s a hard word to spell) gymnastics too! It’s one of those sports I feel like would be super easy but KNOW it’s actually really hard, lol.

  3. says

    Omg, you seriously crack me up! I just happened to catch a youtube video of you today for the ING Nation, and I’m like, hey she looks familiar. Duh. Yeah, I am out of the loop… a lot! And I agree… what is funnier than Talladega Nights?

  4. says

    Good job on the miles! Atleast you ran! Boo me for being unmotivated! Have you ever put watermelon in your smoothies? I’m going to try this tomorrow!

  5. says

    Mmmm that pizza looks delicious! I haven’t had pizza in SO LONG. I want to see the Campaign but (and I know you’re going to hate me…) I’m not a fan of Will Ferrell at all, so I don’t think I can do it. Loving hearing about it from everybody else, though.

  6. says

    I’ve been thinking about you cutting back on your watermelon intake – and I think you should just eat it as you want. Watermelon is only around during the summer (well, the good kind), and that’s probably why you want to eat so much of it – it’s only here for a few months! I know you’ve tried intuitive eating, and watermelon may be a food you tend to overeat on, but it also might be good to give yourself the license to eat it when you want & forget about rules for that particular food you love.
    Just a thought :)

  7. Shannon says

    Seeings as how I nearly just died running 3.1 miles tonight…I would be delighted to have run 14!! I did just start training last week, but hey, I think I get tired driving 14 miles! Good Job!!

  8. says

    I could eat watermelon until the cows come home. Seriously. There is no upper limit on how much watermelon I will eat. I get sooo full from it and the 5 minutes later am ready to eat more.

  9. kate says

    Why don’t you call the restaurant and ask what the wine was?
    Be a Nancy Drew!
    And then report back to us, please.

  10. says

    I would kill to have done 15 miles! Only managed 3.6km this morning – local relay race – before heading to the gym for a shoulder workout! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  11. says

    Has anyone ever told you just how friggen awesome you are???!! Seriously girl, you crack me up!! I’m quite jealous of that delicious looking pizza you had for a pre-run dinner!! Maybeee you can send me some.. i’m not sure if it’d make it the whole way to kuwait though :(

  12. Floey says

    What is up with this So.Cal weather this week. I’ve been living off chilled fruit and feel like I need to swim in a watermelon. My goodness…

  13. Daphne says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE popcorn too!!! It’s an addiction that I truly need to work on. Recently I had a bag for dinner followed by one for dessert and later had one as a midnight snack! I SOOOO love my popcorn! Yum! :-)

  14. says

    That pizza looks DELICIOUS! I’ve been craving pizza like a mad woman, but trying to watch the carbs nonessential carbs as well >.< I must find that wine! Or something similar! Loving the garmin picture with the cat in the back ground as well. Cats are such photo bombers!

  15. says

    How adorable, I love when my dog photobombs my blog posts. I have a great shot of a protein muffin in which my yorkie is creepily stalking my lunch in the background.

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